How To Balance Traditional And Modern In Your Home Interior

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Have you ever wondered how you could use traditional elements within your home and still make it look stylish? Balancing tradition and style in the home is a crucial step that can help you create a unique look and atmosphere for your home interior. Combining elements properly ensures that you are able to have a design that can be classy, yet still bring something new to the table.


Classic chandeliers, for example, can be beautiful, but most of the time, it can look stodgy. Because a chandelier can easily become a focal piece in your home, you need to understand that not all elegant, crystal chandeliers can make your home look stunning. This is why you might want to try out transitional chandeliers instead, especially when you want to modernize a traditional home, or if you just want to keep things more balanced.

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Another element within your home interior that you can work on to help balance tradition and style are your curtains. If you feel that having traditional curtains can help give your windows the right treatment, you can purchase traditional drapes as well as lace, silk, and even embroidered curtains. If you want to have more stylish alternatives, on the other hand, you can opt for faux silk or linen curtains which can help filter light and still give you that traditional look without being too overbearing.

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Oil Painting

Want to put classical paintings on your walls but afraid that your home might look like a museum? Oil paintings need to be carefully selected, this is because aside from the painting itself, one has to see what design elements the painting frame can also add to the home interior. Classic paintings can look beautiful in the home, however, you need to balance it and make sure that your home does not look too vintage or too elegant as it can make your home less cozy.

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Mosaic Patterns

Ever wondered how a traditional mosaic pattern would look like with new colors? Or how traditional mosaic tiles would look like when used in contemporary murals? Mosaic patterns within your home can also contribute much when it comes to your home’s interior design and atmosphere. Traditional mosaic patterns, especially when made from the right mosaic tiles can look stunning and it can also speak about your heritage. A great way to balance tradition and style in your mosaic backsplashes is to try out new colors or textures for traditional patterns; you can also incorporate elements of traditional patterns into contemporary styles and designs. This allows you to create something new and very unique while still having the traditional patterns or materials that you have come to love.

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Area Rugs

Lastly, area rugs can also be a huge factor when it comes to your home interior. Traditional rugs are often characterized by intricate patterns, bold colors and elegant designs; adding them to your home interior can add a rich layer of color and texture. If you, however, do not want something too overwhelming, you can still opt for traditional Persian, Moroccan, or even English rugs but you have to choose one that has a color that can match or accent your color scheme. Balancing tradition and style within the home is all about restraint and being able to complement different design elements in order to create a specific style.

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