Mosaic Art That Look Like the Happiest Place on Earth

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Five Mosaics of Five Different Cities in Europe

Robert Henri once said that the object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable. By perusing this I felt the need to embark one more time on a journey of wonders, a journey through mosaic art. This craft, which never fails to inspire us, where it also offers us an opportunity to dive through the creative process of tiles.

This three-dimensional medium has been around for centuries. In fact, the oldest known mosaics come from the 8th century BC, and they were made of pebbles. Historians estimate that the oldest depictions were implemented by Greek designers in the late 11th century. Conversely the common designs were works of locals in the 12th–13th centuries. Normally, mosaics from different epochs and regions have recognizable distinctiveness, and these designs are often conceptually created. Numerous mosaics for instance, have been created to pay tribute or memorialize a certain epoch, god, or place. Some mosaics, on the other hand, may simply be created as a form of the artist’s creative expression. This article will walk you through 5 of the most beautiful mosaics that look like the happiest place of five different cities in Europe:

Santorini, Greece

What better way to start an A to Z list of happiness than with the island of the southern Aegean Sea? Santorini, one of the most popular and fascinating Islands of Greece. This great glamour, gleefully flaunts its sizzling active volcano and stunning sunsets scenery. A monumentally sized mosaic art illustrating with pastel tiles the antiquity and myth of the Lost Atlantis in dazzling detail, using the finest colored mosaic glass tiles. Where we also witness a modern momentum in the dappled nuances of color on a homologous horizon where the sky greets the sea.

Copyrighted Credits to www.artmonument.ru

Santorini mosaic art

Central London, England

Central London the innermost part of London, another recurring and predictable city from previous articles, has risen to second place – this time into the white! London, The City of Dreams has witnessed various mosaic discoveries. This mosaic art is made with smalti glass, outlining the charm and wonder of the snow, and yet influencing its harsh side. Contrasting colors in this mosaic art are not only providing a more interesting perspective, but also drawing our attention to a snow whispering landscape, covered with sparkly titanium-light tiles.


Copyrighted Credits to www.showcasemosaics.com

Venice, Italy

No list of glamour European cities would be complete without the city of love – Venice! This fascinating vision of Venice, Italy shows the Grand Canal where the narrow water thoroughfare with gondolas moving between the striking old waterfront houses. Mosaics of oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds can be beautiful, but managing to get the water and reflections, purely realistic like actual water can be a spectacular yet challenging triumph.

Copyrighted Credits to www.mozaico.com

Venice, Italy Mosaic Art

Paris, France

According to the international research into quality of life, Paris has dropped down the league, falling 10 places to 37th, just ahead of London at 39th. Since glamour is subjective and differs from a person to person or society, the city of lights – Paris, will always gain nods for its wide, and iconic structures. A mosaic art made using natural marble stones, depicts not only the spell of the city but also the motion.The flamboyant impression of this artwork, brings a taste of Paris to movement with phenomenal hot air balloons.

Copyrighted Credits to www.mozaico.com

France, Paris Mosaic Art

Province of Friesland, The Netherlands

Finally, The Netherlands could not be passed over. If Santorini is known for its stunning sunsets scenery, The Netherlands is the exact opposite known for its artificial dwelling hills as a defense against the sea In the Dutch of Friesland. This impressionistic mosaic reminds us of the of the figure Dutch Landscapes of Vincent Van Gogh. Like wheat fields, the artist has visited the subject of Cypress and Olive trees to illustrate the different cycles of life, along the way the journey to harvest.

Copyrighted Credits to www.showcasemosaics.com

Province of Friesland, The Netherlands Mosaic Art

Sequencing studies has recently correlated the state of happiness with the low expectation process:

By having low expectations, one is rarely disappointed. This theory has become widely known and properly practiced among people of all faiths, humanists, agnostics and even atheists.

Last but not least, in my opinion there are 4 distinctive kinds of happiness: The pleasure, the desire, the perspective, and the Meaningful Life. The first two are the facade for each individual. Nevertheless the third and fourth create an objective reasoning, walking through a worthwhile path. To top it off, authentic happiness is the life that satisfies all the four terms of happiness.

What Influences Your Happiness the Most? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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