Mosaic Art Finishing: Grinding and Polishing

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If you’ve been shopping for mosaic designs recently, you’ve probably seen options for “Polished” finishes. In mosaic art finishing, grinding and polishing are a way to bring out the beauty of natural stone. It’s another one of the steps that our expert artists employ to make each piece of art.

Marble Mosaic Stones
Image by Mozaico

It’s fun to look at mosaics online or admire a piece in a home or business – but let’s talk a little about the process of making each one. Human hands are involved throughout!

Mosaic Art requires many talented hands!

Marble Mosaic Stones
Image by Mozaico

From the beginning, Mozaico artists work to create the design of each piece – including custom requests. When you order a custom mosaic that’s created from a photo or art that you supply, our design team goes right to work with the layout and color selection. Our huge range of colors allows for picture-perfect matches.

Next, our craftsmen create magic with colorful stone and glass. Each individual tile (or tessera) is placed by hand. It’s an exacting process that requires dexterity and skill. As you can see, hundreds or even thousands of tiles are required for each piece we make. Depending on the size of the completed mosaic art, dozens of hands may be involved before you ever add it to your home!

Mosaic Art
Image by Mozaico

Grinding and Polishing: For the Ultimate Finish

Lastly, our expert technicians may finish a piece by grinding and polishing it. This process is a powerful way to enhance the beauty of mosaic tile art. The additional steps required for a polished mosaic create beautiful results – and again, it’s done by hand!

A sensitive touch, special tools, and careful application of the right compounds are required for a polished finish. A special powdered compound is first applied to the finished mosaic design. This will work with the sanding tools to precisely grind down and smooth each and every tile.

Grinding Mosaics
Image by Mozaico

The grinding process is all about using the mosaic tile grinder seen here to smooth the surface of the artwork, and even out any stone and glue bumps and roughness on the surface of the mosaic. This process is vital when the mosaic artwork is a mosaic flooring inlay. It results in a flattened surface, which makes it soft for the feet, easier to grout, and easier to maintain the mosaic’s cleanliness and longevity.

After the initial grinding process is completed, our craftsmen perform additional steps to perfect to the look of the art. The mosaic is polished to glowing sheen, and is sealed to preserve the luster of the piece.

The end result is a mosaic design that is shiny, glossy, even, and rich with detail. Just as with any stone, polishing brings out the rich and glowing colors of the tessera. The beauty of the piece is enhanced by placement in a new environment. Polished mosaic art is beautiful when even low light hits it, making it a great choice for any location. The colors are vibrant, and the overall look is luxurious.

The Completed Process: How does it look?

Polished mosaic designs are spectacular, no matter what the subject. Here are some notable examples from our huge selection. Each of these employ different colors, styles, and subjects, but the beautiful finish adds a whole other dimension to the art.

This urban scene has been brought to life by polishing. The details of the church, sky, and street are all accented with a subtle shimmer.

A classic tribute to a classic rock album is a bold and strong focal point, thanks to the glow of black stone tiles. Even the Dark Side of the Moon catches the light!

Polished finishes are particularly effective on custom logos and signs, where the glossy finish draws the eye.

For mosaic designs with a limited color palette, a shining finish adds a very special accent. This bold black and white pattern would be beautiful in any setting on either walls or floors.

As there are many textures and subtle colors in real life, a polished mosaic works well to add a trompe l’oeil effect to this floral arrangement and window scene. The details of leaves, petals, and frame really pop.

For display in a home or religious space, a glossy effect adds a significant weight to the subject. When candlelight is present, the impact is profound.

Classic polished floors and marble insets resonate with our ideas of elegant design. In this botanical medallion, the overall effect is sophisticated and clean.

Ordering your next mosaic design with a polished finish is the best way to enjoy all the beauty, vibrancy, and detail of the art you’ve carefully selected. Just look for this option in our catalog, or we can add it to your custom mosaic art piece!

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