Mosaic Art: Colors To Reveal Your Personality

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Mosaic Art: Colors To Reveal Your Personality

You probably have a favorite color, but you may never have noticed why. Good news! According to Psychology, your favorite color is more than just a visual preference. It can also reveal something you never knew about your personality.

Like many mosaic art enthusiasts, you may be wondering how to choose the right mosaic artwork for your interior. The most important thing you can do when you are trying to pick a mosaic artwork is to choose the right colors that fit well with your space, style, and personality. Yes just like any other art form or decorative element, a mosaic artwork has to fit well with your interests, and personality type. If a mosaic fits these criteria, there is a better chance you will be satisfied with it for many years to come!

This article will reveal what your favorite mosaic color reveals about your personality!


Quite energetic, cheerful and optimistic, the Reds are known to be strong leaders, fast-paced strategists, strong-willed, intolerant and rational. You will be able to notice many of the traits of the Reds as they usually take fast ownerships, need to be fast paced in their philosophy and fairly confident with it.

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If Blue is your favorite color, you can consider yourself conservative, reliable and trustworthy. The blues are known to avoid spontaneity and impulsiveness, as they always think before they react and plan everything at their own pace. Genuine and sincere, they also take time to express their feelings and emotions and take responsibilities very seriously.

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According to color psychology people with a strong preference for green, struggle for stability, protection, and acknowledgment. The greens are known to be good listeners and crying on their shoulder can be quite healing, as they tend to forget their own needs while taking care of others.

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Dreamers and perfectionists, people with the yellow personality type have a very happy nature and are very cheerful and fun to be around. The yellows are known to be the creative and innovative ones who always come up with new ideas, as they always have their heads in the clouds.

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The color black is the color of sophistication and luxury. Not everyone understands its refined beauty but the blacks are sure to do. According to colors psychology, these people are known to be serious, confident, strong, decisive, emotionally contained and introverted.

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Considered to illustrate perfection, white is the purest and most complete color. It’s the color that represents new beginnings and removes any hint of past actions. The whites are known for their purity, innocence, wholeness, and completion.

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Last but not least, determining which mosaic pattern is ideal for your project can be an intricate task. Since choosing the wrong colors can create an unenthusiastic vibe in your surroundings. It’s best to make the right choice from the outset, to avoid any regrets later!

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