Creative gift ideas for Mother's Day

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As mother’s day is here, we thought we’d season your imagination with some stellar gift ideas that are bound to leave their mark.

There’s nothing that says I love you better than a mosaic installation that will last a lifetime.

Here are some gift ideas to answer to the many different types of moms there are.

Career-oriented mom


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“Spoil me with loyalty – I can finance myself”

If your mom has a rocking CV that cannot be matched, after spending a lifetime championing the multi-tasking skills and abilities that are prerequisite to being a full-time parent alongside a full-time careerist – two undeniably demanding occupations – then praise to her success.

The tables are turning and now it’s your turn to give back to the prime motivator and driving force in your life. Here are some thoughtful items to consider for your boss of all bosses aka mother dearest.

Wine mom


“Age and glasses of wine should never be counted.”

A soothing glass of wine will always do its part to smooth out the edges at the end of a long day. If your mom is a connoisseur of fine tastes and enjoys indulging in the merriment that comes with a few sips or many of quality vino, speak to her heart with some of these picks. Clang, clang.


She’s done her part in carrying the world on her shoulders to see it through that you become strong enough to win your daily bread, and now it’s your turn to let the good times flow…with a flowing mosaic.

Cooking mom


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“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Dining well feeds directly into enjoying a wholesome lifestyle. Your mom has spent countless hours with cooking hat on to make doubly sure you have a hot meal on the table when the sun begins to sink into the ocean.

wholesome lifestyle

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Now that you’ve grown up, maybe just a little, it’s time for some role reversal. These items should serve to sate the appetite for style and good taste, in equal helpings. After all, cooking is an art form to begin with.


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You may want to consider these smaller and more affordable items


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$159 only!

Stylish mom


“Fashion fades, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

Being fashionable is about being observant and picky, while also staying up to speed with the going fashion trends as they change like the weather, by the season. Your mom has lived through the generations, and seen so many fads come and go, so she might not be easily impressed. There are no rules when it comes to being fashionable but that just makes it even more fun to break the rules. Feed into her inspiration and credit as a fashionista with these decorative additions.


Social media / online mom


“We’ve heard a lot about the internet of things – I think we need an internet of women.” – Christiane Lagarde

We live in a time where everybody lives a double life, switching faces between online avatars across countless platforms and our true-life reflections in the mirror. If your mom has learned the ropes of what it takes to thrive in an online world as the infectious internet gets more connected and omnipresent by the second, then you as her sworn in and lifetime community manager owe it to her to boost her presence on the world wide web. Here are some thematic items to compliment her image as your lifetime influencer, to whom you will always be a follower, and not only like, but love.

Mother’s day is a celebration of creation and a show of unconditional love and appreciation, the core elements of good mothering.

We hope these mosaics serve to give back to the woman in your life who deserves the most.

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