Luminescent Mosaic Tiles To Glow in The Gloom

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Glow in The Dark Mosaic

Glow in the dark mosaic tiles will definitely add more excitement to your night. These luminescent tiles absorb the daytime light to make it shine and glow in the darkness. You can use enthuse your night swim with glow in the dark tiles installed in your pools, walls and now bathroom and kitchen backsplash!

Glow In the Dark Tiles

The tiles are charged either by sun or electric lights to illuminate your pools or bathroom for up to 8 hours in radiant neon blue!

glow in the dark backsplash

glow in the dark backsplash

Add an extra ingredient of awesomeness to your kitchen backsplash. Get a drink of water in the middle of the night without turning on the lights. Think about the shower experience from heaven you will get out of these mosaic tiles!

Mosaic Backsplash

Mosaic Backsplash

These luminescent tiles will burnish your shower and night swim. Add some glow to the gloom and get lost between existence and bliss. Make your bathroom a Zen garden through applying these tiles to your bathtub, bathroom backsplash or even your shower backsplash!

Mosaic art

mosaic art

Glow in the dark

Bathroom Backsplash

Bathroom Backsplash

Glow in the dark tiles emit light through radiation, similar to radium. Inside their crystal structure strontium aluminates phosphors and emit light by trapping it in order to release it! With these unique and radiant tiles, the daytime swimming fun will never end. How can you save energy and prevent make your pool from receding into the darkness at night? Well you just need these luminescent tiles to transform your night swim into a terrific shine!

Pool Mosaic

Pool mosaic tile

Pool Glow In the Dark

Glow In the Dark Pool

Glow in the dark mosaic tiles are becoming a famous and trendy application. The demand of these glass mosaic tiles is expanding because of their lasting glow absorbed throughout the day.

Do you think this trendy craft will invade the art market?

Glow in the dark mosaic tiles would certainly look beautiful decorating your outdoor space as the sun will make the mosaic tiles sparkle even more so at night.

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