10 Nautical Mosaic Designs for The Summer of 2015

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Mosaic Mural

Summer is on its way and will be soon knocking on your doors, that is why Mozaico thought of giving you the opportunity to witness 10 cautiously elected nautical mosaic designs for the Summer of 2015. Days will soon start to last longer with never ending fun, misty skin and shiny hair. Yes, outdoor gatherings with family and friends, camping and days at the beach are just around the corner. For those of you of prefer staying in your hometowns, plan and prepare a creative and enjoyable summer! All you need to do is add a little more character to your surroundings. Thinking of redecorating your backyards, gardens, patios and pool areas, here’s a list for you to consider!

1• Blue Tiled Jellyfish

These blue nautical mosaic tiles will spice up your surrounding adding a vibe of summery waves and feels. These mosaics can be framed and hanged to ornament your walls or even applied as a mural. We can also imagine them applied at the bottom of a swimming pool giving it a unique and dream-like look.

Jelly Fish Mosaic

Jelly Fish Mosaic Art

ocean mosaic tile

2• Coral Reef Mosaic

Palm trees and ocean breezes, the tan will probably fade but the memories will last forever! Nothing is more colorful than coral reef, it’s home to a wide range of plentiful living creatures. Whether you choose the fish mosaic or the turtle, crab, eel, shrimp, urchin, sponge or algae mosaic, th artwork will transform your pool or patio, floor or walls into a colorful heaven of small mosaic tiles.

Lobster Mosaic

Turtle Mosaic

Coral Reef Mosaic

3• Octopus Mosaic Patterns

Octopus mosaic patterns are other heavenly creatures ornamenting the coral reef. Many wonderful nautical mosaics were illustrated to ornament our indoor and outdoor spaces. Octopus mosaics have been at their peek for a few years now and still are this summer! We usually notice these artworks hanged as bathroom decorations or embellishing pool tiles.

Octopus Mosaic

Octopus Mosaic

Octopus Mosaic

4 •Vibrant Nautical Mosaic Designs

Would you like an up-close glimpse of these beautiful nautical mosaic artworks? All you need to do is plan out a vacation this Summer to the Mayan Beach Garden. With floors, stairs, walls, sink backsplashes and mirrors amazingly covered with mosaic tiles, the resort is glowingly considered in this list of gorgeous mosaics. These artworks weren’t just made out of mosaic tiles but also recycled and colorful flip flops found below their beach. They were nautically designed to attract tourists and art lovers from all over the world.

Fish mosaic

Mosaic Art

Mosaic Colors


5• Roman Nautical Designs

In Roman mosaic designs, we always notice geometrical shapes and patterns however there’s a variety of segments in which various birds, fish, and animal designs are depicted. Roman nautical mosaic designs were famous for their fiery color-coded and detailed tiles. If you wish to ornament a part of your wall with a roman mosaic, always consider mosaic reproductions. The Roman mosaic technique consists of using hand-cut tiles with hammer and a nail while crafting the mosaic directly into the floor or wall.

nautical mosaic

Mosaic Designs

Roman Mosaic

Mosaic mural

6• Contemporary Nautical Mosaic

These contemporary nautical mosaic designs will add perspective and brash to your patios and backyards. Imagine a small barbecue gathering with friends at night and a contemporary nautical mosaic ornamenting the walls in your patio or garden. Beautiful, aren’t they ?

koi fish mosaic

nautical mosaic

7• Seashells Mosaic

Yes, it’s the right time to celebrate summer with DIY’s and inexpensive ornaments to decorate your tabletops or any other area. Go down to the shore and start collecting seashells of all shapes and sizes. Make your imagination and creativity lead you into a personal mosaic of seashells.

Seashells Mosaic

Mosaic Seashells

Seashells Mosaic

8•Nautical Mosaic Mural

The most beautiful thing in these nautical mosaic artworks is that you won’t need to take them off the wall at the end of the summer. These illustrative mosaics of mermaids, seascapes and boats fully handcrafted with tiny and durable stones will transform your walls or pool borders into a mosaic dreamland. If you wish to have any of these mosaic art pieces, click on the images to follow the link to our Mozaico shop.

mermaid mosaic

Mosaic art

mosaic art

Mosaic Mural

9• Mosaic Surf Boards

It’s summer time and the living is easy with the waves waiting to change your mood this happy season. Mosaic surf boards will be an artwork to consider having this year. You don’t have to be a good surfer to get or create a mosaic surf board. This decorative piece will greet your summer with ornaments and decorative items! You can also check some custom mosaic surf boards here.

Surf Board Mosaic

Mosaic Surf Board

colorful mosaic

10• Pool Mosaic Designs

These pool nautical mosaic designs are pixel mosaic designs created using square glass tiles of the same size. The design is completed by filling the “base-plate” which demonstrate which colors should be placed for the final outcome. This year you can consider adding glo win the dark tiles and pixel mosaic patterns and nautical coral reef mosaic to give charterer and adorn you outdoors and pools.

pool mosaic

swimming pool mosaic

Find the following pool mosaic here

dolphin pool mosaic

Would you like to add a nautical mosaic to our list of elected mosaics? Let us know in the comment box!

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