Rodin Museum: Changing the Way Museums Educate Their Visitors

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It’s the 21st century, and digital rules the world. Adhering to the ever-changing trends of consumers, Rodin Museum has decided to ride the digital wave and change the way people visit museums.

Starting this month (June, 2016), Rodin Museum, which is home to thousands of art pieces, will offer their guests a chance to experience its galleries in a completely new way – viewing art via an iPad app. It’s basically like a treasure hunt where guests are given a smart-gadget that they can use to interact with the art pieces.


The concept was inspired by a popular book entitled “A is for Art Museum,” which was published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s an Art book where each illustrated letter comes with works from the museum’s collection. The app uses a similar model where visitors can use the app as both a game and a museum guide. Using the app allows users to pull a map of the museum that directs guests to all the painting and sculptures within the establishment.

The app uses iBeacon, which is quite similar to how Google marks locations on a map. When a blue dot appears, users can click on it and it will show them where they can find the next destination or unlock another letter.

Once guests arrive at a letter corresponding to a museum’s work, the app features a background story of the art and suggests interactive ways that they can engage with the art, such as taking a selfie with it and uploading it on social media. Information about the artwork can be presented in the form of an audio clip, video, or a text post.

“Artworks that are no longer silent” are some of the most recent things that technology has developed. And it seems to be working, since curious guests who want to experience what it’s like to interact with old things using smart gadgets are visiting the museum.

The juxtaposition between old and new seems to be an ongoing trend with technology, as other forms of digital platforms are utilizing it to expand their reach.

Tech giant Gaming Realms, for one, has created Da Vinci Diamonds, which is a themed game hosted on the popular digital casino Pocket Fruity among its wide range of traditional table games as well as historical-themed slot games. The Da Vinci Diamonds game revolves around Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci with the mechanics of a modern slot machine. And while the game is controlled using only one button, its graphics and animation make the game more engaging and suited for the current technology that entertainment platforms offer today. The app used for playing the “treasure hunt” game in the Rodin Museum uses the same mechanics, which effectively make the museum experience unique and entertaining while at the same time educating visitors.

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