How To Install Your New Mosaic Art

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How To Install Your New Mosaic

Choosing the right mosaic art for your interior can be a daunting process, so the fact that you’ve achieved this point is worth a little celebration! So now that you’ve already selected the motif and pattern of your new mosaic art, it’s finally time to take the project to the next step: how to install this mosaic.

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Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, but hiring a professional to install your mosaic art can be quite expensive, and sometimes it’s better to do it yourself! Tip? Preparing and getting trained well in advance can make the daunting task a piece of cake!

This article offers some helpful tips on how to install your new mosaic art, ensuring that it goes up on the wall or down your floor without a glitch.

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1 • Prepare the Surface, Apply adhesive or Mortar

While an absorbent surface such as new drywall or backer board offers the best bond with mortar, however, you can apply a mosaic over a painted wall if you first rough up the surface using an 80-grit sanding sponge. First, place your mosaic art in the desired position and outline it with a pencil.

For large and intricate mosaic installations, one must break the mosaic art into 2 or more component segments. Once this portion is determined, you can prepare can prepare the surface with the application of White Thin-Set mortar or adhesive.

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2 • Install The Mosaic

Begin by spreading a layer, about an eighth of an inch thick of the white Thin-Set mortar. Once you cover the entire desired area, go over the layer of Thin-Set using a notched trowel. Then place the mosaic art over the Thin-Set and position it properly, using a grout float or both hands apply pressure evenly and ensure that it’s well-adhered, and then clean up any excess of mortar.

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3 • Let it Dry Overnight

Once you’ve finished your day’s worth of installation, you should let the white Thin-Set mortar dry and cure overnight.
When you finish installing all the component segments of your mosaic art, you can return after at least 24 hours, to complete the installation process with grouting and sealing.

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4 • Prepare For Grouting

Make sure to secure back in place any fallen stone using cement or glue, before applying the grout. Then, moisten the tiles using a light sponging motion over the mosaic’s surface, and finally, It’s time for grout!


5 • Apply Grout

Apply your desired grout with a rubber float to fill in the neat cavities created between tiles, as you make sure to press the grout into the grooves at a 45-degree angle to guarantee and to fill these cavities entirely. Grout will also take around 24 hours to set, and it’s best to allow it to dry and set overnight. However set the alarm early in the morning, and pick up any excess of grout before it completely hardens.



6 • Seal The Grout

Last but foremost, once your grout is completely cured, the very final stage is to seal your mosaic’s grout, which engages the appliance of an ultimate layer of sealant. Yep, you can now take pride in your dedication and your workmanship, which will be obvious to all your guests, and congratulations!

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Need further assistance in selecting or installing a mosaic artwork? Share your thoughts in the comment box below to help you select and install the perfect mosaic art for your interior.

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