How to Beautify a White Kitchen

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White brings along a lot of advantages in many interior spaces, this year the all-white style was casually noticed in kitchen ornaments and backsplashes. After the temporary craze of colorful fridges and kitchen cabinets, the nearly all-white theme has regained its position in the hall of fame. All-white rooms have always been considered as light and spacious areas, creating bright spaces filled with a refreshing and peaceful feel. Creating all-white interiors isn’t as easy as it seems. It isn’t simply about leaving out colors. However, to every disadvantage is a corresponding advantage. White is very popular in kitchen cabinets, as it radiates cleanliness and hygiene, however a small spot of dirt can be very noticeable. Therefore white kitchens usually necessitate more effort to stay clean. For some, an all-white interior is colored by the diverse shades and personalities of the people coming in and out. While for others, an all-white decor is dull, boring and a mood killer.

If you were thinking of going all white theme this year, this article will help you pick the right decorative items and accessories. Check out how Mozaico integrates style and textures to spice up the kitchen area with shades of pastel colors and themes. Get inspired by our elected kitchen design of the year and discover a new wonder in the land of interior design!

Colors Wavelength and Intensity

White usually gives the impression that a space is larger, however we don’t find it enough to attract satisfaction and creativity while cooking or having a meal. The yellow here created the glamour in this brightly white kitchen, remaining however on the safe side with a contemporary modern style. According to the theory of Dr. Karen Devalois: light can vary in both wavelength and intensity, and we have been told that yellow and white are not pure colors and have no wavelength. Objects of white and yellow colors do not emit light, most are visible because they reflect light. The proportion reflected varies with wavelength, defining the surface’s reflective function.

Therefore light yellow is a hard to perceive with white, we must then pick the colors orange or brown to add to a white background.
Modern White Kitchen

• Layering The Kitchen

Adding layers to any area of the home , can turn out to be chaotic and confusing. The genuine task of layering is to have fun through mixing styles and of course through one’s own personal touch. A lot of people consider layering the kitchen a daunting task, as it has a lot of areas to decorate: the fridge, the cabinets and the counter, all creating two dimensional surfaces. However layering is the style itself, a single living flower in a vase or any other decorative item can be the main attractive layer. Here are different areas of the kitchen that you can decorate, impacting the feel of the entire interior.

• Flooring

Starting at the bottom area of the kitchen, a neutral color for the floor tiles is a must. As for the carpets or rugs, you can go bold and have fun with the colors to create a contrast with the white walls. When it comes to choosing a rug, go all out because it is always easy to change.

You can also think of conveying a third dimensional perspective to the floor insert.

Floor plans mosaicFind this floor mosaic here: https://www.mozaico.com/mosaic-patterns-11407.html


It’s widely known that a white room is a magnet for stains, but some people won’t avoid an all-white room just because it is hard to clean. When you invest in materials, stains could be easily cleaned. A pastel color, like a pale sandy fawn, a grayish tan or a light grayish-yellow are a great combination with the white theme and restrain dirty marks from being too obvious.

white-kitchen-photos-elegant-cabinets-chairs-square-table-cream-carpet-wall-door-945x622Source: http://www.interiorpicturez.com/minimalist-kitchens-decor-themes-in-white-yellow-orange-and-light-brown/

• Kitchen Countertop

Countertops vary between laminated to solid wood and come with accessories to match. It always depends on the length of one’s coountertop, space and style. Adding an exquisite layer to a countertop has been easy with mosaic artworks. You can choose to tile your countertop or include tiles elsewhere around it. Decorating with mosaic tiles has been the craze in kitchen designs for a while now!

Mosaic countertop

Find this mosaic pattern here.

kitchen-with-skylights copy

Find this petal mosaic piece here.

Art countertop

Find this beautiful marble piece here.

• Kitchen Backsplash

A colorful kitchen backsplash illustrating grapes, legumes or fruits is a must have element in nearly all-white kitchen themes. This quick and easy update could transform a dull all-white area into an exquisite and alive kitchen. Mosaic backsplashes are typical to jewelry accessories. Whether simple or snazzy, they can bring a whole look together through the tiny tiles pieced together to illustrate the right backsplash helping the kitchen reach its potential with texture and light.

Mosaic Backsplash Art
Find this beautiful geometric mosaic design here.

Mosaic Backsplash
Find this mosaic kitchen backsplash here.

• Creative Layering

White kitchens are like blank canvases. They make us feel more creative with an infinite palette of colors, patterns and styles to introduce! Creative layering is suitable for the people who already made an all-white kitchen and want to break the routine through a creative and affordable touch. Sometimes it is just enough to integrate different textures and spice up the area with shades of blue against shades of white, creating a new character and changing from the old motif. Here is an example of how you can break the monotone style of an all-white kitchen decor.

Countertop Mosaic

Source: https://www.mozaico.com/water-drop-ruffle-marble-mosaic.html

• Elected Kitchen Design Of The Year

Marcin Pajak is the person behind this kitchen wonder. Through adding different stones and textures, a high saturated, brash yellow contrasting all the shades of white, Marcin created a simple yet exciting design and gave a new perspective to kitchen decor and design.

Check out his portfolio here.

Yellow kitchen art

Source: http://www.marcinpajak.pl/interior_8.php

Last but not least, whether dressed completely in white, or embellished with color, white kitchens are the cream of the crop. Adding textures and one brash of color could be enough to an all-white kitchen making it more interesting and breaking the bleached feel.

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