Spa Bathroom Ideas To Try Now

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Spa Bathroom Ideas To Try Now

Need a spa day? Turning your bathroom into a private retreat is within your reach. A day spa atmosphere at your home is possible when you include your favorite relaxing features from your favorite getaway. When COVID cut back on our spa visits, we learned that creating our own special experiences was the way to keep pampering ourselves. Thus, a hot new trend was born: The Spathroom.

Just ahead: Eight great ideas and inspirations for transforming your bathroom into the best getaway ever.


One of the easiest upgrades to your bathroom is a new showerhead. No plumbing skills required! By installing a new, luxurious model, your time bathing can become a big, powerful rain shower – or multi-level massage experience.

Image source VictorianPlumbingCo

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with the next innovation in shower bliss. In one shopping trip, you may find models with LED mood lighting, customizable spray patterns, and improved water coverage.

Image source HGTV

You might find that dual shower heads are the perfect way to enjoy your showers – a feature often found in luxury resorts. Why not try it at home?


Natural green leaves and lush plants can take a bathroom from “blah” to “aaah” in an afternoon. Don’t be afraid to let the greenery run loose in your getaway zone. Today’s huge variety of houseplants makes it easy to find varieties for your existing light. Species such as Sanseveria and Pothos vines work well in even low-light situations.

Image source Pinterest

Meanwhile, your wall and floor decor can help create or enhance your urban jungle. No windows? No problem! In a room like below, it’s always a gorgeous flowery spring that accompanies a soothing soak.


Image Source: Mozaico 


A key part of the spa experience the totally curated environment. Every detail is selected to enhance the ambiance and theme. It’s something that we can overlook when decorating our own bathrooms. The right art can set the mood and become a focal point. Mosaic art, in particular, is a way to add a completely new look to a bathroom.

Image Source: Mozaico 

The heat and humidity of bathrooms, combined with water splashes, can limit art choices. However, the durability and water resistance of mosaic wall art and rugs make them perfect for this environment.

Used on backsplashes, whole shower walls, on the floor, and more, mosaic art is both practical and utterly transformative.


Aromatherapy and fragrance have become a standard part of spa visits and treatments. It’s also quite easy to implement into your bath routine at home.

Image source Pinterest

Lighting a carefully-chosen candle, using diffusers, or indulging in a special essential oil blend in the bath can transport you into a happy mood. Scents like lavender and sandalwood can help you drift off to sleep, citrus scents like grapefruit and lime can lift your mood, and pine and eucalyptus are zesty and promote easier breathing.

It’s also easy to utilize scents in your shower. After lightly spraying the walls with cold water, flick a few droplets of essential oil on the tiles. Turn up the water to build up steam, and you’re ready to face the day in a fragrant cloud!


If renovation is in your future, consider installing one oversized spa shower, instead of a tub. These double showers are built for two, and their glass enclosures don’t block out any valuable light.

Image source TheSpruce

They’re also great time-savers, allowing two people to use showers on busy mornings. With a full array of shower sprays, plenty of room, and a feeling of spaciousness, they certainly invoke the feeling of a stay at a luxury spa resort.

Image source HomeBNC

Furthermore, the glass walls allow for beautiful mosaic wall art and tilework to go on display. They easily become a beautiful accent in a bathroom.


Part of the modern spa experience can include stylish mixes of materials, textures, and colors. From Santa Fe to San Francisco – Morocco to Marrakech, resort getaways combine pampering with eye candy. The bathroom below is a great example. Using industrial-style paned doors with floral walls and geometric floor tiles is an fresh look.

Image source TheSpruce

An eclectic blend of mosaic tiles is another way to mix it up in bathrooms. The floor-to-ceiling tile treatment is low maintenance and utterly charming.

Image source Mozaico


Getaway spa destinations are usually awash in natural light. At home, keep boosting your serotonin levels with a well-lit spa bathroom. Placing your tub next to windows immediately elevates a good soak into therapeutic bliss.


The glass bricks shown below are one way to keep it sunny without worrying about privacy. Similarly, keep the peaceful, airy vibe intact with light gauzy curtains, or by adding light-diffusing film to your windows.

Mozaico Image

If you’re blessed with good windows and natural light in your bathroom, look for wall art that will dance in the rays. Glass mosaic wall art is a wonderful partner for sunbeams. Just like the art that’s so thoughtfully positioned in spas, you can rest your eyes upon it and drift away in relaxation.


The best way to extend your serene visit to your home spa? Keep it low-maintenance. There are a few ways to keep your personal oasis sleek and lovely – with minimal effort.

Image source Pinterest

Ensure you have places to tuck away items when they’re not in use. When you’re setting up your bathroom, take a little extra time to create organizers for smaller items, and homes for towels and other necessities.

Mozaico Image

Also important: Choose materials that won’t require extra care. Mosaic tile art, for example, is fantastic for bathroom floors, because it’s slip-resistant and easy to clean. Choosing decor that’s attractive, ornamental, and durable will save a lot of time in the long run – giving you more time for pampering.

Ready to hit the Zen Zone? Try out our tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a whole new world of spa-like serenity in your “Spathroom”. Keep up with all kinds of inspiring decorating ideas and mosaic art news by subscribing to our newsletter!

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