Our program is free to join, easy to sign-up and practical to understand and use. Start today marketing and selling Mozaico products to earn money. There are five different ways to make money with us.


Whether you are a blogger or have an online presence, you can become an affiliate with Mozaico. As an affiliate, you will receive:

  • Advertising banners that you can use on your website
  • 15% commission on every mosaic artwork sold on our website from your link
  • Tools and constant follow up to run a successful affiliate campaign
  • Payment every 30 days through PayPal
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The only thing you need to become a dealer with Mozaico is to own a showroom or an art gallery. Our dealership program is easy and free to join. It is one click away. As a dealer, your benefits are:

  • Our own mosaic designs at a discounted cost, which you can sell at your own price
  • Discount on pieces purchased is negotiable (10% - 30%): depending on quantity ordered to your showroom
  • Our clientele (referring interested nearby clients to your showroom)
  • Discounted sample packages and color charts
  • A digital catalog:
    - Through an App (iOs & Google Play) branded to your company’s name
    - Through Dropbox Files
  • Free rendering services (computerized designs and sketches).
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Online Retailers/Associates

Expand your horizon with Mozaico and apply to our associate program to sell mosaic artworks. The only thing you need to become an associate is to own a website within the arts, decor, building or home and garden industries. As an Online Retailer, your benefits are:

  • Any design you require will be delievered to you: exclusive and customized mosaics ONLY for you
  • Drop-shipping (direct shipping to the customers that order any mosaics from your website)
  • Our own mosaic collections are also available to you (A digital catalog through Dropbox files with images to upload on your site)
  • 15 % Discount on our mosaics and which you can resell at the price you see best on your website

Send us the designs you want to transform into mosaics and we will get on it right away!

Any customized designs you order will be exclusive to you! None of them will be published to our website or any other website.

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On-Site Architects / Designers

If you are an architect or designer with direct contact office services, this program is for you! Widen your prospect and broaden your services by including mosaic artworks to your designs and projects. How will you benefit ?

  • Customized mosaic designs fitting your clients' desires
  • 10% discount on pre-made Mozaico artworks
  • Free rendering services
  • Our clientele: any clients of ours looking for an architect or designer will redirected to YOU

Architects and designer who own a showroom should redirect themselves to our Dealers section

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Give Back Through Art

Our passion for mosaic art is endless, and at Mozaico, we care about sharing this unique form of art with the world.

If you are a university, college, or a director of an art's program, we are paying it forward by:

  • 1. Offering 10 FREE mosaic kits to an art program
  • 2. Sharing our knowledge of mosaic art with the students of the program
  • 3. Collaborating on content that will boost the program and mosaic art

If you are interested, please apply to this collaboration by pressing the button and filling the form.

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International Entrepreneurship Program

This program is designed for entrepreneurs living outside the USA or Canada who believe they can sell mosaics in their country. The program is interesting and rewarding because you are entering into a virgin market in which Mozaico is not already found. You will need to invest at the beginning, but the rewards are high!
We will provide:

  • A website for you based on the technology and platform used on
  • Expertise/knowledge in online marketing to advice you on the best practices to reach your target
  • Direct Shipment to your customer or to your location

You will provide:
  • Translation of the website to your native language
  • Customer Service
  • Local phone number and email to reply to enquiries
  • Monthly advertising budget with a minimum budget of $ 1,000/month that we will use to promote your online Prescence
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