Mosaic sculptures in a Perfect Order

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Mona-Lisa Mosaic Buttons

Following the footprints of Chuck Close and Takashi Murakami, Augusto Esquivel created a new perspective and added more creativity to the world of contemporary art.

This ingenious contemporary artist has technically and passionately transmitted a philosophy of art, which extends and relates a harmony between chaos and order.

Contemporary art echoes a wide range of supplies, mediums and technologies to define and accentuate art in a chaos of perfect order. Our global environments of cultural diversity, advance of technology and wide variety of facets, have become the main inspiration of artists since the 70s.

Using a wide range of mediums, contemporary artists criticize, replicate and interact with the modern-day society. They also explore ideas, concepts and practices to scrutinize the past, illustrate the present, and visualize the future.

The movement has also challenged artists to place more evidence on the process of making art rather than the final product.

Augusto Esquivel is a contemporary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.The mosaic chaos of Esquivel is indeed a balance between reality and potential. He creates stunning mosaic sculptures, using thousands of suspended multi-colored sewing buttons!

Celebrity Portraits

Sometimes clouds look so solid you could reach out and touch them, but any attempt would reveal that they are made from tiny water droplets. The celebrity portraits of the contemporary artist Esquivel are much similar. However Esquivel uses black and white buttons instead! He creates pixelated images of iconic people like the Mona Lisa, Salvador Dali and Marilyn Monroe.

Marlyn Monroe Mosaic sculpture

Salvador Dali Button Mosaic sculpture

augusto esquivel button portraits mosaic sculpture

Musical Instruments

His idea of chaos in a perfect order manifests a yin and yang of his objects. The buttons appear solid to the eye but are fragile and inconsistent to the touch. He altered the traditional art of mosaic into an intriguing complex. In 2013 Esquivel showcased an upright piano, cello, harp, and phonograph fashioned with colored sewing buttons. He created these life sized musical instruments by stringing colored sewing buttons on to dangling fishing wire from an overhead support.

Button Mosaic Art Piano

Augusto Esquivel Violin

Abstract Art

Influenced by Jan Stark and Kandinsky, Esquivel has recently started his journey into the expressionism abstract, where he expresses himself with colors. Using hundreds of strings slinged from the ceiling, Esquivel threads thousands of multi-colored buttons into hanging chains to create abstract third dimensional sculptures.

Button Mosaic Sculptors

Colorful Buttons used to make the mosaic

Mosaic Box - Colorful Buttons

Copyright © Augusto Esquivel, 2015. All rights reserved.

Artist Portfolio: www.augustoesquivel.com

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