How Tile Mosaics Can Transform Your Bathroom

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How Tile Mosaics Can Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and tile are true partners. Choosing your bathroom’s look will always involve selecting tiles - they’re essential for backsplashes, floors, tub surrounds, and especially showers. 

Mosaic tiles are a fantastic way to transform your bathroom. Rather than going with a standard neutral background, you can play with color, pattern, and even wallpaper effects. Mosaic tile designs are the only form of art that can be placed in or around wet environments like bathrooms or swimming pools  - while maintaining their vibrancy and quality.

Shower Mosaic Wall Art

Image source Pinterest

Incorporating mosaic tile art in your bathroom can solve a whole range of design issues - adding focal points, changing the whole feel of the space, and bringing in some zing. For anyone considering a Doorless or Walk-in Shower, they’re indispensable. Small bathroom? By combining practical aspects - like non-slip surfaces and easy cleaning - with the punch of texture and pattern, you’ll find mosaic tile to be a solid budget choice.

Here are 8  inspired ideas on how to enhance, brighten, showcase, and perfect your bathroom space with mosaic art.

1. Add Color to Niches and Benches

Shower Mosaic Wall ArtImage Source: Mozaico

Small shower insets are a natural spot to show off different types of shower tile in either contrasting or complementary shades. Mosaic art can add a fun pop inside a recessed shelf. Or, use a design in the same color set for a tranquil feel. Did you know that Mozaico can customize our art to match your specific palette? This Autumn Border art is a perfect match for the shower’s marble tiles!

Mosaic Art On Bathroom Chair

Image source Pinterest

Letting the mosaic design cascade over the edge of the bench onto the shower floor is an inspired choice! Here’s another great thing about mosaic tile: it’s easy to use on curved and non-linear surfaces!

2. Tile Shower Ceilings

Ceiling Bathroom Mosaic Artwork


The first impulse in decorating bathrooms and showers is to keep the design and color focus on the walls and the floor. But your mosaic tile designs can extend to the ceiling, another surface that can add texture and pattern through tiling. Here’s a big, big bonus: Doing this will also prevent mold from growing in your shower from rising steam. 

Ceiling Bathroom Mosaic Art

Image source Pinterest

For small bathrooms, where steam is already an issue, installing mosaic tile on your ceiling can be life-changing. But let’s not forget the visual benefits! Adding that extra pattern will help draw the eye up, making your shower space feel taller and more luxurious.


3. Tile Accent Walls - Inside the Shower

Ocean Waves Shower Mosaic Wall

Image Source: Mozaico

Much as decorators love to use the blank space above the rangetop as a mosaic art showpiece, they’ve turned to shower walls for big impact. This is a spectacular way to add art to any bathroom - but it’s especially effective in walk-in and doorless showers. 

By blending the mosaic art colors with wall and floor treatment, above, this homeowner maintains a serene feel, without making the space feel too busy. 

 Scenery Shower Mosaic Wall Decor

Image Source: Mozaico

Just as it can do in the kitchen, mosaic art can open up a space and provide a focal point. Missing a window with a view? You can select your favorite vista from our catalog, and always have a sunny landscape visible from your shower. 

 Landscape Shower Mosaic Wall

Image Source: Mozaico

The walk-in shower above could have been a dark, neutrally-toned corner. Instead, the addition of our Coastal Cliff Scene created an inviting, airy space. Who wouldn’t want to shower near the seaside? Here’s another, highly personalized way to enhance your space: Use a favorite photo  to preserve the memory and design a custom view. If you’ve ever wished you’d never have to leave a favorite vacation spot - good news! - you can always keep it with you on your wall!

4. Embrace the Wallpaper Trend With Mosaic Tile

Bathroom Mosaic Wall Art

Image Source: Mozaico

Wallpaper is back in a big way. Sometimes, literally big - with oversized designs and patterns that pop off walls. But - is it really the best choice for bathrooms? It can suffer under the hot, humid conditions that are present in these spaces. Instead of worrying about peeling, cracking, and mold, install mosaic tiles. As you can see above, the effect can be brilliant! Also - does wallpaper have options for adjusting the size and colors of the patterns? Mosaic artwork does! 

 Restaurant Bathroom Mosaic Wall Art

Here, natural stones and a big, bold, floral pattern create textural interest and shine. Paired with shimmering glass mosaic tiles, it’s a mix that invites a closer look.

