Installed Wall Mosaic Design

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Mosaic wall art has been around for millennia, but it still demonstrates an incomparable beauty and reverence today. Used as decoration in the distant past, these images were designed to inspire the viewer, whether that be a depiction of the thrill of the hunt, or of pleasure and indulgence.

They serve, not only as a piece of art, but as a powerful statement of beauty, decadence and power. Each image, like any piece of art, has connotations of symbolism and deeper meaning to them.

So, we have compiled eight of our own wall art mosaic designs, and their symbolism, to share with you. As you can see; an image of thousands of tiles, may also say a thousand words.mosaic designTrees can symbolize many things but are often associated with life and growth. ‘Jesse Tree’ was a mosaic derived from Jewish traditions, celebrating the root of their faith coming from Jesus, and growing out from there in terms of the next generations. Another mosaic, named ‘The tree of Life’, was a recreation in mosaic form of the great painter, Gustav Klimt’s swirling work of art. It, naturally, depicts the growth of life.

In more general terms, trees symbolize the process and eternity of life as it bears fruit and continues the cycle. Which was likely the intention of our designer, when creating this custom mosaic tile for one of our customers.mosaic design

While this modern mosaic is an interpretation of how flowers can be shown through the mosaic design, there have been many examples of flowers being depicted in mosaic form, throughout history.

Often created in Roman times, particularly in North Africa, the flower is naturally an appealing pattern to use when decorating your home. The white flower refers to themes of innocence, thoughtfulness and fidelity.

mosaic design

Rather than simply having a plain backdrop for your kitchen, a mosaic kitchen backdrop can add an extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’, to a room that started off with the basic aim of serving our needs for sustenance. A mosaic kitchen blacksplash is an essential for shielding the area where you cook from constant stains, so why not add a little extra finesse to this (usually) central part of your kitchen?

A cockerel seems perfectly at home above your oven. This could be because in Chinese symbolism the cockerel symbolizes honesty, physical and moral fortitude. These are all traits you might like fostered in the kitchen, the heart of any home. In history, the cockerel-headed man was a unique design used in the Brading Roman Villa, believed to signify the fortitude of the Gladiators.

mosaic design

Birds symbolise freedom, perspective and the future to come. Birds have featured in the ancient Roman mosaic tile art, for example, in the ‘House of the Birds’, Seville. They also feature in the ‘Bird Mosaic’, Jerusalem – a piece created by Armenian artists, in which the birds are believed to symbolize the memories of those who have passed away and the idea of immortality.mosaic design

This mosaic shows how striking mosaic animals can be if chosen for the right space and with the perfect illustration of what you would like to say about yourself or your home.

The horse generally represents the ideas of wisdom, and power and in Christian mythology, symbolizes death. This all ties in with our association of the wildness of a horse and our use of its power when travelling or during war. The Roman ‘Alexander’ mosaic (dating from circa 100 BC), depicts the great battle between Alexander the Great and Darius the Third, of Persia. It was placed in the entrance of the patron’s house, leaving visitors with a strong impression of the owner’s personality and values.mosaic design

This design, of course, works so well because of its context. Mosaic designs are durable and long-lasting, and so are the perfect choice when you are thinking of making a statement outdoors.

Octopi are known in folklore for being magical and foreboding creatures that may attack and consume full ships. In a bathroom, this may be a little overbearing, but near a swimming pool, adds a whimsical beauty to your space.mosaic design

In Greek culture, when a Symposium was attended, the two pleasures of wine and female company were enjoyed by their male counterparts. This sensual exchange of conversation, wine and pleasure can easily be seen in this Mosaic depiction of woman and wine.mosaic design

Mosaic wall art can be a charming way to decorate the exterior of your house, as seen here. A subtle design using classic patterns developed since Greek times and expertly created by our designers, gives us this elegant adornment.

Throughout the duration of Greek and Baroque epochs, plant flutes and designs similar to this worked their way interchangeably through detailing on pottery to architecture and mosaic design.

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