Beautify Your Home With A Mosaic Rug Tile

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Tile floors have a lot of versatility. They come in many colors, they’re long-lasting and durable, and they clean easily. You can use them in any room in the house, if you choose, or even for outside areas.

As practical as they are, though, they can be a little bland, especially in big areas with neutral color tiles. So how can you break up space and add some visual interest? One way to do it is with a mosaic rug.


Tile Rug Basics

A mosaic rug is a type of tile rug, but the name itself is a little misleading. Tile Rugs aren’t rugs in the conventional sense: they don’t sit on top of the floor, they’re not movable, and they’re obviously not made of fabric. Instead, a tile rug gives the appearance of a rug, via tiles set into the floor. These “rugs” are level with the floor itself.


Just as tile floors offer practical versatility, tile rugs offer design versatility. Tile rugs are typically rectangular or round, like traditional rugs, and they can be any size, ranging from a small area in maybe a hallway or bathroom to a huge space in a kitchen or dining room, or even outside in a patio. They can also be as simple or elaborate as you need; you could create a basic tile rug using the same tiles as the rest of the floor, angled a different way and surrounded by border tiles in a different color. On the other end of the spectrum are mosaic tile rugs, which are the most elaborately designed tile rugs you’re likely to find.

Mosaic Tile Rugs – Then and Now

Mosaics have been used to decorate floors since ancient times, such as the elaborate floor mosaics uncovered in the lost city of Pompeii. In more recent history, cities like Barcelona, Spain have used mosaic rugs to add visual depth to rooms. Some of the antique floors in the Eixample district of Barcelona have been covered with more modern materials over the years, but that doesn’t stop determined homebuyers from seeking them out, even if it means having to restore them to their former appearance.


Luckily, you don’t have to live in an ancient city or purchase a historical building in Spain to bring mosaic floor tiles into your home. Modern mosaic rugs offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, along with various sizes to fit the perfect area in your home. And as long as the mosaics are made with durable, waterproof materials, you can install them indoors or out. Foyers and bathrooms are especially popular places for mosaic rugs, but they can be used throughout the home.

The ancient mosaics in Pompeii feature large images, and the antique floor mosaics in Barcelona are geometric in design, but many modern mosaic rugs imitate the intricate patterns often found in fabric rugs. When installed, these rugs can have a striking visual similarity to fabric rugs. (Still, just because they’re called rugs doesn’t mean they have to go on the floor – mosaic rugs can be put on walls, as well.)


If you need some inspiration for your bland tile floors, or you’re looking to do a renovation and want something truly unique in your home, take a look at different mosaic tile rugs and picture them in your space. These rugs bring artwork into an unexpected place, giving the room a unique focal point and acting as a conversation-starter for anyone who visits.

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