Shower Mosaic Wall Decor

Image source Pinterest

How else can you get the modernized, yet classic, look of wallpaper in an open shower? With glass doors and sleek design elements, this bathroom blends seamlessly into the adjacent master bedroom. Like a bit of glitz with your wall treatments? Glass mosaic tiles provide the shine, without the high maintenance.

5. Embrace Eclecticism 

Peacock Bathroom Mosaic Wall Art

Image Source: Mozaico

It’s always fun to think outside the box when planning your bathroom. If you have unique elements or features, go ahead and enhance them with mosaic tile! Rather than trying to hang art in this spectacular, spa-like bathroom, the homeowners chose a serene pair of peacocks to complement and mirror the coved ceiling. The shades are perfectly matched with the blue tile borders and marble. 

​​Bathroom Flower Mosaic Wall

Image Source: Mozaico

Here’s a master class example of working with unique elements! Inspired by the arched ceiling, stepped privacy wall, and floral stylings of this bathroom, the owners added a duo of floral bouquets. They work beautifully to pull the room together - mixing beautifully with the marble floor, pebble tile accents, and happy bohemian feel.

Patterned Waves Bathroom Mosaic Wall Art

Bold colors, a long, narrow space, and a standout sink in porcelain blue might be a design challenge for this bath. However, the use of a complementary mosaic design on the walk-in shower wall pulls everything together. Just imagine if this space had been left pure white! Now, it’s a welcome spark of cool design in this home. 


6. Smooth Transitions on the Floor

Flower Bathroom Mosaic Rug

Image Source: Mozaico

Achieving the look and visual weight of a woven rug can be impossible in many bathrooms. Fortunately, mosaic tile carpet designs are available in abundance on our website! Moreover, your floors will be slip-resistant, easy to take care of, and impervious to water and moisture. (Design tip: These designs also look great outdoors!)

 Flower Bathroom Mosaic Flooring

Image Source: Mozaico

They’re easy to navigate, allowing for smooth transitions from area to area within a bath. Mosaic rugs help break up long stretches of tile and delineate areas, too! Above, a handmade marble design adds just the right weight to this airy space.

Geometric Bathroom Mosaic Rug

Above, a square Ornamental Flower square rug - our “Nadia” design -  marks the flow of traffic between rooms.  Note how the green marble and rich tones of the wooden cabinetry are reflected in the rug’s colors.


7. Complement Materials 

Pattern Bathroom Mosaic Flooring

Image Source: Mozaico

Outside the shower, some baths might not have a lot of color. Mosaic tile designs are a great opportunity to highlight other hues and materials throughout the room. As you can see above, this geometrically patterned floor totally grounds the space - pardon our pun! Everything from the wood counters, clean white porcelain, and stone wall treatment is reflected in the marble mosaic floor.

Mosaic Border On Bathroom Sink

Image Source: Mozaico

A well-chosen border changes this bathroom’s look with panache. Slate countertops, stucco walls, and a set of natural, masculine hues are all incorporated into the constellation-inspired border art.

 Celestial Shower Mosaic Wall Art

Image Source: Mozaico

A cosmic medallion accent takes a smaller bathroom from “okay” to amazing. Inset into the rectangular marble shower tiles, this round design echoes the shape of the shower bench. The natural stones and marble used in this piece of mosaic art match the tile’s marble veins and shading to perfection.


8. Bump up the Contrast

Flower Bathroom Mosaic Decor

Image Source: Mozaico

On the other hand, mosaic tile art can provide a great counterpoint to other items in the bathroom. Used as a bold accent wall, the glass mosaic art above adds life to the space. Going across the color wheel, the intense reds of the floral design really pop against the blue floor treatment. 

Shower Mosaic Wall Decor

Image source Pinterest

Sunny yellow walls and an ebony-hued cabinet finish really shine next to the shower wall mosaic tile art. The arched vanity area has a pleasing symmetry with the paisley shapes in the shower. Together - amazing! 

Flower Shower Mosaic Wall ArtImage Source: Mozaico

No chance that this open shower won’t leave an impression! Glass mosaic art works exceptionally well in windowless bathroom spaces. The natural shine - even under artificial lights - adds a welcome feel of brightly shimmering light to any space. In an otherwise neutral room with black and white elements, the lilac shades of our Abstract White Flowers art bring in all the color! 

Ready to start the hunt for the perfect mosaic wall art for your own bathroom project? Any of our huge catalog of mosaic art can be used in your bath – and even customized to your specifications! 


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