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For this winter solstice and just a few days before Christmas, our thoughts become hurried through the vigorous days of this time of year: it starts passing by so fast. Therefore, Mozaico thought of inspiring and helping you with the myriad of Christmas preparations, in this bubbly eventful time of the year that unfortunately shifts quickly into the chaotic holiday rush.


Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Wrap Ideas

Nowadays, with the gradual development of the Internet, Christmas shopping is made online. Sometimes we hand make presents to our beloved ones, what about the gift-wraps? If you are tired of buying gift-wraps every year or receiving your order of wrappings at the last gasp, find out with us how to package your Christmas gifts ecologically.
First you need a craft paper box that serves as a container that you will wrap with photocopied or printed book pages, old magazines or newspapers.
Furthermore, any gross Grain Cotton, raffia twine, burlap rope or colorful piece of yarn could serve you as a ribbon.
Decorate the ribbon by gluing wooden buttons, mosaic tiles or simple paper tags holding the names of your beloved ones; possibilities are endless so be creative!

Happy Christmas wrapping!

Gifts Wrap Ideas

Christmas Candles DIY

DIY Christmas Candles

Thinking to give this Christmas a special taste? Tired of all your old candles and milk containers? Well this is a DIY for you and could also be a Christmas gift idea.
All you need is a half-pint old milk or juice carton; place it on a cookies sheet. Add clear way into a boiler under low heat for it to melt then add red coloring dye. Start filling the cartons with the liquefied wax until they are half full and then add few drops to the bottom of the carton.
Instantaneously, place a colored taper candle into the wax. Let the wax set.
Ten minutes later fill the carton half full with pieces of ice in different sizes and shapes in order to pour melted wax again to cover the ice.
Wait until the wax gets dry and the ice gets liquefied, to carefully pour the water. Let it dry for 48 hours before removing the wax from the carton.

Have a Warm Christmas Eve!

Christmas Candles

Wine Ornament

Mosaic Christmas Tiles

Do you enjoy your friends and beloved ones calling you the black sheep? Yes because you are always the creative one with ideas out of the box and perspective! Then you may have thought of dressing up your wine bottles, to give them a special touch. Making your own wine could have been easy but not a few days before Christmas. Therefore, you still have time to make your wine bottle unique. Ornament it with mosaic glass tiles to make out of it a decorative item spicing up your dinner tables not just for Christmas but for the entire year!

Christmas Wine

No time for being crafty? Then think of a printable Christmas bottle label. You can just download a Christmas bottle label design and print it onto full sheet labels with your HD printer at home.
If you want to be more customized to your taste, use Photoshop: make it 8.5 cm by 6.5 cm and just be creative, you can use quotes, personal photos or maybe creative typography that will add a touch of cheer to your Holiday Season.

Christmas Cheers!

Mushroom Christmas Snow Globe

How to make a Snow Globe

Still wondering what to gift your beloved ones? Why not start crafting this handmade Christmas snow globe?
To create it you only need a mason jar, a glue gun, gold or white glitter and a fake magical mushroom or a fake tree instead.
Glue the fake ornament on the inside of your jar lid.
Then, add some water and glitter to the jar. Add glue on the tips of the lid to then insert the ornament into the glittery water and tightly close the jar. The glue on the lid will prevent the jar from opening.

And voila, there you have it! Happy Christmas Crafting!

SnowGlobe Christmas Tree

Divine Christmas Smell

Area Potpourri

Christmas Aroma

In the cold windy days of this winter season, preparing the Christmas potpourri will spice up your home aroma to fill your place with positive energies, warmth and a divine smell.
To prepare your home for this warm Christmas spirit, all you need is:

  • A pot filled with three quarters of water
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla
  • A teaspoon of whole cloves
  • A slice of orange
  • A slice of lemon
  • One cup of cranberries
  • A twig of rosemary
  • 4 cinnamon sticks.

Make them boil all day long and turn off the burner in the evening. The next day add another tablespoon of vanilla and fresh rosemary and let it bubble for another day. Although the colors might fade, the blessing aroma will enchant you. This will also make a perfect handmade gift for your beloved ones in this holiday season.

Have a blissful Christmas aroma.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Gourmet Christmas Ideas

Christmas Brownies

Ideas For Christmas Food

Christmas trees are ready, aromas are ready, gifts are wrapped, and so are the candles and wine but we still have to inspire you with these appetizer ideas or vegetarian main dish ideas. These Christmas food ideas are easy to prepare and sure to interest anyone on the guest list. It only needs your own special creative touch and the table is ready to be decorated with your handmade candles and delicious groceries. Christmas is always about sharing and donating, why not offer one of these plate ideas to the ones in need?

Have a creative Christmas table!

Christmas Ginger Bread

Cheese Christmas Tree

Christmas Greetings

Greeting Christmas CardChristmas Card Ideas

Now everything is ready for a festive and unforgettable Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, you still have to prepare some Christmas cards and greetings to your beloved friends and family. To make your own Christmas greeting card, you will definitely need to make the people you love know how special they are. You can be creative and use your artistic skills, either in writing or in crafting. And here are some Christmas Greeting cards to inspire you.

Greeting Card For ChristmasChristmas Greeting Card

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for this Holy Season…!

We would love to know about your Christmas Eves and Christmas Days. Share your memories with us and let us know if you need any help with these DIY ideas. You can visit our website to discover mosaic art pieces that can also be customized for New Year gifts.

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