The Coolest Lamp Shades That Include Mosaic Art

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For centuries, mosaic art has been considered one of the most beautiful forms of art, dating back to the early Roman days, when tiles were used to decorate baths and villas. Only the rich and wealthy were able to enjoy these mosaic art pieces, which have long stood as proof of the rich history of several civilizations. Today, mosaic art can easily find its way into every home, whether it’s in the form of a DIY project, or purchased as part of a decorative item.

In our path to discover more about the beauty of mosaics, we came across some delicate, bold, and exquisite mosaic lamp shades. When carefully combined with the already-existing elements found in the rooms inside your home, they can turn into regular centerpieces, making for great conversation started and, why not, a reason to take pride in for every homeowner.

  1. Alice in Wonderland
mosaic art

Image from Pinterest

If you’re a fan of doing six impossible things before breakfast, you are going to love the this Alice in Wonderland themed mosaic art lamp shade. The Mad Hatter and the wonderful realms that Alice explored can find their way into your home, and would perfectly fit a generous library or a kid’s room.

  1. Colors of the Rainbow
Colors of the Rainbow

Image from Pinterest

Pendant lamps are the next step in creating a romantic decor. The mosaic art details are very intricate, bringing a drop of Oriental culture in your home. The playful nuances are combined to bring a dash of color into any home decor. Using every color in the rainbow’s palette, this beautiful mosaic lamp shade is the perfect addition to both colorful and monochrome room ambiances.

  1. Dragonfly Me to the Moon

Here is a truly masterpiece, handcrafted in order to give the lamp shade as much value as possible. Even the original design of the lamp is handmade, following through with the glass cutting process. The result is a beautiful piece, with predominant red color and dragonfly details that bring any home to life.

  1. Discreet Floral Details

This pyramid-shape lamp shade is a discreet piece for mosaic art lovers that want to have something else rather than the obsolete options that are typically found in every home. The upper side of the lamp shade is covered in creamy glass, while the bottom side is adorned with green mosaic tiles that recreate leaves. The flowers are created using colored tiles, with faded nuances that are easy to match with different decors.

  1. Natural Beauty

If nature is something you can never get enough of, you are going to love with maple leaf style lamp, which brings a little bit of outdoor beauty inside your home. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table or a nightstand, with its spectacular bronze trunk base and the antique stained glass used in creating the lamp shade. The different shades of gold, brown, and bronze are combined to create this fancy item, complete with a set of discreet pull chains.

  1. Playful Illusions

Here’s the perfect lamp for homeowners that want a discreet and colorful light pattern, to make any room stand out. The colored tiles create playful patterns on the walls and furniture inside the room, covering the otherwise powerful light emitted by the bulbs. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Modern Elements

Looking for a more modern mosaic lamp shade, to match the contemporary setting inside a particular room in your home? This Aqua mosaic art floor lamp has a really classy vibe, combining white, silver, and teal glass. The combination of colors is absolutely glamorous, turning an otherwise dull floor lamp into an element of style and good taste.

  1. More Dragonflies

Here is another beautiful piece focused on the majestic dragonfly. The playful pattern and use of green and red has turned a lamp shade into a regular art piece. The skirted edge is combined with detailed wings, plus a set of bejeweled eyes, to make this lamp turn a few heads. The floral background combines shades of red and green, delicately blending into any home decor.

  1. Lovers Lilac

Fans of lilac, look no further. Here is yet another Tiffany lamp that dazzles and bewitches even the most pretentious decorator. What’s truly amazing about this piece is that when the light is turned off, the mosaic art tiles are blue, but then turn into lilac when the lights are on. The bronze base perfectly combines with both colors, creating a mosaic lamp that you don’t want to miss out on.

  1. Floral Fantasy

There isn’t a better description for this lamp other than “floral fantasy”. The beauty resides in the jeweled leaves that accompany the peony accents. The colors are pale and delicate, a perfect fit for any table in the house. The resin and metal base perfectly match the lively accent, creating a gorgeous and dazzling mosaic lamp.

  1. Peacock Perfection

The peacock’s feathers have long been the inspiration of artists that were attracted by the majestic plumage of this king amongst birds. This particular mosaic art lamp shade is looking to recreate some of that elegance, by using red, purple, and blue tiles on the bottom side of the shade. Whether you choose to hang it from the ceiling or put it on a floor lamp, this peacock mosaic shade is definitely a symbol of vintage elegance.

