15 Mosaic Tile Art Ideas to Inspire Your Design Dreams

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Sometimes, the best ideas for decorating a space are the easiest. Mosaic tile, a popular decorative art for thousands of years, is wildly versatile, requires little maintenance, and provides dazzling effects on practically any surface.

Call it design paralysis after a year cooped up inside, but there’s a common feeling of frustration in home decorators. They’re on the fence about wallpaper, questioning the wisdom of rugs in damp areas, or simply searching for something with a more dynamic, three-dimensional presence.

Unlike rugs or wallcoverings, mosaic tile art is suitable for many applications. Wallpaper is fantastic – but will it work outside? How about enlivening your stove backsplash? Similarly, just because you can put a rug in your bathroom or sunroom, doesn’t mean that you should.

If you’re new to the idea of mosaic art for your home, you might be surprised at how easy it is to install. Designs are already pre-assembled on a mesh backing. You won’t be responsible for placing any of the small pieces – although, with Mozaico’s mosaic wall art, you can customize their color! Our team of designers and artists works with clients to help them achieve their design dreams in many areas. See the perfect piece of mosaic art – but need it in a different color scheme? Just contact us!

The handmade nature of mosaic tile designs allows for a more direct influence on what you receive. Ever wish you could change the colors in wallpaper samples, or customize a rug to match your room? Mosaic art empowers you to achieve your dreams.

Explore the possibilities here, with 15 of our favorite mosaic tile decorating ideas for different rooms and different styles.

Urban Cool

Check out the perfect balance between sleek and textured surfaces in this room. Rather than leaning into perfect Mid Century Modern aesthetics, the designers mixed in weathered hardwoods on the floor and a dynamic swirl of mosaic art for the walls. Rather than disappearing into the background, the clean, straight lines of the white console and accessories now have the perfect pop. Large-scale rounded shapes are the perfect partner for simple, modern furniture looks.

Image Source: Mozaico


Layered, bold, intense decor styles are back with a vengeance! We love the opulence of this bedroom, with intense reds, gilded touches, and luxurious touches everywhere. The shine of the wall treatment over the bed echoes the mirrors on either side. Gilded fabrics and rich colors in the wood headboard are perfectly matched in the mosaic art depiction of Neptune & Amphitrite. It’s classic, with a big dose of luxe!

Image Source: Mozaico

Room With a View

When the architecture doesn’t permit a window, mosaic art can bring the view to you! Artfully installed, this fantasy scene evokes a day at your Mediterranean villa. Vines and other foliage have seemingly overtaken the doorway and grown along the floor in a tumble. Adding scenic style mosaic wall art can make any corner into an outdoor room, or extend the actual view. In outdoor rooms, the option to decorate the walls with durable, heat and water-resistant coverings is a spectacular way to customize every facet of entertaining.

Image Source: Mozaico

Center of Attention

Special rooms deserve special consideration. Tucked away at the top of a staircase, this retreat already has a spectacular wall treatment – the array of windows. With the walls occupied, what’s a designer to do? Well, in this case, a custom marble mosaic medallion centers the room. With a subtle nod to the natural wood floor finish at its center, and hand-selected stones that match the wall paint and trim, this mosaic design shines day or night.

Image Source: Mozaico

Enchanting Exterior Details

This home’s balcony – with all its wonderful arched details and ornate ironwork – is lovely in summer. But, eventually, seasons change, the planter boxes are put away, and the blue skies are less frequent. Adding an interesting mosaic design to the entry area below allows the building to shine in every season. The ornate patterns incorporate the same shapes and feel of the railings and windows while showing a perfect color match to the stone facade. Year-round beauty? Sign us up!

Image Source: Mozaico

Walking the Treetops

This idyllic location deserved only the most special touches. Already home to exotic plants and a breathtaking view of the forest, the color scheme was set. The geometric patterns and slip-resistant qualities of this mosaic design were an inspired choice for the walkways. There’s a hint of ancient Pre-Columbian motifs in the rectangular spiral patterns that adds mystery to your journey over treetops and water.

Image Source: Mozaico

Elegant Surroundings

Fireplaces are a natural focal point for rooms – and can be a daunting design puzzle. This spectacular mosaic art surround is a way to stress-free decorating. The strong style influence of the woodwork is now distilled in a low-maintenance mosaic art installation. No matter what the season, color scheme, or amount of accessorizing, this fireplace works as a stand-alone design piece.

Image Source: Mozaico

Conquering Concrete

Poolside areas can quickly take on a severe look – the amount of concrete and bare surfaces combines for an effect that’s more utilitarian than inviting. Fortunately, mosaic is here to save all of us from bare walls and drab pool bottoms! We love the effect of this glass mosaic wall art in this setting. As Napoleon’s classic good looks add a sense of gravitas to the surroundings, a multitude of blue hues reflects the sunny skies and azure ripples.

Artful Nouveau

How do you solve the issue of a small, vintage bathroom that needs a shower? Use an open concept, and keep the eye moving with an array of mosaic tile patterns! Sometimes petite rooms benefit from the movement that pattern can provide. Here, slip-resistant mosaic art on the shower floor is a key player. The wave-like motion of the tiles keeps the eye moving along to other design elements, such as the floor tiles, Art-Nouveau style window coverings, and the subway tile walls. Cool greens and blues make it all feel relaxing for visitors.

Image Source: Mozaico

Opulent Oases

Big bathrooms like this one need some bold design features – otherwise, they can feel cold and inviting. If you’ve been searching for a way to add the graphic punch of a decorative rug to a similar space, here’s a solution. Mosaic rugs are water and slip-resistant, easy to maintain, and look amazing in simple surroundings. Here, the abundant light and stucco wall effects are of key importance in the sun-washed space. The bordered mosaic tile rug grounds the room, while adding a cooling effect. Hints of green are enhanced by the plants and pottery.

Image Source: Mozaico

Guaranteed Sunshine

Kitchen islands are subject to a lot of unintentional abuse. Feet and spills can do a number on most surfaces. Not so in this tidy room! The designers selected a cheerful mosaic design with a floral motif for the front of the island. Natural stone tiles resist bouncing feet and spills just as they’ve done for centuries on floors. A coordinating cove section in a bold orange makes the whole installation stand out, while the stone floor tiles blend perfectly.

Image Source: Mozaico

Fresh and Clean Florals

The current trend towards white kitchen cabinets and counters can seem a little sterile without a bit of design help. In this kitchen, you’ll see how the right choice of a mosaic backsplash keeps the room interesting. Centered among the architectural white elements, a floral basket with subdued colors breaks up the basketweave tiles and brightens up a corner without windows. The marble tiles are easy to care for, and can withstand water and the occasional splatter from the cooktop – staying fresh is part of the appeal of mosaic tile art!

Image Source: Mozaico

Guiding Light

With a view like this, ornate outdoor decor could be overkill. How wise of the homeowners, then, to choose a compass motif for their sole accent. It provides a focal point for both reflection and orientation, as one ponders the world beyond and their own personal journey. Mosaic designs are ideal for flush installations such as this, and can even be inset into floor surfaces. This particular guide will resist fading and the elements, always remaining bright as it mimics ocean hues and the overreaching skies.

Image Source: Mozaico
Image Source: Mozaico

Need more inspiration for your own mosaic tile installation? Try out our Mosaic Finder – it’s a fun way to see our hundreds of mosaic art designs in a new way!

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