The Beauty Behind Klimt's Mosaic Tile Art

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Any type of artwork you display in your personal space should be a reflection of your personality, your hopes, and your dreams. Your personal space can be defined as rooms within your residence, your backyard oasis or even your home/office. Wherever you decide to display your artwork, it should be in a place that you visit or pass by often so you can gain inspiration or confidence from your pieces.

People tend to drift towards socially acceptable artwork that can almost be generic in appearances such as landscapes, floral prints, animals or inanimate objects such as fruit or coffee mugs. These images do provide a visually pleasing look but are they really a reflection of you as a person?

This is the reason that more people are turning to mosaic art in general for bursts of color and to offer a scene that is pleasing to the naked eye. The other reason is because of the versatility in which you can display your artwork. You aren’t limited to wall hangings or framed pieces on side tables in your living room but instead, you can install mosaic tile art into existing furniture or even the floor! They can be displayed within the home or outside of it to truly bring the décor of your residence together in one swoop.

Klimt mosaic tiles are gaining in popularity because of the images it can provoke, the colors and mediums that are used and how you can install these tiles in numerous locations.

What is Klimt Mosaic Tiles?

Before deciding if Klimt mosaic tiles are the way to go for your artwork; it is important to know exactly what these tiles are along with what exactly mosaic designs is in general. Mosaic art is different from other forms of artwork because of the colors used, the mediums used, and the style of which it is presented.

Mosaic designs can be found in numerous shapes from circular tiles to rectangular pieces to miniature tiles that are installed within existing tile or backsplash (think within the kitchen backsplash over the sink/stove, the tiles within your shower or the tiles that make up the sides and bottom of your backyard pool).

This Klimt mosaic reproduction is created used tiny pieces of a hard medium, such as concrete, stones or glass that are flat and roughly square-shaped. It dates back to ancient times and was widely used in religious or Islamic art to create pictures or shrines. These little pieces of hard material are used to create an image or portrait and are installed used a binding agent onto a background (such as a wooden square, industrial cardboard, etc.).

There could be tiny imperfections in this form of artwork which gives it character and depth as it brings out the details in a more prominent way.

Klimt Mosaic Tile art are any type of mosaic art that is created using images from the late artist Gustav Klimt; who was an Austrian symbolist painter who used female images, landscapes, and portraits to create a portfolio of diverse and captivating artwork that transcends history. His art contained both eroticism and surrealism to transport the viewer to another place in terms of mood and mindset. While Klimt used paint to create his images and was primarily a painter; there are numerous reproductions that of mosaic art tiles that feature his images.

Klimt mosaic tiles are any images that are designed to pay homage to Gustav Klimt and uses the same surreal effect to showcase different images.

How you can Customize Klimt Mosaic Tiles

Now that you know the background on Klimt mosaic art, it is time to find out how to custom mosaic designs of this style. While some of the images that come to mind in terms of this style are too provocative for work areas; it can be used in a bedroom or living room setting. You don’t have to use an exact image that was created by Klimt but instead use the tone and mood of his images to design your artwork.

Using a local artist can strengthen the connection between yourself and the art community while supporting local businesses. Find an artist that has experience in using mosaics to create artwork and ensure that you can be part of the process when it comes to designing your piece. To create a Klimt mosaic tile art, think eye-catching details and vivid colors. Have an image in mind to recreate, such as a portrait of a loved one who you think of fondly and often. Use a picture of a scenic moment captured during an adventure that always brings back treasured memories of freedom, happiness, and peace. When customizing your Klimt mosaic artwork, the sky is the limit in terms of what the hard mediums can create! This style of artwork is more focused on the colors and use of detail to draw the eye to the image on the tile and not so much focused on sharp lines and uniform precision.

View an example of one of Klimt’s most famous pieces redesigned as a Klimt mosaic art tile

Ways to Display your Klimt Mosaic Tiles Artwork

While most artwork tends to be displayed as wall hangings or through decorative knick-knacks such as figurines and centerpieces for your table/fridge; you aren’t limited to just those areas when it comes to mosaic wall art. Mosaic art tiles are a creative form of artwork and the options for displaying your pieces can be just as creative!

