Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2015/2016

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Modern Mosaic Backsplash

A kitchen is the psyche of the home; it’s a lot more than a place where we cook lunch or dinner. It of course isn’t just an area where we share our coffee and pancakes in the morning. If a kitchen can talk, it would tell you cheer up it’s a new day, it’s a big world where possibilities are limitless! It would tell you about the passionate love of your mother or wife, nourishing her fervor through your eyes, once you finish your dishes. Can you imagine a man wearing high heels? Can you imagine a woman growing a mustache?

The kitchen is where your emotions and sentiments meet up every single day, therefore consider adding creativity and design to it. A kitchen without a perfectly selected backsplash is like a home without walls, a cold hell or a paradise on fire. Don’t wait for hell to freeze! If you were hesitant but eager to renovate your backsplash, now is the right time to take a step forward and expand your vision. Discover various designs fitting the trends of 2015-2016!

Mosaic Backsplash Trends 2015-2016

The trends of the year vary between vintage, modern, patterns, pebbles, assortment of tiles and colors! Discover more details

Vintage Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

The vintage theme has been at its peak for a few years now in home accessories and furniture with old commodes and wall art. This year vintage mosaic backsplashes became a hit. These backsplashes can translate the most subtle of colors through a traditional and vintage influence. Who doesn’t yearn for their grandparents’ house? Where everything seemed more serene and quiet, even if our dreams and ambitions were a long way to be reached, we were happy! No matter how old we get, we will always pine for grandma’s set of stories and fairy tales. Remember her old oven? I bet you went back to her house trying to find her old blue scratched bedside table. The vintage theme is an odyssey taking you back through many flashbacks and happy memories.

Vintage Mosaic Backsplash

Vintage Mosaic Design

Vintage Mosaic Backsplash

Pattern Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Pattern design can blend vintage, classical and urban themes into one cup. It is the reason behind the increasing demand for mosaic backsplashes with patterned designs. These patterns feature geometrical, graphic and spatial designs accentuated with the assortment of colors. Earth tone colors are usually noticed in backsplash designs and are so this year. Yellow is the dominant color, with all of its shades and a touch of blue or green producing optical effects on the mosaic backsplash.

mosaic kitchen backsplash

Pattern Mosaic Backsplash

Backsplash Pattern

Floor Tiles assorted with a Mosaic Backsplash

The profusion of color is an ongoing trend from 2014. If you are adventurous and distinguished in your home ornaments, it’s your time to avoid the old traditional shades of pastel colors or neutral colors such as black or grey darkening your kitchen. Use fiery colors instead to fill it up with exotic and active vibes. The newest craze of the year is assorting floor tiles with mosaic backsplashes. As it’s obvious in the picture below, you can notice the paradoxical colors and incompatibility in patterns, which appear exotically fruitful but of course enterprising. Avoid these design ideas if you are into classical and modern themes.

mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

Backsplash Tiles

Backsplash Tile Design

Blue Cabinets assorted with the Kitchen Backsplash

Blue kitchen cabinets are another latest craze this year. Blue cabinets with unmatched mosaic tiles were the innovative idea. To modernize it, designers thought of assorting blue and white pattern tiles with these cabinets. The mosaic design idea became more credible and manifested in many apartments already. Thus, the designer thought of creating kitchen cabinets with a simple and more settled sense and perspective. Is there a color that is more relaxing and joyful than blue? Yellow kitchen utensils, fruits or accessories will give your fusion a brighter and more exotic spell.

Kitchen Backsplash

mosaic backsplash tile

mosaic backsplash

Lively Multicolored Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash

Although we always meander among the artistic backsplashes at our neighbors or friends’ kitchens, it is always harder to find the piece that fits our lifestyle and tang. Sometimes finding sources that can custom design the visionary backsplash that we always had in mind would be so much easier. Choosing a lively multicolored mosaic will bring your kitchen to life, with unlimited possibilities and ideas. Fruits, vegetables or even geometric patterns can create a perfect layout in the kitchen. When the theme is calm in style, using bright and vibrant colors and patterns won’t be distracting to the kitchen design. You can also spice up the decor by the use of bold patterns and a mix of intense and exotic colors.

Colorful Mosaic Backsplash

mosaic kitchen tiles

mosaic kitchen backsplash

Want the below mosaic backsplash designs in your kitchen? You canfind them here.

mosaic kitchen backsplash

mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

Pebble Mosaic Backsplashes

After perceiving pebble stones as mosaic floor tiles and bathroom backsplashes, this year pebble backsplashes will decorate your kitchens in the most timeless way. Pebbles are said to last forever having been formed beneath the ocean and nature, and squeezed together over time. Either you choose to fill up the entire area with pebbles or a small part; these non-figurative tiles will give texture and movement to your kitchen. Pebbles are the most affordable trend of the year and are also rich in natural color and everlasting silkiness.

pebble mosaic

Pebbles Backsplash

Modern Kitchen Mosaic Backsplash

Feeling puzzled over endless backsplash choices? Pick up the modern theme. The modern theme is a continuous style, a never ending standard trend. Modern doesn’t limit you to a bag of neutral colors and patterns, it however transforms your surrounding into a simple, clean, spick and span area. This style is well appreciated by designers for its subtle and alluring variations in habit. The modern style in the 2015-2016 period allows you to add one or two primary colors, assorting unmatched tiles and unlimited possibilities of simple geometrical edges, curves, angles and patterns. Keep it simple, avoid the chaos and transform your kitchen into a meditative Zen.

mosaic kitchen wall tiles

blue mosaic kitchen wall tiles

modern Mosaic Backsplash

kitchen backsplash mosaic tile mural

mosaic kitchen tiles

Would you like to add your favorite mosaic backsplash to our list of elected mosaics? Let us know in the comment box!

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