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Going back 4,000 years or more, mosaic art was a principle and a form of expression. It was the art that complemented architecture and was considered to be an impressive asset. Nowadays, you see mosaic murals and artworks everywhere, ornamenting streets or decorating homes and monuments. Check out this list of incredible mosaic art and how it developed time after time.

English Breakfast Mosaic Artwork

The Beatle's Food Mosaic

This mosaic artwork has the name “Let it bean” referring to the material used to make this mosaic BEANS such as chickpeas, green peas and kidney beans. It is a reproduction of the famous Beatles album cover with the band member crossing the Abbey Road. This mosaic piece was created using elements of proper English breakfast such as meat, fruit, breads and veggies. One of the Beatles, Paul McCartney was a vegetarian and is created with non-meat foodies. The mosaic artist Paul Baker shows incredible attention to detail and precision.

Rubik Cubes Mosaic

Rubik Cubes Mosaic

This mosaic reproduction of Michelangelo’s Hand of God is a new way of handcraft. It was actually made out of Rubik cubes. This mosaic pixel art is a modern technique of creating mosaic like artworks tiling thousands of equally sized Rubik cubes together to form a final image. This type of craft needs fast thinking and handy skills.

Rubik Cubes Mosaic Art

Mosaic of Apples

food mosaic

This is a mosaic mural made out of apples and introduced to us by the ingenious Helge Lundstrom in the Apple Market Festival in Kivik, Sweden. This mosaic artwork is made with over than 75.000 apples, measuring 12 by 8 meters and weighing up to four tons. Helge Lundstrom is said to be the best apple artist and the only one in the world.

Mosaic art

And here is an apple made out of mosaic tiles that can be used as a decorative item.

Jelly Beans Mosaic

Jelly Beans Mosaic

This mosaic portrait isn’t made of mosaic glass tiles but with 10,000 real jellybeans covered with lacquer to give it the impression of a glass mosaic artwork. It’s now exposed in Brighton, Sussex at an old fashioned sweet shop. It was an impressive promoting idea for the Jelly Bean’s company. It was a dazzle for people passing next to the candy shop.

Monalisa Mosaic Jelly Beans

Bathroom Mosaic Design and Backsplash

flower mosaic

This is a creative new home decor idea for bathrooms ornamented with colorful mosaic tiles. Many bathrooms and kitchen mosaic backsplash designs are available on our Mozaico Website. These decorative ideas modernize any space you wish to spice up with color and creativity. Here you can see two mosaic art pieces from Mozaico installed into a home! Click on the images to be redirected to our web store.

kitchen backsplash

Mosaic Tile Sculptures

Turtle Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are not only used to create murals, they can also produce beautiful mosaic sculptures. These mosaic accessories are a marvel created with glass mosaic tiles, ceramics and pebbles. This impressive mosaic artwork can fill your gardens and outdoor space with charm and fascination.

outdoor mosaic

Mosaic Music Instrument

Mosaic Guitar

Here the mosaic artist takes art to a new level. He merges music with mosaic art and tunes them with each other. Transforming any music instrument to an impressive mosaic artwork is definitely an obvious mosaic evolution. Artists make creative designs with beautiful and colorful glass mosaic tiles.

mosaic decor

Mosaic Artwork on a Fake Cow Skull

Mosaic artwork

Here at Mozaico we are against animal hunting and cruelty. Therefore, we suggest having a fake animal skull instead of a real one hung on your walls and ours. This enchanting mosaic artwork is a fake skull, designed with glass mosaic tiles and hand cut stones.

Mosaic Tiles on Fake Cow Skull

Chess Coffee Table

Mosaic Chess Coffee Table

This is a beautifully designed tabletop mosaic. This vintage water jet mosaic tile is decked for all chess lovers. A creative and unique table handcrafted ingeniously.

mosaic art

Mosaic Clothing

Mosaic art

Wonderful mosaic tiles and semi-precious stones can be put together to form beautifully designed dresses. They are wearable too!
Mosaic art can not only decorate your house but also ornament the runways and your wardrobes!

Runway Mosaic Dress

Mosaic Shoes

Mosaic art

Mosaic tiles even reached a level of ornamenting shoes. It can be a mosaic art piece such as the Cowboy boot used as a decorative item in your homes. Wearable and fashionable shoes can also be decked with beautiful mosaic stones, giving whoever is wearing them an exquisite style!

Mosaic art

Digital Mosaic Art

digital artwork

Mosaic art usually consists of putting together stone pieces or any sort of concrete material like a puzzle. However, digital photo mosaics are also gaining attention. Digital mosaic art consists of combining small pictures or pixels with each other to form a final outcome and an ultimate image such as the Steve Jobs portrait or the digital Eiffel Tower.

Apple Digital Mosaic

digital art

Banksy Mosaic Art

Banksy - Flower Thrower Mosaic

Now for the main and essential mosaic medium: marble tiles. What is more revolutionary than Banky’s graffiti street art? Mozaico thought of making a marble mosaic reproduction of the famous Flower Thrower by Banksy. This art piece portrays the anger and frustration of the street riots in the 1960’s with the flowers made in color to represent the hope for peace. If you wish to have this mosaic hanging on your wall, click on this link to buy it.

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