2017: The Year Ahead In Mosaic Art Home Décor

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For many of us, 2016 was a bit doozy, but we are all ready to hit refresh in 2017! True?

2017 offers a spotless new line up. I’m personally ready to twist (or utterly trench) all my DIY mosaics that went viral a couple of years ago! Yes, I’m so excited to ring in the New Year with some new mosaic home decorating trends! In the spirit of change, I hosted last week a reunion with design expert colleagues and artist friends. It was an easy, yet creative way to kick-start a discussion about the hottest color, décor and design trends for this year!

Today’s article is based on hundreds of conversations with interior designers and experts, and an accurate trend forecast from several primary and secondary interior design sources, including many renowned designers like Philippe Starck, and Jeffrey Beers!

mosaic art

mosaic art

The Shift in Design Materials:

According to Philippe Starck, non-harming and eco-friendly materials will be strongly entertained and trendy in the next three years at the design scene! Recycled plastic, recycled glass, and natural stones are much less harming the life and more eco-friendly than cutting trees and skinning animals for wood and wool. As a result, experimenting with the prosperous variety of hues, surfaces and manageable shapes of natural elements, can be a creative way for replacing synthetic mediums in home ornaments.

In my opinion, once we realize the number of ecological and technological benefits in using natural materials as decorative ornaments, it is likely that we’ll be integrating mosaic art into our home interior!

mosaic art

mosaic art

Modern-Vintage Style and Archetypes:

Expect 2017 to continue the trend that closed 2016: Modernizing historical styles and archetypes! The vintage modern style was constantly evolving in 2016, and it’s no surprise that last year brought us some of the most inventive modernized-mosaics we’ve ever seen.

Regarded by many as a creative genius, Marcel Wanders was one of the first interior designers to develop this concept. The designer’s concept collapses a fantasy and romance of different ages with the contemporary moment! Using innovative materials and techniques, he modernizes ancient art forms and archetypes. In my opinion, his idea will create sustainable surroundings and help us connect more with the pieces, and enjoy them for a long time.

mosaic art

The Outdoors Charm In Interior Design:

What qualifies as an “outdoorsy vibe”?

Natural elements, like marble, limestone, and even wood, (although wood is not eco-friendly) can evoke a sense of environmental, natural spaces. For that reason, marble mosaics are usually used to draw the feeling of the outdoors in our interiors.

Although mosaic art isn’t exactly the first art form that comes to mind when we think of bringing natural elements to our interiors, but it will soon become more popular for interior accents. According to many design experts, mosaic art will be an emerging trend in 2017. Homeowners will soon notice how the texture and warmth of a mosaic can instantly make the floor inlay, the wall, and fireplace more interesting. Given the resurgence in Baroque period and aesthetic, which will be big for 2017, natural elements will play an important role in obtaining an outdoorsy vibe!

mosaic art

In your opinion, what home decor trends will continue to dominate the headlines in 2017?

Have any other thoughts or questions about home decor trends? Let me know in the comments below.

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