Mosaic Art Magnetism in The City of Ravenna

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Ravenna city is one of the most cultural and artistic cities of Italy. It’s also known as a magnetic midpoint of mosaic art, and the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century and later of Ostrogothic and Byzantine Italy. Visiting the central Italian city of Ravenna, you find yourself wandering among the monastic cloisters, exploring the Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic Architecture, and perceive the largest and most spectacular collection of Byzantine mosaics in the world!

This city is also considered to be one of the world’s richest heritage of mosaic art. Since it’s also home to hundreds of the city’s most celebrated mosaicists!
Today’s article examines the significance of mosaic art as one of the most inspiring art forms in Italy and contemplating its evolution throughout the city of Ravenna.

city of Ravenna mosaic art

Speckle of Ravenna’s Mosaics

There are 8 imperative structures including churches in Ravenna built around 5th – 6th centuries that make part of the Unesco World Heritage list. These landmarks are recognized for their well-preserved mosaics and a striking example of the outstanding Byzantine art. As the westernmost pillar of the Byzantine Empire, Ravenna was an iridescent spark in Europe’s Dark Ages.


mosaic art

Mosaic Art In Ravenna Today

They outline their metaphors from the current social, environmental and political issues, as well as and art movements today. As they also experiment with creative ideas and incorporate the art form in Italian furniture, walls, pools as well as backyards, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Mosaic Courtesy: Luca Barberini


Must Visit In Ravenna: The Church of San Vitale

Ravenna is another exceptional mosaic landmark which has been officially recognized by the United Nations, and it’s also one of the most outstanding examples of Byzantine art in Europe. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and try to imagine a structure that can unfold more than a thousand of biblical stories through little pieces of colored glass and gold stones! It’s absolutely incredible how prosperous this place is, especially the space around the altar area. Marble columns, golden mosaics, Baroque frescoes and saints’ icons in intricate garments are some of the marvels you may stumble upon once you step into the octagonal church! The mosaics of this church are the largest and best preserved outside the Constantinople.


mosaic art


Photos Credits: 25 Travel stories

In one word, how you describe the mosaics of this city? Share your thoughts with us about this mosaic project and let us know if you have visited cities enriched with decorative architecture and mosaic artworks…

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