Important reasons to use Mosaic Art Tile in your Home Decor

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Do you need a change to your home decor?

Would you like your interior design to be authentically embellished with modern highlights?

Decorating with mosaic tiles have always been in fashion and its popularity shows no signs of waning through time. They can be incorporated in contemporary and classier interior designs alike.

When it comes to the final plan concerning our personal space’s interior design, things can get a little confusing – leading us to indecisiveness and frustration (and we definitely don’t want you to be mad!).

The key to a successful interior design doesn’t always aim to enhance the stylistic status of your home decor, but ultimately to augment your home value.

Wondering how?

By using mosaic tiles you instantly add a unique accent and a synchronous classy character to your interior design, meeting your personal unique taste. The mosaic patterns exhibit a rich artistic history and establish a refined style throughout the decor – guaranteeing a high quality. A wide range of materials comprise the spectrum of mosaic tiles that are available for your custom mosaic preference; glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite are some of the most famous choices used in interior and exterior design. Thankfully mosaic tiles also come in almost any color, shape, texture & style – all of which add an exclusive hint of your personal taste.

luxury kitchen mosaic art tiles backsplash

Well, have a look on our list of the 3 most prominent reasons to integrate mosaic tiles into your home decor:

1) The Versatile Nature

Mosaic medsapotek tiles have a versatile nature that allows them to be used virtually anywhere – perfectly adapting to any surrounding within your home. Options are truly unlimited. Your kitchen for example could adopt an eye-catching backsplash surface or countertop. Another room which would accept mosaic art tiles wholeheartedly is your bathroom and more specifically your shower. Enclosing the bathing area with mosaic art tiles will create a privitized atmosphere, offering a pragmatic sense of relaxation. Ideal color shades would fall into the umbrella of soothing baby blue with grey or white peaks. If the kitchen or the bathroom do not fulfil your requirements – DO NOT WORRY! The versatility of the tiles will allow you to place them anywhere; all it needs is a bit of creativity.

blue bathroom mosaic art tiles

2) The Eco friendly and low maintenance

The main consensus associated with chic objects and decor artefacts is that they require high standards of maintenance; on the contrary, mosaic art tiles consist of one of the most durable and low maintenance decorative methods out there. Of course this all depends on what the material is and, of course where the mosaic is placed.

I will introduce you to a generic cleaning routine that is appropriate and secure for every type of material & which can be accomplished by following these 4 easy steps:

green mosaic art tiles

1) Remove loose dust and dirt along the mosaic surface. Use a vacuum cleaner but (careful!) avoid hard-bristled heads, as these can scratch your mosaic tiles.

2) Utilize mild detergent and plain warm water to scrub the mosaic tiles.

3) An ideal cleansing tool to keep your tiles as clean as new is a soft sponge, cloth or brush with soft fibres.

4) After gentle scrubbing, rinse off the surface and thoroughly wipe over the dampness

3) The Efficient Energy:

As energy costs continuously increase, the best insulation possible is probably one of the most cost effective methods on the market. Mosaic art tiles ultimately the most practical way to sustain the level of heat within the interior of the house. Clay mosaic tiles are renowned for their slow energy transmission; absorbing energy during the day and transmitting heat slowly during the night. Given the facts, mosaic art tiles are the best natural solution for your home decor.

brown mosaic art tiles

Additional Tips:

✔ Eliminate usage of acid based cleaners as they can dull the tiles.

✔ Avoid soap usage on your mosaic tiles – residue of soap will make the tiles appear dirty.

✔ Keep your mosaic art tiles dry to succeed optimal imagery performance.

✔ Wipe up spills and splashes promptly.

eco friendly mosaic art tiles

Utilizing mosaic tile in your home decor gives you unlimited design possibilities but also accommodates you with low maintenance standards. Its durability and sustainability combined with timeless beauty and artistry makes for a perfect choice as an artistic addition to your home decor to be enjoyed for generations.

Did you get inspired by the reasons of incorporating mosaic tiles in your home decor?

Have a quick look at our mosaic tile design collection and explore an unparalleled range of existing mosaic designs, each of which can be customized in order to meet your special request and create a unique mosaic art piece of your desire.

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