The Most Beautiful Mosaic Kitchen Tile Ideas

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Kitchens deserve a big dose of style, just like the rest of your home. As today’s popular open floor plans highlight this part of your home, you’ll be intrigued with our list of the most beautiful mosaic kitchen tile ideas! While it may seem difficult to add a strong focal point or accent to a utilitarian space, mosaic designs are ideal. They’re both easy to maintain and very durable.

It may be difficult to visualize just how a mosaic kitchen tile backsplash would look in a home. With all the different styles and themes that you can work with, you might find it a bit overwhelming. We’ll cover the types of mosaic art that you can incorporate into your new kitchen look, with some real-life examples – not to mention some great inspiration.

A Bit of Simple and a Dash of Complex

When you think of mosaic wall art, it’s likely to resemble a painting. It’s true: our catalog is packed full of beautiful depictions from flora to fauna and ornate patterned looks. The kitchen below sports our Moroccan Lemon Tree design behind the sink – finely detailed and as bright as an open window.

This type of design is fantastic to fill up an otherwise blank wall space, or to help create a focal point in an area that lacks one. Many new kitchens are just filled with white cabinets that look clean and crisp – but a little blah. The right mosaic design can do a lot of the heavy lifting that’s needed to liven up the room.

Here’s a great example below: the details of the individual mosaic tiles and the textures combine, spicing up the white kitchen.

Simple mosaic designs can also serve as perfect style accents for your kitchen. They work well with subway tile kitchen backsplashes – you know – the ones that are so popular right now? “Simply” select some art that pulls together the colors of cabinets, walls, counters, or paint. As you can see below, this concept works beautifully!

Here’s another example of a simple geometric design that centers the space and uses the colors of the granite counters and surrounding tile to make an elegant statement.

Additionally, a decorative mosaic tile border is a way to add interest to your backsplash. Coordinate it with a bolder centerpiece design, or use it as a counterpoint under cabinets. Look closely at this border, and you’ll notice that it matches the paint and the graining in the marble counters perfectly.

Wave Mosaic Kichen Tile by Mozaico

What’s Your Style?

No matter what your personal preferences or decorating style, there’s a mosaic design to help you express it in your kitchen! We’ve discussed style and design trends in our previous blogs: now, let’s look at ideas for your space.

A touch of the country comes out in everything from French Provencal to Italian Tuscan decor. Natural textures, chickens, and the abundance of the harvest are all popular themes. We have a wonderful variety of roosters in our catalog, including this proud fellow.

These mosaic art touches look great with simple subway tile surrounds, or as accents to otherwise contemporary kitchens. You can see how this over-sized border takes this white kitchen straight into the countryside.

Or, if you fancy a Tuscan view with your cooking, it’s easy to add one to your kitchen.

Bold and eclectic looks are also easy to add to your kitchen. Instead of leaving the heart of your home feeling cold and sterile, use a colorful mosaic art design to bring liveliness to your backsplash!

This mosaic art is a little bit Jazz Age, and a lot of wonderful movement and color! By installing it far up the wall and around the range hood, it turns a dark space into a burst of light.

No room for art? No problem! Colorful backsplashes with fruits and flowers keep the eye moving between the dining room accessories and the otherwise blank white surfaces of the kitchen.

Why do peacocks seem to go so well with every bohemian interior? Hard to say, but you can add one of these exotic beauties to your kitchen easily. Note how the colors blend with the other tiles, picking up texture and shading.

Elegant, polished looks for kitchens are certainly possible. Using mosaic patterns with simplified florals, strong geometrics, and a limited color palette are the way to add tasteful accents.

This floral design is open, airy, and picks up just enough of the blue in the cabinet above. The effect is lovely!

A horizontally oriented mosaic design is an eye catching way to add sophistication to what would otherwise be a blank space. Don’t forget that a well-chosen piece of mosaic art can not only highlight and match cabinets and walls, but also fixtures, or your favorite copper cooking utensils!

This serene and relaxing modern kitchen space comes to life with the gentle grey tones of this abstract mosaic backsplash design. It adds just the right amount of movement to the wall.

One simple medallion style over the stove, and this kitchen was transformed. Even smaller spaces can use mosaic art for huge impact.

Ready to Start?

Are you anxious to start the hunt for the perfect mosaic wall art for your own kitchen project? We’ve curated some of our best mosaic backsplash designs! However, any of our huge catalog of mosaic art can be used in your kitchen – and even customized to your specifications!

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