6 Reasons To Choose Handmade Mosaics

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6 Reasons To Choose Handmade Mosaics

The industrial revolution had dramatically changed the world. It had initiated an irrepressible chain of technological advancements, which yielded machines that can produce a wide variety of products. In other words, the largest objects to the smallest, most intricate devices, thanks to the technological evolution, can now be produced without any restrictions. Just as cars, ships, mobile phones and calculators, Mosaics are being produced within the confines of factories. As such, they are being assembled using machines. In my opinion, such an endeavor is erroneous. While I acknowledge that technology aided in the efficiency spectrum, Mosaic art should be left untainted by the effects of the post-industrialization era.

Therefore, people should pick handmade Mosaics over machine-made ones.

Here is why:

Fewer Machines, More Employees

Let’s make it real clear and simple. If you choose to purchase a handmade Mosaic, you would be increasing the demand for such a product. Therefore, you would be signaling the owner of the shop, to higher more employees. Nowadays, people are losing their jobs because they are being replaced by machines that can streamline work more effectively and efficiently. Part of today’s economic collapse is due to the rising unemployment and the inability of national governments to find adequate jobs for everyone. Therefore, think of it this way: If you choose handmade Mosaics over machine-made one, you will be increasing employment. Laborers will eventually have to spend their money within the country, thus improving the economy and making things better for everyone and for you.

Environmentally friendly

Our ecosystem is on the brink of collapse. The Ozone layer is perishing. Global warming and climate shift had never looked as daunting as today! Luckily, we have some bit of good news.

In the making of handmade mosaics, less machinery is being used. Thus, less toxic emissions are being released. Furthermore, even less electricity is being consumed. We all know that electricity, in most cases, come from fossil fuel plants. As such, this will decrease the reliance on fossil fuels, making it a cleaner environment. Moreover, artisans, when compared to machines, are better at recycling.

Since machines are less used in handmade mosaic production, you also guarantee that human rights are respected in the making of your order. Machines make quite of a racket when they are being used. Also the emissions they produce can affect employees.

Better Quality

How many times have we purchased something from a retail store that has a button malfunctioning, some missing bolt, an obscure deformity, or some malfunction? I know I have!

It is a shame if the same would happen to a piece of art. In the case of mosaics, artisans handpick tiles to fit them together. Thus pieces are complemented to one another according to their physical shape and the person’s artistic taste; something a machine that cannot do on its own. Moreover, the whole process is supervised by an actual person who can judge if something wrong took place. Machines, however, are susceptible to problems such as electricity shortages and outdated equipment. If something wrong happens, machines cannot decide for themselves if the mosaic is right or not. It only follows a set of directives outlined in its programming.

In terms of quality, handmade mosaics most certainly score a point over machine-made ones.

One of a Kind

Imagine this: You are invited to a birthday party and you want to buy a present for your best friend. You get the gift, arrive at the scene, and hand in the present. However, you quickly realize that someone in the room got your pal the same exact gift. Now that is some awkward and frustrating moment we have here. The same can happen when buying a mosaic made by a machine. This is because they are mass produced at the factory for the sake of lowering the cost of production. You can forget about this problem when buying a handmade mosaic.

Moreover, the ability to customize is splendid when it comes to handmade mosaics. A skilled artist can help you exhaustively to assemble the mosaic of your dreams. Also, that person can add suggestions to your piece of art. Thus, his or her contribution, not only assists you in full filling your vision, but also paves the way to making it better. Machines, on the other hand, can’t do that. As stated earlier, they will only stick to a certain script and will lack the needed creativity to add artistic modifications to your project.

Keeps culture alive

Making mosaics by hand has been around since 4000 years. Different types of mosaics came from the different civilizations that gave their own special contribution to it. Thus, promoting handmade mosaics will keep certain cultural traditions up and running. I personally think that it is wonderful and even miraculous that we still use the same techniques ancient civilizations used in the assembling of mosaics. So why not actually try to preserve our different cultures through handmade artwork, instead of letting them erode? We are already suffering from cultural degradation. Buying handmade mosaics can reverse such a phenomenon!

It is a work of an artist for crying out loud!

Think of it logically. What would you rather get when it comes to art? Would you want to own something done by an emotionless machine, or a piece of work that a skilled artisan has invested so much of his time in? Since ancient times, art has been considered a form of self-expression; an extension of the soul. So how can a piece of junk can ever replace an Artist? Maybe in a hundred years, when artificial intelligence will be perfected, robots will start to become creative. But as far as I know, such an idea is only in science fiction movies, created by the imagination of talented writers!

Another point you have to keep in mind is that you have the option of getting to know your designer or artisan. It would be thrilling to encounter the actual person that worked so hard to finish the project. By doing so, you can inquire about all other future projects he is working on. Maybe then, he can give you a tour around his workshop or allow you to watch him in action.

On the other hand, I don’t think it is much of a pleasure to meet a mosaic-making machine. Why would you want to admire a bunch of bolts and gear that functions at a push of a button? That would be just too weird, don’t you think?

Did I persuade you enough to choose handmade over machine-made mosaics? If you have something to add, please let me know.

I would love to receive your opinion.

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