Creative Visions Behind Mosaic Artworks

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Creative Visions Behind Mosaic Artworks

Art has always been the divine way to express a range of feelings. Throughout history, existence witnessed a wide diversity of art movements, revolutions and art dazes. Dali painted a melting clock to depict the erratic passage of time that we experience while dreaming. Painters of the mid-nineteenth century were mostly interested in painting landscapes and portraits that looked like photographs, while Van Gogh used his exaggerated and expressive brushstrokes. As for Picasso, he thought we had to learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist. Rene Magritte kept us wondering through his Treachery of Images. Art has always been a lie that reveals a truth, affecting every aspect of the human existence. Its a work that you put your heart and soul into and cheerfully sacrifice everything for.

To each artist his own fascinating story, and to each art medium its own embracing trait. Mosaic art for example, is a therapeutic art form, depicting the philosophy of oneness.

In this article we’re going to meander among the various routes of artists, their inspirations and stories. Discover the creative visions behind mosaic artworks!

Kaleidoscopic Mosaic

David Chidgey Glass Mosaics

For David, beauty is not portrayed through perfection or precision. It is one of the main reasons he was drawn into the medium of mosaic. His journey is all about exploring lights and shadows, shapes and textures, bright colours and muted tones, impulsiveness and balance through the language of tiles. Mosaic art isn’t combining imperfect and broken fragments, but is revealing a rich tapestry for the senses.

Photos by Mosaic Artist David Chidgey, all images copyright protected, artglassmosaics.com

Handmade Glass Mosaic art

Glass mosaic

Chuck Portraits

Chuck Close

Chuck Close is a famous American photorealist portraits painter. His artworks are always featuring his friends’ and acquaintances’ portraits. Close had a cognitive disorder that impairs the ability to recognise faces, and through painting portraits he found a way to help him remember the important people in his life. After a spinal artery collapse tragedy struck, Close was left with very limited use of his hands and fingers in 1988. However this did not stop him from painting, he taught himself to paint again in a new colorful grid style. Close has described his recent portraits, as a result of combining individual pieces of “information” to make an intact. Not far off from the definition of a mosaic!

Find exclusive articles about Close and the recent solo & group exhibitions his work has been featured in here: https://www.artsy.net/artist/chuck-close

Source: http://www.pacegallery.com/artists/80/chuck-close

Chuck Close up mosaic art

chuck close mosaic art

Mosaic art close up

Origami Mosaics

Kota Hiratsuka

The art of Origami is one of the most fascinating arts one can make out of paper. This Japanese traditional art, was the main passion and perspective of Hiratsuka. It happened that one midnight of 2012; he challenged an origami complex, where he failed again and again. After a long night of struggles, Kota saw a 3-D geometric pattern forming, and so he took a ruler and paper knife and started crafting. The next morning, he completed the 3D complex paper art, “Origami Mosaics” he named it.

origami mosaic art

Mosaic flower

Handmade Origami mosaic art

Living Mosaics

Mozaico Art

Mozaico Art incorporate a group of talented mosaic artists with different aspects of ethnicity. Artists of different cultures team up together for a harmonic mosaic journey. For them, mosaic art is a sort of motion, where each designer puts a little stone of different beliefs, different yearnings, and different hopes to fit into the larger mosaic of their lives. They don’t just create mosaic artworks but also link the philosophy of mosaic to the philosophy of life.

Mermaid mosaic art

Handmade Mosaic art - Flower Of Life

Handmade Mosaic art Reproduction - The Kiss

Mosaic Mandala Series

Matt W. Moore

After visiting the Summit on Powder Mountain in Eden, artist Matt W. Moore thought of creating a series of introspective mandalas, celebrating the indigenous colour palette of landscapes. The series of mosaic mandalas were entirely handcrafted with elements foraged on the mountain and in the valley river: pebbles, shale, red rocks from the high elevations, dead branches from aspen trees, bark from evergreens, cattails from the lake’s edge, dried wild grasses from yesteryear, and cut dead branches illustrating the rings of the tree’s life. Through this organic medium, Moore means to showcase the concept of timelessness creating a natural evolution. For him, this project was just the beginning.

Mosaic Art Mandalas Made from Found Natural Elements by Matt W. Moore

Mosaic Art Mandalas Made from Found Natural Elements by Matt W. Moore

Creative mosaic artists altered the traditional art of mosaic into an innovative vision, where creativity meets unusual and unpredictable art mediums. This is our a slight portion of artists’ inspirations and visions.

Who were you most inspired by? Let us know in the comment box below.

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