5 Perceptible Mosaic Backsplash For Your Kitchen

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Rachael Ray once said that good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. he always tried to make his home like his mother’s, because she was magnificent at stretching a buck when it came to decorating and food. Like a true Italian, she valued beautification in every area of her life! By reading this and as the light of early spring slowly fades away, I felt the need to ask everyone I meet:

Is your kitchen boring you?

Is it the kind of boring room that doesn’t exactly make you want to cook in it?

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or renovation and want your kitchen to have a zing which makes people look at it in awe, well you have landed up at the right place! This article is an exploration of 5 perceptible kitchen tile styles and an attempt to understand that tile can be so much more than a neutral backdrop, and thus how to use each style to bring charm and appeal to your backsplash and beyond!

Penny tiles

All set to steal a look ?

Nowadays, the way diverse tile types are made, colored and conceptualized opens up a sea of possibilities. However in simpler terms, innovative tile styles are a great way to add zesty color, pattern and texture to your backsplash!

Below you can witness the Penny tiles for example! These tiles are the common tile styles that can be used on both floors and walls. With an air of eccentricity, penny tiles can be integrated well into nearly any kitchen style, from Victorian to mid-century modern arriving to contemporary. However, the most common installation of penny tiles are witnessed in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom floors. Penny tiles are found in a wide range of color from bright, punchy hues to dark neutrals. These tiles are mesh mounted, so they’re also quite easy to install.

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mosaic backsplash

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are typically highly patterned with floral or Moorish geometric motifs; these tiles go by many names, such as cement tiles, Victorian tiles, Cuban tiles, hydraulic tiles and Mission tiles.

This tile style is actually taking the home decor world by storm, and kitchen is the first place people think of when remodeling, where they use these patterned tiles to add character and movement. Ceramic tiles will also add a tremendous visual appeal, color and personality to your kitchen design. Many homeowners analyze a ceramic tile backsplash as a great opportunity to experiment with bold designs, patterns and colors.

mosaic backsplash

mosaic backsplash

mosaic backsplash

Mosaic Art Tiles

Looking for a tile with rustic appeal? Mosaic art tiles, also known as kitchen mosaic backsplash, brings both heritage and modernism to your kitchen.Marble mosaics are made of natural components, they’re not fired, no fossil fuels are burned in their production. They’re also made with natural pigments, and thus makes any marble backsplash a long-lasting and authentically natural medium!

Mosaic art tile is another popular choice for those looking to add some visual interest to the kitchen. The common marble mosaics adhere to a mesh backing and appear in a figurative pattern. Since the mesh backing, installation is a bit easier, which makes mosaic art tile a popular choice among DIY-ers looking for an easy-to-install, attractive choice.

mosaic backsplash

mosaic backsplash

Wooden Tiles

While the look of aged wood in a home – whether it’s on the floors or walls, will give a kind of sophisticated rustic impression to any space and especially the kitchen. Although anyone with hardwood floors knows, taking care of wood is hard work, yet all great interior designers will tell you that the most important facet of interior design is creating a reflection of the home owner’s personality and style!

The looks and styles of can range from rustic, distressed, weathered and reclaimed to modern and antique, and even a sophisticated look. Most importantly, these tiles can be used anywhere – kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, and for both floor and wall designs

mosaic backsplash

mosaic backsplash

3D Tiles

The main idea of 3D tiles is to use digital printing machinery to cut more textured patterns, which also facilitates more personalized shells than before.

The main idea of 3D tiles is to use digital printing machinery to cut more textured patterns, which also facilitates more personalized shells than before.Three-dimensional tiles have been created using a wide range of material, like vinyl, laminate, stone, and wood. However, each mural option has its pros and cons depending on its purpose and location.

3D potentials allow manufacturers to merge the benefits of ceramic with the look of more popular materials along with custom patterns and textures to help designers meet their needs without sacrificing a customized look.

mosaic backspalsh

What do you think of these 5 kitchen mosaic backsplash tile styles?

What design would you incorporate into your own kitchen? Point out your thoughts in the comment box below!

Looking for other decorative ideas to inspire your indoor or outdoor spaces? Find ideas and unique handcrafted mosaic kitchen backsplash to create a perfectly balanced and harmonious environment for you and your loved ones.

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