10 Contemporary Mosaicists To Watch in 2017

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Cover Photo: Courtesy of Olga Goulandris

Pulling from a year’s worth of contemporary art discovery, insight from some of the world’s most influential curators and collectors, and early statistics on previous and upcoming mosaic art exhibitions, I’ve skimmed some of the most interesting mosaics to bring you 10 contemporary mosaicists who have the kind of singular vision it takes in our world to stand out from the crowd.

Jaky Pinnock

Jacky is amongst the wave of contemporary mosaicists who are bringing back mosaic art to spotlights this year, perhaps the rebellion to her aquatic figurations that took serious hold in 2016. Jacky was included in group shows and exhibitions in Western Australia, and I expect that “FLOW” her recent mosaic will take her exploration of new media even further in 2017.

Copyrighted Credits to Jaky Pinnock


Jonathan Fuller

The color graduations of his mosaics are subtle and appealing, whilst the clever placement of his small frosted shards convey a sense of movement that mirrors the ocean.

Jonathan’s delicately crafted mosaics and assemblages have been gaining momentum since 2011. In 2015, he was given his first solo show at Lombard Street Gallery in London. But it’s his recent show in AAF London, that’s going to take him into 2017-2018 to the next level!

Copyrighted Credits to Jonathan Fuller


Carolina Kawal

If you haven’t heard of Carolina Kawal you’re like not familiar with the charm of Itupeva, a captivating region in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, in which Carolina was included in several group and solo exhibitions. She has begun to craft a name of her own for his minimalist mosaics, inspired by wonderlands and rabbit holes, that earned her a spot in Musiwa17 in Palazzo Medici Riccardi and Musiv.AR17 and many other shows!

Copyrighted Credits to Carolina Kawal



Olga Goulandris

Olga, an ingenious Greek contemporary mosaic artist who channeled a passion for art into creative creations. Her mosaics have been all the buzz during 2017, with her innovation making appearances at Musiwa17 in Palazzo Medici Riccardi and Musiv.AR17 in Buenos Aires. Following stunning presentations at both exhibitions, Olga kicked off the summer season with “Principium” a much-hyped solo exhibition at the Italian Embassy in Athens.

Copyrighted Credits to Olga Goulandris



Nathalie Vin

Nathalie, Nathalie! It has become so obvious that I’m a big fan of all of her mosaics! Earlier this year, the artist was featured in several articles as one of the world’s most inspiring women mosaicists. What is particularly unique about Nathalie Vin’s mosaics is that she carries out so much through precise and simple style. While I wait for “Tour Saint Nicola – Couleur Lumière Mouvement” which starts tonight, it’s hard to forget the stellar appearance she had with “The Great Deceit” in Musiwa17!

Copyrighted Credits to Nathalie Vin



Lynne Chinn

Since her participation in SAMA Annual Conference in 2003 up until now, Lynne was spanned by her mosaics creation. A large population of art enthusiasts attended the conference to see her artworks. But it’s her current project with Julie Richey and Callie Heimburger at St Jude Chapel in Dallas that’s going to take her to the next level this year.

Copyrighted Credits to Lynne Chinn



Manuela Bianchi

Credited with transforming mid-century sculptures into some booming advanced contemporary mosaics, Manuella is another great Italian mosaicist, born and educated in Ravenna, she crafts her mosaics in a mixture of flimsy emotions and insightful strength. Manuella has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in 2017, and she has recently unveiled her newest mosaics at Musiwa17 in Florence!

Copyrighted Credits to Manuela Bianchi

Manuela Bianchi
Manuela Bianchi 2

Carolyn Wagner

Though you might recall seeing her in public installation, at the Gulf Shores or the Eastern Shore Art Center in years past, Carolyn has begun hitting the galleries once again this year. Living along the coast inspires her mosaics whether that inspiration gets interpreted literally, as in a speckled trout, or just serves as a catalyst for an abstract or pattern, the coastal environment or other elements from nature usually contributes to her creations.

Copyrighted Credits to Carolyn Wagner

Manuela Bianchi 3
Manuela Bianchi 3

Marat Nabi

Last but not least, an artist whose mosaics and sculptures range from symbolic to suggestive as his topics are typically inspired by nature and ethics. Can you guess who he is? Yes, it’s Marat Nabi, a Russian mosaic artist who has been unveiling his mosaics at several art galleries in Moscow this year.

Marat has also made a splash this year with his “floral” experimental mosaic collection, crafted using smalti ceramics, smalti and plaster casts of teeth, yes teeth! These startling creations were documented on his Facebook Account earlier this year and I couldn’t help but feature them in this article (although it was kinda hard to find details about the artist).

Copyrighted Credits to Marat Nabi

Manuela Bianchi 4


Indeed, lots of impressive mosaics in this article, right?

No, I didn’t lose count, I only selected 9 mosaicists to give you the chance to vote for your favorite!

Who Would You Add To This List Contemporary Mosaicists To Watch in 2017? Your vote matters, let us know in the comment box below!

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