Mosaic Art in Your Garden? Why Not!

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Mosaic art is one of the oldest forms of art – you create images using an assemblage of small pieces of different materials. You can use paper, glass, pebbles, stone, or wood to make beautiful pictures, shapes, or just add a bit of color to your surroundings. It’s a great technique to create decorative art because you virtually cannot go wrong whatever you do. You might think that broken mirrors, old china, tiles and pebbles of different size and color have no place in your neat garden, but mosaic art can transform your garden from plain and ordinary into breathtakingly beautiful.

Garden rocks

Find different small and colorful tiles: squares, dots, and mirror tiles ranging in size from a quarter of an inch to an inch. This will allow you to get more effective rocks in the end. Set out the tiles on the table so you can see them all at once and decide how you’ll group the colors: blues with purples, greens with aqua, and yellows with oranges and reds. Once you’ve picked the colors, use clear silicone adhesive to glue them to a rock. Once you’ve covered all surfaces of the rock with tiles and let the glue dry. Mix the grout, apply it to your rock mosaic art, and wipe the excess off with a damp sponge. Once it’s dry, you’ll have lovely mosaic rocks to decorate your garden. You can find this tutorial on Kenarry blog.


Stepping stones

Garden stepping stones are great – they look good and they allow you to stay dry and mud-free when you’re walking through your garden in bad weather. These are easy to make in the comforts of your own home, and you don’t even need any special molds or tools. Garden stepping stones can be made using plain old non-stick cake pan (and it won’t be ruined when you finish). You’ll need some contact paper, old china, some glass gems or sea glass to make it more colorful, and some chicken wire. Break the china and place the pieces onto the sticky side of contact paper which you’ve put in the pan. Put an inch of concrete onto your mosaic art, place a piece of chicken wire on it, and cover it with concrete completely. Let it sit for two days, and you’ll have unique stepping stones.


Broken china birdhouse

If you have a birdhouse in your garden, you can make it more noticeable if you cover it with pieces of broken china. Use old plates, preferably with design on it (flowers are delicate and romantic) to cover your birdhouse completely. Glue the pieces of china onto the birdhouse with super glue or use a glue gun if you don’t want to keep putting the cap back on. Blend the grout with water until it starts looking like runny peanut butter, and cover the birdhouse with it completely (grout stays workable for 15 minutes alone, so work quickly). After half an hour, wipe the grout from china with a wet towel and let it dry for 24 hours.


Ask for help

Once you’ve set your mind on making mosaics and using it to enhance your landscape design, you might want to ask for help with putting those plans into action. Of course, sometimes you can’t do everything yourself, and it’s okay to ask friends and family to come help you. What is more, making mosaic art if a lovely activity which you can use to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

You might be a mosaic art enthusiast or an artist whose talent is evident in the way you arrange colors, but even if you’ve never done a mosaic project before, you’ll fall in love with it. Mosaics are easy and what’s best – there’s absolutely no wrong way to do them. You’ll be able to use all kinds of materials for your projects, and this will allow you to keep close old pieces which are broken, and use them to make art. Tiles, old, China, pebbles, and glass will all be used again and get a new life in your garden.

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