Natural Elements: Warm Up Your Space This Winter

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Natural Elements: Warm Up Your Space This Winter

Cover Photo: Ronald van der Hilst

Without a clear plan in mind, warming up your own apartment could be a demoralizing task. You have a lot of factors to consider and a lot of questions to ask.

Read on and find out how you can take into consideration the ambiance, your comfort, and overall warmth of the space so you can create a cozier environment without even turning up the heat or starting a fire in the fireplace!


Blend Natural Colors with Warm Tones

One advantage of having to warm up your space in winter is that you will enjoy blending natural stone colors with warm tones of metal and fabric! The color palette you decide to incorporate into your space can affect your temper, so choose wisely. If you want to feel energized and fired up, pick a warm earth-tone color palette that will instantly warm up space.


Wood burning stove

Make Impact with Terrific Texture

Since you would likely spend more time indoors, you need to ensure that you’re comfortable in it. To achieve this, you should first pick out a terrific texture. Think about squishing soft carpet between your toes, running your hand along a rough wooden tabletop, or sinking down into a stone mosaic artwork. While texture might be a sustaining role to the purpose of your space, it is no less essential to décor success!



Personalize Your Space

Grab the chance to fill your space with sentimental objects! Make it unique by letting it reflect your personality. Put up frames of your family’s photos or include other objects that inspire you. You can also hang paintings or artworks that can brighten up your day.

Even your home accessories do not have to be confined to what you usually see in supply stores. Feel free to use a cute mug, personalized sticky notes, or a creatively designed basket!


Sort out Your Space Wisely

Unless you’re a millionaire with plenty of space to spare in your home, you’d likely have a limited area. As such, do your best to organize papers and tools efficiently. Rifling through clutter will take unnecessary time when you’re trying to look for a certain file that you need immediately.


Let There Be (Natural)Light

Natural lighting is the best kind of light, so consider setting up your coziest sofa closer to the window. Also, being close to a window gives you a chance to have a scenic view of winter! If you’re working with a computer, remember to position it properly so that the glare from the window won’t bother you.


Decorate with Natural Elements

Using nature-inspired items, like stone mosaic art with warm hues and unreliable textures helps form a sense of cozy warmth! You can also think of dried flower, or simply add botanical patterns, wood figurines or other natural elements!


Want to warm up your home this winter? Remember that even though your space has to be practical, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice the aesthetics.

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