The Beautiful Mosaic Pieces of the Odorico Brothers

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The Odorico brothers are responsible for creating the Odorico Company, one of the most prominent mosaic-making firms throughout all of Rennes, France, where they first got their start in the 1800s. The company quickly grew to create some of the most stunning mosaic pieces of art that were displayed all throughout Europe. Through humble beginnings, the Odorico brothers started their mosaic-making firm after leaving their Friuli region and venturing toward Rennes.

We’ve compiled some of the most beautiful mosaic pieces of the Odorico brothers that are still highly coveted for their gorgeous colors, intricate designs and long-lasting craftsmanship that only an Odorico mosaic could sustain. You can still find these pieces of art all throughout Europe and many of these pieces have been depicted in museums and books hailing the Odoricos and all of their gorgeous designs.

  1. Italian Mosaic Wall

mosaic pieces

Image from thelocal

These Italian mosaic walls can be found all throughout the region of Rennes, France, and all throughout Europe. The Odorico brothers were known for their craftsmanship and careful, skillful detail that made their works of art pieces that were highly coveted. This wall, for example, took incredible care to make sure each detail was accented and placed perfectly, standing the test of time and weathering of the elements. A true Odorico was valued due to its gorgeous art and incredible value.

  1. Mosaic found in St. George’s Swimming Pool in Rennes, France

mosaic pieces

Image from: wikimedia

This gorgeous mosaic can be found at the swimming pool of St. George in Rennes, France. A gorgeous Odorico piece, the craftsmanship that went into this piece is absolutely gorgeous. The color scheme used here is full or gorgeous brown and maroon undertones, only becoming more vibrant by these elegant mustard tones and light blue pops. This is a sort of flower burst that is iconic when it comes to the mosaics found all throughout western France by the famous Odorico brothers.

  1. Mosaic Circles


Mosaic Circles

Image from: unidivers

This gorgeous mosaic circle loop in and out of each other in vibrant colors and carefully selected tiles that is iconic of an Odorico mosaic. This particular design is a mosaic scape that was carefully arranged to suit a floor and creep into a wall in an ancient building found in western France. This is one of the most vibrant of the Odorico designs, as all the blues, yellows and red sweep carelessly, yet tactfully, in and out of shapes that linger in the imagination.

  1. Mosaic Sun Burst

Mosaic Sun Burst

Image from: culturebox

This mosaic sun burst can be found around the same location as the gorgeous mosaic colored circles we saw in the last image. This sunburst is as gorgeous as the afternoon burning sun, with color wafts crawling outward in green, blue and white. This is a gorgeous mosaic by the Odorico brothers that captures the serenity and beauty of nature all within the same mosaic piece. The intricate color of the sun shape also makes the eye follow its bold colors outward, following every tactful wave of color.

  1. Art Deco Mosaics

Art Deco Mosaics

Image from: peintresdeco

The Odorico brothers were iconic in making their mosaics part of the art deco movement all throughout Western Europe. In this colorful mosaic piece, these symbols are brought to life by their vivid, brilliant colors and carefully calculated shapes. Each piece of this mosaic is carefully interwoven into the next, creating this gorgeous ad bold work of art you see before you. It’s no secret why the works by the Odorico brothers would be worth so much notoriety – they are simply stunning to look at.

  1. Odorico Bathroom Mosaic Wall

Odorico Mosaic in France

Image from: unidivers

This incredibly gorgeous bathroom mosaic work of art fills this wall space and paints a pretty picture in the process. Using a more bold colors cape in these designs, this work of art is plastered in bold reds, maroons and deep, deep black tiles. This is a gorgeous work of art that instantly makes this bathroom a room to behold. The intricate symbols throughout this piece were growing in popularity through Western Europe and became incorporated in many Odorico works of mosaic art.

  1. Odorico Mosaic in France

mosaic pieces

Image from: dailystar

This is one of the many works by the Odorico brother found in western France. This particular work of art is blasted in brilliant blues and more neutral tones like taupe and light brown. This may not be one of the flashier works of art by the Odorico brothers, but it’s equally as impressive as the other pieces of mosaic are we’ve seen within this article due to its fine layout and careful construction. Tourists travel hundreds of miles just to see some of these wonderful, historical pieces in Rennes, France.

As you can see for yourself, many of these works of art by the Odorico brothers are considered timeless works that will be sought after and respected for centuries to come. There reason for all this lies within the intricate design and brilliant colors used by these humble brothers that made their start from almost nothing. Little did they know that their works of passion would soon be found all across Rennes, France, then all the way across Western Europe due to the fine art and brilliant, careful designs.

Have you ever visited a mosaic piece of art by the Odorico brothers? If you’ve been so lucky to travel to these regions of western France, odds are, you have either seen some of these pieces in person or were recommended by locals to go and visit. They are iconic for a very good reason and the fact these works of art have stood the test of time is almost unfathomable. These are clearly pieces that should be well preserved, but they won’t last forever. If you have the opportunity to read more about this gorgeous mosaics, do yourself the favor and check them out. For those who are familiar with the works by Odorico, let us know in the comments which once are your favorites!

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