Mosaic Art To Breathe New Life To Your Kitchen Decor

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Mosaic KitchenBacksplash

Tired of your old, lifeless kitchen décor? Looking for some stunning ideas that can breathe new life to your backsplash? I know you’re looking for that little “something extra” to make it stand apart from the rest. Luckily you came to the right place! This article will transform your kitchen from dingy and sad to bright and happy!

We all know that mosaic art adds another dimension of texture and beauty to kitchen walls. A mosaic kitchen backsplash can last for decades, providing beauty to your kitchen walls without requiring regular maintenance. However, with all the mosaic artworks available today, and with so many artists who tirelessly create new works of mosaic art, it can become a daunting task to pick a design out. In my opinion, instead of immersing yourself with a ton of possible designs, you start first by taking a closer look at your kitchen’s style and space. The best way for you to breathe new life to your kitchen is to make sure that the mosaic you choose will fit the color schemes and overall design of your kitchen properly.

These are some mosaic design ideas which might help you narrow down your selection

Contemporary Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

A contemporary kitchen décor with stainless steel appliances, modern lighting fixtures, dynamic colors of crusty and clean lines often calls for unique mosaic artworks. One can choose from a wide variety of mosaics, created of circular, oval or square tiles and even a mosaic that is made up of tile pieces that are in different sizes and medium (marble, glass or both). Contemporary kitchens are also perfect for those who want to use figurative patterns and other vibrant designs for their backsplash.

mosaic art

mosaic art

Minimal Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Metallic backsplashes can be used especially in kitchens that are in predominantly white or black color schemes, and minimal décor. Modern cobble tiles with stainless steel and glass tiles can also be used to create a modern backsplash for your minimal kitchen. Nevertheless, you can still use typical ceramic or marble tiles in order to create your own interpretation of a minimal mosaic kitchen backsplash.

mosaic art

mosaic art

Traditional Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

For those who want a more traditional-looking kitchen, on the other hand, one has to focus more on style and inheritance. Traditional mosaic designs require the use of the correct tiles, the proper colors as well as the ideal design in order to reproduce the same ambiance and impression. For example, Persian designs are mostly floral or complex geometric designs with the use of blue and white tiles, and Mexican designs are primarily created using red, orange and brown tiles to form crazy quilt patterns. Italian designs, on the other hand, are considered some of the most highly prized as they are classically created using high-end tiles and made into large-scale patterns that have bold and juicy colors. mosaic art

mosaic art

mosaic art

Last but not least, remodeling a kitchen décor is an exigent, yet a satisfying project. The path to the end result is paved with plenty of choices, planning and style choices.

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