Scandinavian Design - Get the Look!

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Get ready to feel the hyggeliger! Scandinavian style is always influential – clean, simple, and minimal. With the popularity of MCM home furnishings, we’re more interested than ever in the look. We’re going to check out the latest trends and colors directly from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden – with some ideas on how new mosaic art can fit beautifully in this design aesthetic.

Image source Hackrea

Natural Textures

One of the key elements of Scandi style is natural textures. Wood floors, fabrics like nubby wools and cottons, and leather furniture invite touch. This living room is a perfect example – with plastered walls, wood floors, handmade pottery, and a soft woven rug.

Image source Jotun

This room utilizes a different colorway but has the same focus on natural materials. Take a particular note of the carefully chosen wall art here. The retro look of vintage abstract designs pulls all the colors together, and mirrors the smooth lines of the furniture.

intage abstract designs
Image source Italianbark

If you’re loving the look, but not sure how you can incorporate big fuzzy rugs into a home that includes kids, pets, and a lot of activity, we have some great options! Did you know that our mosaic designs are also fantastic on the floor? They’re not only slip-resistant – they’re easy to care for! And – we can customize them to any size or shape!

We suggest a design like our Golden Path mosaic art. Made of marble, it adds the same interesting look, with an unexpected element of subtle shine. The abstracted pattern flows smoothly – just like the feeling of calm in Scandinavian.

Plants and Greenery

You’ll love this next component of the latest in Scandinavian design. In a part of the world where sunlight is highly valued, a love for all sorts of plants is – wait for it – natural! Seriously, though – big, green plants are incredibly popular in Nordic homes. Here, the minimalist furniture is bookended by an array of tropical foliage. The look is extended to the walls, where a trio of plant prints keeps the look going.

Image source Hackrea

Different space, same green accents below. A fig tree is poised to take over the sunny corner, while carefully chosen accessories like pillows and lamps harmonize.

pillows and lamps
Image source Elledecor

We know green thumbs aren’t present in every home – and some rooms aren’t the best for nurturing those gorgeous leaves. Bathrooms, hallways – even kitchens can be a little dark and gloomy. So, how do you support your love of this Scandi style look?

Fill in your walls with the kind of fade-resistant, durable plant life that will flourish in the darkest corners! A mosaic wall art design like this Floral Bushes can go anywhere. Imagine it on a shower wall, framed over a fireplace, or as a kitchen backsplash.

Wood Grain Everywhere

On the walls, on the floors, on cabinets, in the furniture – you’re seeing a lot of gorgeous, unpainted wood in our featured spaces! This is a traditional Scandinavian design element, and it’s not going anywhere. Wood accents are appealing to all of us.

Try to identify all the wood types in this room, and you’ll stay busy for a while. It’s a quintessential Nordic look, with traditional painted wood trim, furniture that looks hand-hewn, and the look of gorgeous exotic wood veneer on the wall.

Image source Livingetc

One of the favorite woods in use is Birch. Light, neutral, and fresh, it’s a classic for Scandinavian interiors. This cozy cabin is filled to the top with this popular choice. From ceiling to floor, it’s key to the look.

The look even extends to the bathroom:


Here in the States, it’s not as easy to go all-wood. Some parts of your home just aren’t compatible. Fireplace heat, bathroom humidity, and a need for frequent cleaning can rule out this kind of look in certain areas – or can it?

Actually, no – mosaic tile is the solution! Don’t rely on wallpaper or other methods to try and mimic the feeling of natural wood – mosaic wall art can go anywhere.

The Birch Tree mosaic work art features Norway’s iconic tree, with beautiful, touchable textures. Ever wanted to shower in a forest? Use this mosaic design to line the walls in your bathroom!

Accent any woods with our Spectacular Tree stone mosaic art. This hand-crafted piece is designed to work with all sorts of wood grains and textures – with the look and feel of actual bark.

Soft, But Not Boring Colors

Every year, Norwegian paint company Jotun releases their new color palettes. Looking for the direction that Scandi design is headed for 2022? We’ve got you covered! Here’s the complete set from their highly influential design team.

Image Source Jotun

As you can see, the trend is toward soft, but not necessarily neutral shades. This may be a bit of an eye-opener for those of you who think this style is rather monochromatic. Actually, it jives very well with many interiors – they’ve just dialed the color volume down several notches.

This cozy bedroom is washed with green, sprinkled with some bold geometric and leafy accents, and an easy look to try at your own home. Pile on the textures, wash your walls with lightly tinted cool colors, and choose your wall art carefully. You want something that will pop a bit against those dreamy shades!

cozy bedroom
Image source Hackrea

How about this Scandinavian-inspired bathroom look? It’s a big, breezy space that sticks with a limited palette of taupes and blues. Soft, natural woods and creamy marbles are part of a mix that looks utterly fresh. The right mix of textures is very important here.

natural woods
Image source TheSpruce

We have some great suggestions on how to achieve this look in your own home. First, try out our amazing My Mosaic Finder to find the right mosaic wall art. Simply choose the color scheme, like the one in the super green bedroom we showed you, and let our search engine practically read your mind. It’s likely to share some suggestions like this glass mosaic wall art.

Looking for a mosaic floor choice that will help you get that funky geometric floor Pattern? Start with something like our Anastasia marble mosaic rug design.

Were you pleasantly surprised by the new takes on Scandinavian style?

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