Top 5 Lion Mosaics To Honor the King of the Jungle

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Majestic, beautiful, and fascinating, lions are beloved by many. From childhood on, these big cats captivate us. Their strength and character make them popular symbols for team mascots, protective totems and statues, family crests, and even tattoos. That’s why we chose to immortalize them with lions mosaics. Also, as an astrological sign, Leos are proud, flamboyant, and the life of the party.

Interesting Facts About Lions

You might be surprised to learn that lions have been inspiring art since early man’s first efforts. The “Lion Man”, a mastodon tooth carving, has been dated to approximately 40,000 years ago. Their status as an inspirational top predator has not diminished since. With our selection of lion mosaic tile art, we’ve crossed the centuries, sharing ancient and modern mosaic art designs.

Lions in Art

One aspect of the leonine nature that resonates with artists is their dignity and majesty. As such, their presence at city gates and in public gathering places provides a reassuring presence. Four lions are placed at the base of Nelson’s column in London’s Trafalgar Square, a pair named Patience and Fortitude welcome visitors to New York City’s main library branch, and lions abound in the Forbidden City of Beijing. With two at nearly every entrance, the Chinese lions are in numbers too great to count!

Our Favorite Lion Mosaics

1. Fierce Faced Lion Mosaic

Our Fierce Faced Lion marble mosaic art depicts just the sort of maned presence you’d like to have at your own home. The close-up view of our King of Beasts is brought to life with more than 11,000 handset tiles. From the native grasses to the swirls in his flowing hair, an array of glowing shades bring energy to this mosaic wall art.

As an astrological sign, Leos rule the summer, are associated with the Fire Element and the Sun and are known to be proud, benevolent, and dramatic. If you’re lucky to have a Leo in your life, you’ll have a loyal friend, and enjoy their flamboyant moments.

In your dream life, lions have some profound meanings. Should a winged lion appear to you, you can expect better times ahead. Dreaming about a red lion symbolizes your quest for enlightenment. Our Lion Gaze mosaic wall art can help you focus on your search. Or, if you’d prefer a green lion – indicating that you’re beginning a transformation in your life – check into our custom options, where we can create your mosaic to your specifications.

2. Lion’s Gaze Mosaic Wall Art

As hunters, the females of any lion pride are the ones who do the work. Often related, these feline gals show what girl power is all about, taking care of a group that averages about 15 lions.

The lionesses coordinate their hunts, with each member taking a preferred position – much as a sports team does. Although male lions show up frequently in art, depictions of females are present in historic pieces.

3. The Chase – Custom Mosaic Artwork

In “The Chase”, the look of ancient mosaic art and an eager lioness combine beautifully for a tribute to feminine strength. This marble mosaic art has a horizontal layout that lends itself well to walls, borders, and entry floors.

Lions have always been associated with deities, spanning across time and cultures. Drawing upon their inherent qualities, they’ve been favorite companions of many gods and goddesses. In Egypt, war deities such as Sekhmet, Bast, and Pakhet are shown as lionesses, who were appreciated as fierce hunters. Narasimha, the man-lion, is one of ten avatars of the Hindu god Vishnu. The lion is frequently used as a symbol of the Buddha, and the Snow Lion is a celestial animal of Tibet – where it personifies joy, bliss, and playfulness.

4. Colorful Lion Mosaic Art

Our own colorful mosaic art depiction of a benevolent lion has all the power and charisma of his mythological counterparts. This abstract version has modern vibes and is sure to add just the right touch of liveliness and compelling design to your home or business.

In the wild, African lions live in sub-Saharan Africa on grasslands and savannas. Their manes don’t start growing until they’re about a year old, with only the males developing the fuller version that most people associate with the species. There are some areas where the males show only sparse or no manes. Pendjari National Park, in northwest Benin, is one such location. Full, dark manes are generally a good indicator of health, breeding success, and dominance in the natural world.

5. Hungry Lion Mosaic Artwork

It’s easy to determine that the handsome subject of our Hungry Lion glass mosaic wall art does not live in Benin and that he’s earned every bit of that confident look on display! The use of glass tiles by our artists adds an extra dimension of light-catching shimmer and animation to this faithful portrait.

While you’re waiting to travel the world and see animals like the King of Beasts in person, our mosaic art lets you bring exotic destinations and intriguing animals to your own home. Explore our huge catalog online, and bring your interests to life as you decorate!

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