The Best and Most Personal Father’s Day Mosaic Gifts - A Wish List

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If your Dad is one-of-a-kind, and you want to celebrate his special interests, skills, and just general amazingness this Father’s Day – check out the ideas we’ve put together. It’s time to step away from that BBQ grill, walk on by the power tools, and instead think about getting him something that will give him enjoyment for years to come.

These are no one-size-fits-all gifts. Read on to find the type of Dad you have, and then decide which of our hand-picked designs will make him smile the most. Anyone can head to the hardware store – but a piece of mosaic wall art will make this year one to remember. And remember – tile art can be used almost anywhere, indoors and out.

History-Loving Dads

If you have the type of father who is always wandering off to read the inscriptions on markers, prefers the History Channel to HBO, and likes to include museums on all his travels, you’re looking at a history buff, no doubt. But the type of history he loves is also important.

Capture the Castle

Does he secretly wish he was back in Medieval times? Does he love a good Renaissance Faire? Set him up with some good heraldic imagery.

This hodorov unicorn mosaic art has some interesting background. The original was a 16th-century painting from the Hodorov Synagogue in Poland.

A similar motif is shown on the UK Coat of Arms. The lion represents England and the Unicorn, Scotland. It’s also a great way to celebrate his family tree if he has ancestors from that area.

This portrait of a knight and horse who are caught in mid-stride is perfect for the dad who not only loves a good movie with castles and royal intrigue, but who is everyone’s hero.

If you’re shopping for a husband who has always been your knight in shining armor, this is a great choice. It’s obvious that the particular rider in this piece is a winner!

Wild West

Maybe your father is a fan of old Westerns and would like nothing better than a vacation on a working cattle ranch. He’s really looking forward to the Deadwood movie that’s coming out, and he would wear his cowboy boots to work if he could. Take him back to the 19th century in the American West, with some mosaic wall art to deck out his bunkhouse – er, home.

This handsome Mustang White Horse Mosaic Mural looks wildly impressive as a backsplash in a kitchen.

Maybe your Dad feels a like he’s still a bit of an untamed spirit? Celebrate it with this gorgeous steed!

This Arizona Sunset Mosaic Art is a stunning piece that will turn any wall into a sunset vista. It’s available in several sizes and would look perfect on a garden wall, too.

The fine details make you think you’re hearing thundering hooves in the distance, don’t they?

Or, maybe the Dad on your list would like to have a piece of mosaic art that is personalized. Here’s a custom horseshoe design mosaic that can be customized with a name or message.

Outdoorsy Dads

Some dads are always outdoors. You might be lucky enough to have an avid sportsman or naturalist in your life. The wonderful thing about mosaic designs is that they can be displayed indoors, where they can go virtually anywhere from floor to ceiling – and also outdoors, where your father is enjoying the fresh air at his home. What kind of activities does your favorite Father’s Day honoree enjoy? No matter what they are, you can find an extraordinary piece to celebrate them.

Hunting and Fishing

Saltwater, rivers, woods or mountains – where does he roam? Here are just a few ideas for his viewing pleasure.

The lively Sword fish mosaic art would make anyone happy with their catch. For ocean fishermen, this would look great on a shower or bath wall.

It also takes up much, much less space than one of those mounted taxidermy versions!

If he’s all about his annual deer hunting expeditions, the Whitetail buck in this vertically oriented Marble Mosaic Mural Deer piece will prick up his ears.

The layout used for this image looks great in an entryway by a front door.

Arena Seating

If your dad prefers to watch his sporting events from the bleachers, a customized design is a cool surprise. No matter what the team, Mozaico can set him up with a piece of mosaic art that shows any message, name, or symbol.

The Dallas Cowboys are always on the field, in this Custom Football Mosaic

Surf’s Up

Surfer dads will totally dig this incredible surfboard mosaic artwork, which can be ordered in sizes that are almost life-sized. How amazing would this be on a floor, or outside on a pool-house wall?

Seriously, someone needs to turn on the surf music and sweep up the sand! His surfing buddies will be completely jealous of this one. Amazing, right?

Pair that surfboard up with some perfect waves mosaic design on the wall for a complete look. He’ll never feel blue about missing the beach when the weather’s not cooperating.

Sailing Away

Sailor dads will benefit from the variety of nautical motifs we offer. It’s so easy to customize them with the colors and other distinguishing features of a favorite mosaic boat. Other popular designs for an interior that refers back to life on the water can be made up in colors to match, too.

 mosaic art

A nautical compass mosaic medallion is a traditionally elegant way to refer to his favorite pastime. This style would be superb as a table.

From modest end tables to a dining table for 6, we have the mosaic designs’ sizes to make your dream furniture piece happen!

Or, perhaps this Anchor Nautical Mosaic , prominently displayed on a wall, or over a sink.

Either of them would look great paired up with this anchor mosaic design:

The colors blend beautifully together and also look great with other blue and white decor. You might want to start a collection for your favorite father! How about a trail of stepping stones?

Culinary Chops

Does your dad delight in dishing out the delectable? Does he make his own pasta? Are his baked goods better than the best? No matter what his favorite cuisine, you can choose from a great array of mosaic kitchen backsplash art to dress up the kitchen backsplashes, tabletops, or out by the grill area.

Cook’s Choice

This Fornello mosaic design is up to something big. Pizza? We don’t know, but we’re willing to bet that your dad would love to see them in his kitchen on Father’s Day.

If he does harbor secret wishes about becoming a professional chef, you might want to add some of the striped pants and a chef’s hat to his gift package.

The retro style of this custom mosaic logo would be great in any guy’s kitchen.

Add some black and white tile, a few vintage accents, and this will make his kitchen the hotspot for years to come!

The crisp graphics of this repeating kitchen utensils mosaic design is stunning. Wouldn’t it be an amazing backdrop or framed piece in his cooking domain?

How about on a center work island? The design is very versatile.

La Dolce Vita

If your dad is more about enjoying food and drink, there are some wonderful pieces of mosaic wall art that celebrate all that is good in life. Beverages of all types and tempting delicacies make for images that will look wonderful in the kitchen, bar, game room, or patio.

A fine cigar just plucked from the box, and a glass of red wine are depicted in this tableau. It makes for a handsome Vino Rosso Mosaic Art on a patio smoking area.

The rich details make one feel like they are sitting right there at the table. It would be a nice touch to add a bottle of vino to this gift.

The incredible image shown here looks like it could spray anyone nearby with icy droplets, but it’s another one of our fine pixels mosaic art images. The boldness of this graphic could easily make it the centerpiece of any room.

For an extra-special Father’s Day gift, it’s a literal head-turner.

We hope you’ve gotten some great ideas for the lucky Dad in your life. Mosaic wall art is a unique and highly customizable way to add incredible decor to your home and garden. Please visit our Mozaico website for even more inspiration from our extensive catalog!

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