You can display these tiles in numerous locations; such as:

In the Home:

  • If you have smaller Klimt mosaic tiles, pick up some wooden plate stands and use them to place your tiles strategically around a room. These plate hangers are perfect for both round and square tiles and you can use three or four to make a grouping of Klimt mosaic tiles. Try displaying tiles of varying sizes in a semi-circle for an eye-catching visual display that is funky, fresh and innovative.
  • Use a mosaic wall art in a hallway or entrance way to greet guests with vivid pops of color and welcoming images. Offset the neutral décor that exists in most hallways or entrance ways with a brightly patterned landscape.
  • Enlist the help of an expert and install a mosaic mural directly into the existing tiles that make up your shower. One way of transporting you to another world is to place small images and/or designs on each wall while another way to leave three sides completely stark and use a larger piece on the fourth wall to draw focus. Looking to use a more provocative image? Simply install the mural on the back wall where it isn’t easily visible at first glance.
  • Install a mural or design into a mosaic kitchen backsplash of your kitchen tile and use these images to allow the mind to roam while doing mundane chores such as washing the dishes. Allow your imagination to flourish and dance while standing at your counter top.

In the Garden

  • Display your mosaic art in your garden. Use them as stepping stones* or surround your flower beds with Klimt music tiles that range in images and size. When ranging in size, ensure that they are similar sizes to offset your flower garden, not distract from it.
    • if you are going to use your mosaic art tiles as a stepping stone; treat it with a mosaic safe sealant to prevent cracking or breakage within the image. While some imperfections add character to the artwork, actual visible damage does not.
  • Install your mosaic art tiles within the bottom of your pool to add another layer of depth and dimension to your Klimt piece. Use a bigger size if possible that runs the length of your pool for an eye-catching look that just begs you to dive down to visit it.
    • You can also install a mosaic design of a mural of Klimt inspired images on the side(s) of your pool for a touch of color that can only truly be seen once you are actually in the pool itself.
  • Install a Klimt mural around your fire pit in the backyard and watch the flames dance across the vivid colors of the design. Use bright colors that will be picked up easily even in the darker hours of the evening!

In the Office

Before installing or bringing any artwork into your office, check with your manager or supervisor for any company policies concerning the addition of personal objects at your workstation; especially if you share an office with other coworkers. Some companies tend to have visits from other employees regularly (such as healthcare) whereas some companies have frequent visits from the general public. These companies sometimes don’t allow for personal belongings to be placed in the open due to policies previously set in place.

If you are allowed to display artwork within your office or your personal workstation; then try some of these ways for your Klimt mosaic tiles:

  • Frame smaller mosaic tiles in a steel or metal frame to offset the imagery of your tile and present the colors in an eye-catching way.
  • Use the wooden plate hangers to place mosaic art tiles on your desk. Just make sure they are out of the way of people who may be dropping by your station to prevent breakage or damage.
  • If you are allowed to install or hang things on the wall around your workstation; then frame a couple smaller tiles and stagger them down the wall for an eye-catching look!


When it comes to mosaic art tiles and especially Klimt mosaic art tiles; don’t use an image that everyone has in their homes but instead use an image that captures your personality, your mood, and your outlook on the past, present, and future.

Mosaic art reproduction is a genius way to incorporate color and imagery into different rooms of your home as you are not limited to just wall hangings or framed pictures. Your world has been expanded as you can install these mosaic tile art directly into your existing walls, backyard, pool or even your flooring to capture the eye.

Artwork should be a reflection of one’s self as mentioned earlier and it should be something that allows people a glance into your soul. Use these pieces to dress up your work space and offer inspiration or peace on a daily basis. Use these Klimt mosaic art tiles to be transported to a different time and place where you gain clarity and peace.

Visit your local art dealers to gain a list of local and neighboring artists that can complete mosaic art tiles with a good reputation for quality work and fair pricing. Ask them to direct you to artists that can use the Klimt designs to create images from scratch or from another medium, such as an existing photograph. Use these connections to find the art piece of your dreams and be prepared to be wowed and humbled each time you view your Klimt Mosaic Art Tile.

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