Turtle Mosaics

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Turtle Mosaics

As temperatures constantly rise & with summer approaching, we all start looking for ways to beat the heat. Just like our reptilian friends, we enjoy the presence of water and during the treacherous summer months there is no feeling that compares to taking a dip in a custom designed pool suited to your needs and satisfaction.

Turtles are among the oldest and most primitive groups of reptiles and subsequently the animal kingdom. They have evolved over millions of years & live all over the world in almost every type of climate. Therefore its cultural symbolism holds attributes of longevity, endurance, persistence and continuation of life.

The turtle is an old, sacred figure in Native American symbolism as it represents Mother Earth and global balance. This fantastic creature has become ever more popular throughout these past 5 years in mosaic designs specifically crafted for aquatic areas like pools or bathrooms. It seems that the ambiance and calming effect of turtle mosaics has won the hearts of many homeowners; let us guide you through several examples which won us over:

colorful turtle mosaic

Pool Mosaic Inlays

Below we can see turtle mosaics on the steps and floor of the pool. The modern swimming pool is accessorized with handmade & glazed ceramic tiles. Simply a turtle family of six, depicted swimming to the deep of the pool, whilst shadows have been incorporated to the front two to highlight the movement of the animals. A perfect summery-touch that will satisfy all members of the family regardless of age!

Turtles mosaic topview shad green ceramic pool Pixalated fun

A fantastic free -form pool design in the country side, bringing swimming pools to a whole new level of experience and entertainment. Swimming in this pool will ultimately make you feel as if you are exploring marine waters along with sea turtles in their natural habitats. This pool art mosaic artist has brought figurative art to its finest!

Pool Turtle mosaic

Electric blue notes

This Roman pool design is beautifully highlighted by electric blue lights inside the pool refining the curves and electrifying the aesthetic of the environment.

pool turtle mosaic

Tropical Mosaic tile touch

This tropical-inspired pool design exhibits a very good example of a turtle mosaic tile medallion, the kind that creates a depth and most importantly a tranquil energy to the pool area. Additionally, as the turtle is also linked to the spirit of water and the fluidity of emotions, having this artistic jewel can only bring good.

Lagoon Pool turtle mosaic

The Giant Turtle

This is geometric pool design characterized by its clean lines, expresses its liveliness through the creative display of the turtle mosaic that embellishes the final aesthetic result. Using illustrative mosaic art the pool reflects back a bright blue hue, also creating an optical illusion that will make the pool seem bigger and deeper than it really is.

pool turtle mosaic

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