10 Creative Ways to Use Mosaic in Interior Design and Decorating

0 Living room with white walls, poster
Living room with white walls, poster

Bored with the same old advice on how you should freshen up your interior design? Believe it or not, the mosaic can be used in more places than just on murals. And surprisingly, it has more looks than “bland bathroom tiles” and “over-the-top kitchen” designs. In fact, with these ten creative ways, we can introduce you to a whole new subset of interior design ideas, and ones you can do perfectly well on your own!

Walls and floors

To avoid doing the most basic wall and floor design there is, consider more creative approaches. For example, instead of the whole wall, cover the area around the hallway mirror in a peculiar design. Or have a floral pattern on the floor to resemble a field of flowers, for example. Sometimes, fewer tiles arranged in a more interesting way leaves a better impression than an elaborate wall-wide design.

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Accentuate the room

Most often, all you actually need is to accentuate a few stationary things around the room to really make it pop. Covering your fireplace can be a good place to start. Tiny, irregularly shaped tiles can create a wonderful asymmetrical illusion on an otherwise clean-cut fireplace. You can also line your window frames with tiles, and fill in niches in the walls.

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Kitchen backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is often chosen to carry some kind of design. It gives the room a flare of modern and makes it more than just a cooking room. You can play with various patterns and colors here, as giving this room as much attention as you would give your living room, is bound to return tenfold. Even a simple kitchen can be turned into a hangout room with something as simple as a backsplash mosaic.

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Your garden is no different than the interior. It too can get a flair of decadent (or postmodern, depending on your taste) with just a touch of mosaic. The most usual way it is incorporated is on a tiled pathway through the garden. However, you can also apply colorful tiles to your clay pots or planters, and color codes them with the plants they are in. It can also be done with bird baths, ponds and the like.

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Size and color

Among more “abstract” advice we can offer is that of playing with the sizes, shapes, and colors of the tiles to achieve a certain look. This goes beyond the typical noticeable designs and plays in subtle ways to create the illusion of a more open space, wider space, or frame a certain section of the room to make it more angular or oval.

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Illusion of texture

For those rooms that just aren’t meant for bold or playful designs, there is a third option. Aside from the illusion of space, you can also create the illusion of texture. Choosing a specific color that matches the color of the walls or the floor, and alternating between individual tiles of the same color shades can make it look as if that particular area is textured in a certain way. Subtle, yet effective décor.

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Mosaic art

A slightly unorthodox design idea includes commissioning a piece of art visualized in tiled form. It can either be an abstract replica of a famous portrait, or an imagery resembling a landscape, or something more surreal and modern. These paintings, however, tend to be heavier and can cause more damage if knocked over, so make sure to hang them more securely than you would other decorations.


As the experts from Domu designer furniture online store point out, there is always a way to incorporate tiny, clever hints of expert design. More specifically, if you apply mosaic art tiles to your coffee table top or the legs of your minimalist armchair, it can be a great eye-catcher. Shelves and cupboards are also very good for this kind of design experimentation. These solutions are guaranteed to be great conversation starters when guests arrive.

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Combine with the décor

Who says you need to go big, bold and complex with your mosaics? A sneaky little trick opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your interior design choices. Consider using certain tiles, colors or patterns as a background for decorative details that will go in front of it; like placing a powder blue mosaic on a small part of the wall behind a vase of pink roses.

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Permanent artwork

An all-encompassing category for mosaic art would have to be the one where you can decorate the smallest things around your home. For example, picking transparent tiles to stick to a lamp to emit a colorful glow, or decorating the corners of your window panes. Furthermore, you can apply them on tea or coffee trays, vases, and decorative boxes. Cheap, simple, and fun to make.

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Mosaic art have long been a part of interior design in one form or another. Usually, they were seen in summer houses or in more experimental interiors, perceived as very kitschy. Or, they were the basis of a bathroom or a kitchen. However, nowadays there are so many options, and so many subtleties, that it breaks the preconceived notion of these unusual tiled designs.

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