Mosaic Patterns in Interior Design: They Are Here to Stay

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From the core of a sunflower, to mosaic patterns and the many mathematical equations that try to decipher natural forms of life, patterns are everywhere. Since the beginning of time, we have been fascinated by patterns. And we built our lifestyles around it. Simply because we are creatures of habit and order who seek answers to one simple question: What is our purpose?

You might be wondering how would our understanding of patterns answer this question. Well, that is because the smaller Why’s unveil the path to the bigger picture. Patterns have become so important to the extent that we incorporated them into our lives vividly and subliminally. In art, patterns reveal a lot about the painting or the artwork. In the world of mosaics, mosaic patterns are captivating creations of meaning, luxury and beauty within your interiors.

What are Patterns?

Humans started noticing patterns in nature. Since prehistoric times, we see danger from rustles in a bush. We know someone is around from footprints. And the list goes on. Then, as humanity evolved, we observed patterns in weather, seasons, and even the core of sunflowers or the spirals of a wave.

Waves Pattern from Unsplash | mosaic Patterns | Mozaico
Waves Pattern from Unsplash

Nature has its own order and it was clearly trying to convey a message of meaning. As we progressed, it became important to uncover the sequence of these patterns to understand the order within nature. And to replicate them in order to automate many aspects of our lives. From there, theories like Fibonacci’s sequence and many others arised. You might also recall the study of patterns from Alan Turing, the mathematician who uncovered the code of Germans in WW2 who was featured in the movie “The Imitation Game”. Simply, a pattern is a repeated design or model.

The Evolution of Patterns

As our desire of self expression evolved, art progressed. And patterns became an essential part of decorating spaces. At first, designers derived their inspiration from nature. Consequently, designs like floral patterns, leaves, animal patterns, and so on flooded interiors. Surely, we can’t oversee the Victorian patterns that ruled interiors for decades and still are. That’s simply because patterns, like anything in design are a trend. It’s true that “ Everything is old is new again”.

So, if you are contemplating spicing up your spaces with some mosaic patterns, the time is now. And we are here to show you the old, the new, and the forever luxurious mosaic patterns to choose from.

1. The Classic “Sea Shades” Mosaic Pattern

Waves are classic nautical mosaic patterns. They will never die. Not only because of their beauty, but also because they are one of the most fascinating patterns ever known to man. We are always amazed by the mysteries of the oceans and the power it beholds. Hence, it is always a great idea to add such mosaic patterns to our interiors to remind us of the power we hold within. Also, this mosaic pattern is so simple that it goes with any interior style.

2. Cymbidium Flowers Mosaic Pattern

Nature is still the main inspiration when it comes to patterns. It will always add a refreshing touch to your interiors. This floral mosaic pattern can be added as a mosaic mural as shown below. For any corner in your room, especially minimal ones, a floral pattern will liven up the space with an immortal natural feel.

3. Roman Floral Astract Mosaic

This petal mosaic pattern will create your own small jungle in the comfort of your own home. Our Roman Floral mosaic pattern is perfect as a durable, elegant, and reviving wall art. Say goodbye to those wallpapers that you need to change every now and then. Now, you can welcome nature in your bathrooms and kitchens as well with this artwork as a mosaic backsplash.

4. Circular Arabesque Flower Pattern

As you can tell by now, nature is still dominating the world of interior designs. This floral mosaic rug comes with a twist. It combines natural elements with those of classic arabesque patterns to create a mosaic rug that will steal the show. Imagine this as a centerpiece instead of some mundane tiles in your entryway.

5. “The Spiral” Mosaic Pattern

Remember when we talked about Fibonacci’s sequence and the perfect spiral pattern? This mosaic pattern is inspired by exactly that. It displays a mesmerizing optical illusion that will always make you scratch your head about the secrets of the universe. Similar to the pattern of the galaxy we exist in, The Spiral will always represent your own universe hanging on your walls or simply displayed as a mosaic floor insert.

6. Stella – Geometric Mosaic Pattern

Flowers (again) clash with geometry to give birth to this intricate pattern. With a splash of refreshing colors and details, mosaic patterns like this one will never fail to amaze. Besides, you can adjust this custom mosaic to suit the colors of your liking. This way it will be the exact artwork you need to complete the look in your living room or any space really.

7. Rectangular Spiral Mosaic Pattern

The perfect maze doesn’t exist? Wrong! This spiral is one that you will never get bored of. With endless combinations of sizes, colors, and patterns, it will forever capture the essence of life within it’s lines. There’s nothing better than an artwork that makes you wonder.

8. Samara – Abstract Geometric Mosaic

Often, we need a simple touch to grace our spaces and maintain a relaxing mood. Samara is here for you. Inspired by lotus flowers and geometrical symmetry, it will always add elegance to your surroundings.

9. Lallana – Floral Mosaic Patterns

If you are into complex and eclectic designs, Lallana is definitely created for you. This mosaic pattern will add a touch of life to your spaces. Keep in mind, it is a classic that we‘ve always seen in palaces and castles. It is fit for royalty, and now you can enjoy the beauty of such design that harbors Victorian elements within it.

10. Stellar – Abstract Floral Pattern

We decided to end our list with an eccentric pattern that displays a clash between celestial and floral elements. Such mosaic patterns are a tribute to the point where all patterns started: nature. With royal colors, and a harmonious combination of patterns like checkers, sun rays, and floral elements, this one is the epitome of royalty.

There’s nothing more beautiful than appreciating the beauty all around us. The evolution of patterns, as we stated, evolved with us and our understanding of the natural elements around us. Hence, it is safe to say that mosaic patterns are a great way to decorate our interiors with. So, why not surround ourselves with the marvelous mysteries of the universe and the secrets they harbor. Let alone the elegance these patterns will add to one’s style.

Which one of these mosaic patterns is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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