Latest Mosaic Art Tile Trends

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Latest Mosaic Art Tile Trends

Mosaic art tiles in home interiors are constantly rising in popularity due to their versatile nature and ability to promote a modern, yet intimate decor. We would like to introduce you and familiarize you with some of the latest trends seen throughout the interior design spectrum, in turn – aiding you to make conclusive decisions regarding your personal taste in mosaic art tiles.

From materials including glass, natural stone, ceramic and wood mosaic tile – you will be exposed to five outstanding interiors that are complemented by intricate mosaic art tiles. The main designing concept in tile for 2016 is a more extensive introduction of outdoor inspired colors, textures and material, connecting you physically and spiritually to your natural habitat.

Despite the fact that each year technology and professional workload reels us away from nature, our strong instinctive urge for nature’s presence is naturally augmenting. Therefore coming closer to the outdoors and blending organic elements into household decor is now more important than ever – both to home owners and of course, designers. Incorporating nature into home decor can launch a vignette into perfection whilst creating a very relaxing & cozy aura to your beloved space.

Here’s everything you wanted to know for 2016 stylistic trends:

1) Waterfall Dining Room

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These gorgeous linear style glass mosaic art tiles effortlessly decorate the space bringing out the best look of the wall. If you are looking to create a calm and relaxing ambiance in your living space and are an admirer of blue shades, this linear decorative style is just perfect deal for you. Using slim, linear tiles create an organic waterfall effect which will fill the space with gentle movement and crispness. Moreover the horizontal position of the mosaic art tiles will affect the aesthetics of the room; by using horizontal tiles the impressions of visually expanded-wider space is created. It’s undeniable that with such a dashing ornamental element on your wall the room will need no further addition to augment its special interior. This mid-century dining room decor perfectly displays one of the hottest trends of 2016.

2)Woodsy Look

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Wood mosaic art tiles or even wood-like materials bring a natural equilibrium to the room, creating a cozy and warm environment. The Feng-Shui philosophy promotes the wood element as the ideal material to motivate and transmit generic creative energy to your personal space.

Wooden decorative tiles are an outstanding way to attain a fundamentally natural yet modern interior – and guess what? The application of wood tile has been gaining ever more momentum for the past five years within the interior design world; today tops the list for trend decors in 2016. This is especially the case with chalet or vacation houses in snowy high altitude mountainous regions. Get creative and inventive with geometric or abstract tile shapes that will bring a unique character out of the material and into your daily life!

3) Natural Stone Chessboard Mosaic

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This is a classic stone, accent wall mosaic which even though its colors harmonically blend in with its decorative surroundings still acts as the focal point of the room. The chessboard-like mosaic wall conveys a conservative but playful character with its abstract arrangement of natural stone tiles. Natural stone mosaic art tiles are a fantastic way to introduce the earth element into your home decor by adjusting brown & grey shades along with rusty textures to achieve the ultimate earthy-homey look.

4) Curved Abstract Floral Mosaic

This is a feature wall by the bathtub that is being employed in a contemporary bathroom in downtown Montreal. Vibrant glass mosaic art tiles featuring floral patterns are consistently becoming an outstanding favorite for designers and homeowners. So why not use this trend as a chance to bring natural life into your interior with figurative floral patterns of your choice? The shimmering combination of grayish-golden yellow & black mosaic art tiles created a central point in the minimal bathroom design with an iridescent glossy finishing.

5) Pixalated Orange Splash

mosaic art

You may think you are not a “pixalate” type of person when it comes to your home decor, but one look at these energetic multicolored walls will have you thinking otherwise. Although the wall pattern seems quite abstract it actually takes a skilful mind and setter to accomplish this truly blissful and playful result. The orangey-grey and white glass tiles are only one color combination among thousands; pick an arrangement of colors that suit your home decor and bring out a fresh and vibrant energy to your space.

What do you think of these 5 mosaic tile trends of 2016?

Let us know which trend you prefer and how you personally use it in your home!

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