Mosaic Art Tales From Morocco

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As I already stated in a previous article, Morocco is a country with rich mosaic art and culture.

There are cities that look great in every tourist photos, and there are cities so beautiful that no photo, no matter how skillfully taken, can make them justice. Morocco is definitely one of those magical cities! Visiting this country you soon find yourself fascinated by the arabesque history, the shocking architecture and perceive the greatest and most impressive collection of tile art in the world.

Today’s article examines the significance of tile art as one of the most inspiring art forms in Morocco and contemplating its evolution throughout the country.

Morocco and contemplating

Speckle Of Morocco’s Mosaic Tile Art

This art form tells the stories about the history, religion, and culture of Morocco.

The impressive tile art of Morocco includes a wide variety of facets of both the practical, as well as spiritual. They use geometric mosaics that are mostly used in Moroccan architecture. To simply put it, Zellij is identified by a star-like pattern which is used to form squares. Usually, the stars come in a mix of colors. Lately, researchers not just of art but such diverse fields as mathematics, engineering, and computer science have begun to scrutinize the intricate patterns and designs of zellij.


mosaic art

Zellige Tile Art Of Morocco

Zeillige is a popular art form of art and has been in around in Morocco for centuries. Zellige tiles were once used to decorate fountains and certain areas of a home as a symbol of royalty and power. The art has been transferred from generation to the other and was first recorded as far back the 10th century.

mosaic art

Narrowing Morocco’s plethora

Must Visit in Morocco:

Morocco is another exceptional mosaic landmark which has been officially recognized as one of the most outstanding countries of tile art in Africa. Narrowing Morocco’s plethora of incredible tile art destinations is difficult, but Chefchaouen, Marrakesh, Fes, and Meknes are famous for their colorful mosaic art and architecture.

Last but not least, it’s absolutely incredible how prosperous for mosaic art and tile art enthusiasts Morocco is!

enriched with tile art and mosaics

mosaic art

Have you ever been to Morocco? In one word, how would you describe this city? Share your thoughts with us about let us know if you have visited other cities enriched with tile art and mosaics!

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