Top 10 Peculiar and Spellbinding Art Mediums |Mozaico

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Top 10 Peculiar and Spellbinding Art Mediums |Mozaico

10 • Mosaic like Colored Toy Car Artwork

Toy Cars Mosaic

At the Arts Depot Open in 2011 this rainbow toy car artwork won the People’s Award. The British artist David T. Waller created this artistic installation out of 2,500 old toy cars to make it look typical to an eastern or contemporary mosaic artwork. After he completed two-year foundation course in Art and Design in 1983, he has now a BA honors and degree from Cheltenham Art School to later start using a variety of different art mediums and techniques such as this very-well recognized artwork.

Mosaic Car Artwork

9 • X-Ray Artwork

X-Ray Artwork

X-Ray also known as Radiography, recently became an art medium. This type of radiation is known as electromagnetic waves. The imaging creates inner pictures of the body that shows the parts of the body in different shades of black and white. However, the artist here edited the photos on digital software such as Photoshop or Aftereffects and used the sepia tone colors, to make the photos look more artistic. This art technique reminds us of another visionary artist, Alex Grey.

Radiography Artwork

8 • Multihued Paintings with Sand

Sand Art

Elie Gerges a visual artist recently exposed his artworks. His techniques of multihued sand painting couldn’t limit his perspectives. With vibrantly colored sand art medium, he created everything from landscapes to figures. Typical to Mosaic Art, sand painting needs endurance and high level of concentration. Influenced by Native American and African cultures, we notice in most of his artworks the Native and African female figures.

Sand African Art

7 • Artworks with Maps and Atlases

Mosaic Map Artwork

Mathew Cursick was born in New York, and graduated from The Cooper Union in 1993. Cursick started making his artworks in the early 1990 and ever since 1996 his artworks have been exhibited internationally. Today, the multimedia artist became illustrious through his warmly colored map collages of complex. With this art medium, he cuts away pieces of school textbooks, maps, encyclopedias and atlases and stabs them together to create portraits and landscapes. His influence is the map because for him it transmits a visual portal into the past to celebrate the manifestation of survival. His art is created through the same technique as mosaic artworks; pieces of different colors and sizes are put together to form an ultimate masterpiece.

Mosaic Like Artwork

6 • Artwork with Floppy Disks and Film Negative

FLoppy Disk Mosaic

The influences in the artworks of the British visual artist Nick Gentry are the development of consumerism, distinctiveness, and technology. This creative mind thought of generating almost all his artworks through artifacts and materials. Gentry became best known for his creative idea of floppy disk and film negative artworks, to create modern vintage artworks and kept the mind whirling through his inventions. This is an environmental artist who could find a new and artistic task for useless materials nowadays. His pieces are mosaic artworks. They have been showcased in galleries in the UK, USA and in cities throughout the world.

Floppy Disk Mosaic Art

5 • Sculpture with Chewed Bubblegum

Bubble Gum Art

At the Testori United Kingdom Gallery in London, the imaginative Italian artist Maurizio Savini has exhibited a series of sculptures composed out of thousand of bright pink chewing gum as an art medium. The most important step he says is to fix the sculptures with formaldehyde and antibiotic in the end. His artworks have been sold for as much as €30,000 each. In spite of what many may think, chewing gum sculpting became today a conventional art form, recognized all over the world, and Savini’s artworks are keenly appointed by critics.

Bubble Gum Figure

4 • Sculpture with Bicycle Chains

Chain Man

Young-Deon Seo is an inventive artist who creates figurative sculptures out of snugly weaved configurations of bicycle chains and industrial chains. He uncovered a collection of masterpieces at Soda Gallery in Istanbul. In his artworks he uses over a mile of bicycle chains, and it takes him over a year to piece them together as a mosaic artwork. For him, each part of the chain is a human cell and through chains he creates human figures.

Chain Art

3 • Flowers Photography with Human Figures

Flower Human Figures

At Renown Institute’s Healing Arts in Reno Nevada, Cecelia Webber an ingenious photographer and visual artist unveiled her “flowers made out of human body figures” collection. She also premiered her butterflies’ series at Barney’s NYC. She became recognized internationally for her Human Bodies Artworks, right after she graduated in 2008 from the University of Southern California, her flowers series expanded on the Internet propelling her into spotlights. Certainly a unique, stunning yet confusing art medium!

Body Art

2• Ultra violet Jellyfish glowing through UV lamps

UV Jellyfish

TranceCarpathiarts Team is a group of talented and inventive Ukrainian artists and musicians. They created these imaginative UV Jellyfish and flying mushrooms artworks glowing through UV lamps as an art medium. The artists always exhibit their dreamy artworks in nature letting the moonlight illustrate an abstract fairyland. Different perspectives show a virtual mosaic art puzzle within the ground and space energies. Their electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength shorter than that of visible light; it starts from 400 nm to 10 nm in wavelength. You can see their UV artworks ornamenting the woods in open air festivals and parties all over Europe.

UV Art

1 • Starry Night with Hubble Space Images

Pictures Mosaic

Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork was reproduced by Alex Harrison Parker, a young American astronomer. It sounds peculiar to combine science with art but the new thing here was the technique the astronomer applied to the mosaic artwork. Instead of using a brush and a canvas, he decided to reproduce Starry Night on a mosaic making software with the most stunning Hubble telescope images of the last 20 years.

Starry Night

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