Mosaic Art: The Futuristic Style Trend

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Cover Photo: Courtesy of Beatrice Serre

Regardless of whether you’re a complete sci-fi freak or a total realist, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear “Futuristic Movement” is four-dimensional designs, conceptual artworks, space travel and the likes might be over thrusting it. However, the futuristic movement is usually about visualizing art through new physical frontiers. Yet, thinking about the fragile nature of the world we live in today, and how such massive threats like global warming and non-renewable resource exhaustion are gradually gaining on us, the futuristic movement will initiate several pragmatic and relevant technological breakthroughs to secure a future, to begin with.

So how do I define the futuristic art movement? As expected in 2017, Futuristic art movement or “post-human” will be the main meeting point for designers and contemporary mosaic artists. This trend seems less about the material and more about the futuristic concept. Topics of space, climate change, molecules, etc, are assembled on the mesh of some mosaicists, while others base their artworks on more traditional views of futurism.

Scroll down to discover some of the artists who are expected to dictate the futuristic movement and the styles that are likely to refine the art form.

Marie-Laure Bourbon

Inspired partly by the futuristic art movement, Marie-Laure’s mosaics are crafted to illustrate the conceptual and figurative astral creations, using several mediums like enamels, glass, marble, quartz and pearls.

The artist gave her mosaic artworks a futuristic impression, and she also knew how to make her creations stand out in an ever-increasing digital age!

Copyrighted Credits to Marie-Laure Bourbon

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

Dino Maccini

Maccini’s greatest struggles today are avoiding stereotypes and seeking innovative ideas to communicate futurism and express his individuality. His mosaics are a perfect combination of simplicity and complexity, which mathematicians seek by “elegant equations”, what scientists yearn for with striking theories, and what he actually seeks when crafting his mosaics!

Dino has been the subject of numerous major solo and collective exhibitions, ever since his first show in 2005 at La Spadarina Galleria in Italy!

Copyrighted Credits to Dino Maccini

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

Lynne Chinn

The mosaics of Lynne create a major force in the futuristic mosaic art movement today, as they regenerate and add new elements to the traditional art form in numerous frameworks!

Ever since her participation in SAMA Annual Conference in 2003 and up until now she was spanned by her splendid creations. A large population of art enthusiasts attended the conference to see her artworks.

Copyrighted Credits to Lynne Chinn

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

Beatrice Serre

When we look up the word ‘Simplicity’ in the dictionary to find its exact meaning, we stumble upon two definitions: the quality or condition of being easy to understand, and being plain or uncomplicated in form or design. While for Beatrice simplicity is the greatest adornment of art and the final achievement.

Unsurprisingly, her cosmic mosaic collection caught the eye of numerous mosaic enthusiasts around the world.

Copyrighted Credits to Beatrice Serre

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

Ioannis Touliatos

A graphic designer and mosaicist whose creations vary from futuristic to contemporary as his topics are mainly inspired by space and dimension. In addition to the material, the final shell treatment offers many unexpected textural effects.

His mosaics were featured in several galleries and museums around Europe, and he recently unveiled his latest artworks at “Mosaic Odysseys 2016” which embraced his newest mosaic collection at the Hellenic Centre in London, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Centre in Athens, and Mykonos Town Hall in Mykonos Island.

Copyrighted Credits to Ioannis Touliatos

mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

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At some point, we can all lose count of the number of artists who speak to our innermost selves in a way we recognize as true. So, in case I missed any of your favorite mosaicists, you can always mention them in the comment box below, to hopefully see them in future articles!


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