Most Beautiful Interior Mosaic Staircases

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‪Mosaics can decorate any space you wish to enlighten with exquisite and artistic beauty! Going back through history, mosaic art was used to reflect scenes and to celebrate and commemorate gods, domestic themes and geometrical patterns. Mosaic art survived the Roman and Byzantine times and the Modern age, and is still present today. This art became affordable and available to ornament our kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and now staircases. Mozaico thought of inspiring those who are interested in interior mosaic designs, giving you a glimpse of muse and insight for your future home décor renovation or home improvement.

‪Mosaic staircases are a creative design giving your homes a unique and vibrant touch!

1 • Mosaic Staircase of Heaven

If you have a dull staircase and you’re thinking of an audacious and innovative idea, this staircase design is for you! It’s ornamented with small and splashy glass tiles to reflect a stairway to heaven.





 Image Source: Mozaico

2 • Landscape Mosaic Staircase

Here is another mosaic staircase made of bright and vibrant glass tiles, to impress any mosaic art lover. This tiled stairway shows a hilly river landscape. Paintings and photographs of landscapes usually ornament our walls, but today with mosaic tiles you can find scenery artworks on your floors and staircases. Isn’t that amazing?





staircase design


3 • Elegant Tiled Staircase Designs

Looking for an elegant way to ornament your staircases? Monotonic and warm colors made these tiles elegant and exquisite. These earth tone colors will be fabulously suitable for dump weather and cold atmospheric apartments.




Mosaic Stairs

4 • Rustic Mosaic Staircases

If you have a small country apartment garlanded in a pastoral way, this is what you’re looking for! These patterned marble tiles will add an impressive touch to your staircases. Mandalas, geometric shapes and patterns will give your apartment a countrified and affectionate feeling! These tiles will be fabulously fit a traditional iron rail.




Mosaic tiles

Mosaic Staircase

5 • Staircases with Lively Colors

Colors are revitalizing and energizing but we have to be cautious and choose color schemes that complement our home decoration. Spanish and Mexican tiled stairs are usually very brightly colored in addition to large and unusual geometric patterns that fill up any area with festive energy.




tile art




6 • Mediterranean Mosaic Staircase

A modern iron railing will embellish mediterranean tiles and give off a jovial and watery decor. If Mediterranean tiles were your choice, we advise you to paint up the walls in muted pastel colors. Off-white walls will soften the contrast a make it look splendid and sympathetic.

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Stairs

7 • Simple Mosaic Staircases

Are you still hesitant towards mosaic staircases? Check out the simple mosaic tiles that and maybe change your mind. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as simple lines and angles create senses of flow. According to Feng Shui, muted colors and simple patterns make a calming effect that creates contemporary harmony in any area.


Tile art

Mosaic tiles

8 • Modern Mosaic Staircases

Look at this variety of fresh and modern ideas to give a discreet shine to your stairs! Attractive and judicious patterns pieced together with small mosaic tiles to fill up the apartment with simple and sophisticated splendor!


Modern Mosaic Staircases


Mosaic tile art

Mosaic tile art

9 • Urban Mosaic Staircases

Add a cool slice of streamlined urban style to your apartment by ornamenting your stairs with urban mosaic tiles and designs. Look at the shining tiles with the beautiful shades of white against shades of black. Contrasting textures, patterns and colors make these stairs practical and suitable for every budget and taste.

Home Decor Ideas

Mosaic Design

10 • Glow in the Dark Staircases

Glow in the dark mosaic tiles will definitely add more excitement to your night. These luminescent tiles absorb the daytime light to shine it with glows in the gloom. You can use glow in the dark tiles to enthuse your nighttime swimming or chilling when they enlighten your pools walls and now staircases!

Glow in the dark mosaic




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