Mosaic Artwork: Your Installation Guide

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Cover Photo: Courtesy of Kasia Polkowska

Choosing the perfect mosaic for your home interior can be an intimidating task sometimes, so the fact that you’ve already accomplished this step is worth a little celebration! Now that you selected the motif and pattern of your mosaic artwork, it’s finally time to take the project to the next step: Install it!

You can, of course, hire an expert, but depending on the scale and scope of your mosaic project, the cost can escalate swiftly. Good news, this article assembles some helpful tips&tricks for the mosaic installation process to ensure your mosaic artwork goes up on the wall, or down your floor without a hitch!

mosaic artwork

Step one: Prep Before Installing

A little preparation saves a lot of time!

First, place your mosaic in the desired position and outline it with a pencil. For large and intricate mosaic projects, one must break the mosaic into 2 or more component segments. Once this portion is determined, you can prepare the surface with the application of White Thin-Set mortar or adhesive.

My best advice at this stage? Work slowly. This mosaic will hopefully be displayed in your space for quite some time, so you’ll want your workmanship to be spot-on!

Step two: Installation

Once you cover the entire desired area with adhesive, place the mosaic over it and position it properly, using a grout float or both hands apply pressure evenly and ensure that it’s well-adhered, and then clean up any excess of adhesive. Let it dry overnight, et voila, congratulations! Ps: Make sure to secure back in place any fallen stone using cement or glue.

Ps: Make sure to secure back in place any fallen stone using cement or glue.

Optional Step: Grouting

Although this step is optional, it’s highly recommended to make your mosaic last as long as it should. So now that you have adhered your tiles to your mosaic base, it is time to grout your piece. Apply your desired grout with a rubber float to fill in the neat cavities created between tiles, as you make sure to press the grout into the grooves at a 45-degree angle to guarantee and to fill these cavities entirely. Grout will also take around 24 hours to set, and it’s best to allow it to dry and set overnight. However set the alarm early in the morning, and pick up any excess of grout before it completely hardens.

Last Step: Enjoy!

At this point, it’s time to sit back and take in your efforts to conjure a mosaic motif within your interior. You can take pride in your dedication and your workmanship, which you can now share will all your guests!

Need further assistance in installing your mosaic artwork? Watch The Step by Step Video

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