The Rulers of Ancient Egypt — Honored And Preserved Through Mosaics

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Humankind has faced many cultural shifts throughout its lifetime, but if there is one culture that stood out from the crowds, the Egyptian times triumph with glory.

From the great kings and queens, so-called pharaohs, to the mystical creatures that myths behold, ancient Egypt’s culture is filled with many interesting stories and rules that affected and paved way for many cultures later on.

One of the many words that come to mind when speaking of this phenomenal era is the word “Mummy”. It means the physical remains of the pharaohs that live to dazzle us with their glory. Ancient Egyptians used to preserve their beloved kings and queens for they shall live an eternal afterlife. So, it was mandatory that their rulers were in good shape when it’s their turn to join the gods.

On April 3rd, 2021, the Egyptian community has honored the bodies of twenty-two deceased kings and queens of the ancient worlds. They were relocated after nearly 100 years of solitude to their new home in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization — NMEC.

From creating one of the seven wonders of the world to enriching us today with their fascinating culture, there’s a lot to be thankful for when mentioning their greatness. In the following, we’ll be presenting some of our handmade Egyptian mosaics in honor of this great event:

The Eye of Horus

The famous eye of Horus — The symbol of restoration, health, and protection. According to ancient mythologies, the meaning of restoration was given to the eye of Horus after it was cut in a dispute between the gods, and has been magically restored by the goddess Hathor — The goddess of femininity, fertility, and love.

This mosaic artwork is dominated by the royal colors of white and gold. It captures the true royalty and majesty of the great gods that looked after mortals back in ancient times. With the combination of its eye-catching geometry and spiritual colorways, this mosaic art will surely bless any space with its presence!

Pharaohs and Hieroglyphics

In this celebrated event, many mummies were transferred, and one of those mummies was the famous pharaoh Ramses.

Within this mosaic mural, we observe him between the god Horus — the falcon-headed god, son of Isis and Osiris. And Anubis — judge of souls and guider of the afterlife.

Also, if we look behind these royal characters we notice some hieroglyphics presented in the background. It was the art, science, and written language of ancient Egyptian times.

It’s fascinating how long art has been surviving around us! No doubt, the more we dive into history the more art we unveil, and the more informed we become. With its deep warm colors and accurate details, this mosaic will surely catch any eye gazing upon its beauty!

The Great Pyramids

It was believed that when a pharaoh dies, they become a god to which mortals worship. This ideology is the reason kings and queens were so glorified, they were the bridge that connects mortals to their protectors above.

Moreover, when we look at those pyramids, we see some beautiful shapes that fascinate us with their aesthetics, but there is more to them than just architectural phenomenon.

Life after death was a major thing back then, which is why all the rulers wanted to ensure a happy afterlife by creating the perfect tombs. Yes, tombs! Those pyramids were not built as touristic sites, they are in fact the grand graveyards of the pharaohs. Inside the million bricks, we depict in this picture, lie many preserved souvenirs that ancient pharaohs had wished to accompany them to their eternal life, ensuring a luxurious transition as they properly deserve.

The pyramids are, and will always be beautiful. This handmade mosaic artwork will catch the eyes of any observer glancing at its impeccable details. From the professional use of natural colors to its miraculous shapes and details, this mosaic wall art reflects no other than the pure elegance and beauty that lies deep within ancient Egypt.

Love in the Age of Rulers

Love was a holy thing back then. The Nile river was believed to be the result of Isis’s tears over her husband’s Osiris’s death. Despite the grand spiritual image given to us, pharaohs shared a lot of human qualities, which makes them even more fascinating and more admirable. The humanity in the supernatural!

We observe here one humane scene from the ancient cultures, romance. Even in ancient times, flowers were not to be disregarded when seeking affection! We observe here a romantic atmosphere created by a gesture from one queen to her king giving him flowers, with the presence of some butterflies and pets in the background adding warmth to the scenery.

All the details in this wall-art are worth the notice. The dominance of dark colors. The jewelry is made with astonishing accuracy. The golden theme reflecting glory and majesty. It is safe to say that our talented artists did not disappoint! This mosaic artwork will be an excellent addition to any space that welcomes it.

Art captures history’s beauty, captivates it, and reflects it wherever it is displayed.

Anxious to see some more mosaic artwork? Head to our website and check out our endless selection of artworks all done by our talented artists!

 Egyptian Waves Mosaic Border  by Mozaico
Source: Mozaico Egyptian Waves Mosaic Border Design

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