  1. Baroque Vibes

Every once in a while, we come across a piece that’s really hard to describe in few words. This is one of those lamp shades that draw the attention of everyone that walks into the room. It gives your home a different flavor, creating a vintage Baroque environment. It’s the perfect addition to large living rooms, especially when placed above a long and generous dining room table.

  1. Lavender Wildflowers

Who said mosaic shades are limited to ceiling or table lamps? Here is a masterpiece that goes perfectly onto your wall, bringing a drop of nature’s colors into your cozy ambiance. The wildflowers have lilac petals that are both discrete and eye-catching. The lavender tone is always warm and welcome into any decor setup, and the long stem base with leafed details is close to perfection.

  1. Renaissance Elegance

This is one of the most beautiful flush mount mosaic lamp shades we’ve seen, which combines bronze-green leaves and deep-red rose motif. It gives the room a Renaissance vibe, combining different shades of lavender, blue, and pink. The colors aren’t vivid, so it’s definitely a piece for those of you looking for something soft, elegant, and beautiful.

  1. Victorian Blue Iris

If you’re a fan of Victorian decoration items, this blue iris mosaic lamp shade is a sight for sore eyes. It combines different shades of gold, lavender, and blue, to showcase just a few of the beautiful colors that nature has in store for us. The colors are vivid and bright, blending into a lamp shade that’s perfect for any dining room or reading corner.

  1. Naughty or Nice?

Looking to combine the Christmas spirit with the beautiful mosaic art? This is a collector’s piece for the true connoisseur. The Santa accent lamp turns this year’s Christmas decorating into an art statement. It combines all the colors you want to see in such a piece, with green, red, and cream accents. It is definitely a piece with character!

  1. Mountain Setting

mosaic art

Burgundy Pinecones Oblong Light Fixture from Aspen LightingAspen vibes can find their way into the heart of your home. It combines delicate elements of brown pinecones and gnarled branches, matching the beige background to perfection. The borders depict shades of amber, burgundy, and green, while the shape is perfect for placement above a billiard table. If you’ve wanted to bring a bit of mountain vibes into your home, this is one piece worthy of your attention.

  1. Honey Locust
mosaic art

Tiffany Honey Locust Desk Lamp from jkelectric

Everything about this mosaic lamp is perfect. The ornate base has a vintage look, while the shade combines soft colors, much to the delight of everyone who sees it. The Honey Locust design has long been considered a classic, with a color combination that truly recreates the natural colors found in the tree. The sharp petal edges are a wonderful and elegant detail, while the bronze finish of the arms blends in perfectly with the entire item.

  1. Lamp of Roses

Roses have always been a beautiful decorative flower, found in everything from wedding bouquets to floral sweet sixteen centerpieces. With particular floor lamp has an intricate mosaic-decorated shade, with large red roses that draw the attention of anyone passing by. The bronze finish fits perfectly with the different shades of red, green, and yellow, creating a piece that’s more of art statement rather than a basic floor lamp.

  1. Sinful Grapes
mosaic art

Tiffany Fruit Grape 3-Light Shaded Chandelier from Wayfair

This gorgeous chandelier blends mosaic art details into a rather unique result. The three light shades each have purple grape details, with deep green accents that mimic leaves. The upper side of each shade is made from a neutral tone of cream. The hooks holding the shades are made with a Mahogany Bronze Finish. Because no two pieces are alike, the result is a unique chandelier that combines mosaic art with an item that normally doesn’t spark that much interest in your guests: the chandelier.

  1. Lost in Perfection
mosaic art

Dale Tiffany 3 Light Wisteria Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Lowes

We could only conclude this list of amazing mosaic lamp shades by adding a semi flush mount with a delicate, yet rich look. The combination of pale green and blue create a charming piece that’s perfect for just about any room. Created using the copper-foil technique, this piece if unique, featuring an Antique Brass finish, and warm tones, reminiscent of early spring days.

  1. Seaside Sand

The neutral tones of this particular mosaic lamp are reminiscent of long sunny days spent at the beach, with toes dipped in soft sand, hunting for unbroken seashells. The floral motif is confusing in a sense that the details remind us of sand dollars, especially because of the different creamy shades. The lamp shade is made using seashell pieces of different shapes and sizes, which means that no two lamps are identical.


Despite the generous range of options for beautiful mosaic lamp shades, a lot of people prefer to create their own shades, with the patterns and colors of their choice. Whether you opt for one of the pieces in this article, ones from a different source, or were bold enough to create your own mosaic lamp shades, we’d love to know which patterns and colors are your favorite. Sharing is caring and, who knows, your experience and good taste may just inspire some of our other readers!



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