Julie Sperling: The Most Popular Mosaicist Of 2016

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Julie Sperling Mosaic

As the curtain call for 2016 draws near, this article reflects on the year’s most fascinating and creative mosaic artist.The title ‘Most Popular Mosaicist of the year’ is provided to the artist with the highest number of votes.


Here, we will revisit my previous article that has garnered your votes for the most popular mosaicist of the year.
Before shutting out the lights and locking up for New Year’s Eve, we ran the numbers of your votes on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook to ascertain the artist you, our beloved readers, liked most! And the results shouldn’t be too surprising.


Julie Sperling: The Most Popular Mosaicist Of 2016!
That’s right, according to your votes Sperling, is the most popular and one of the best contemporary artists of the year. It doesn’t seem like contemporary art is going to be slowing down anytime soon, as Julie Sperling, Nathalie Vin, Lynne Chin and many other artists continue to create innovative and unique mosaic designs.
Fiddling While Rome Burns is one of her most recent hyped out collections, so, in my opinion, it makes sense that many of you named it the most popular artist of the year!


As most of you know, she has been engaged in this ongoing series about climate change since 2014. This award-winning Canadian mosaic artist has the ability to inflame social as well as cultural awareness to the stacks to alter the individual’s sense of value in collective issues, such as climate change. Her artworks have the appeal to tackle an issue not only on a cognitive level but also on an emotional yet aesthetic level and most of her mosaics tackle a specific climate-related concept.
Geometry, algorithms, and physics all find a home in Sperling’s collections.


In 2016, Julie made mosaic art more relevant all year long, with the climate series. During the year, the artist has also swelled a very fundamental vibe to the Society of American Mosaic Artists conference. As I previously mentioned, her entry “Dialogue (The burden of the message)” has also won a Juror’s Choice award. Her mosaics were featured in several solo shows at in Toronto and many international art galleries.


Today the contemporary mosaic art scene is as vital and active as it has ever been, with many mosaicists from all over the world devoted to this treasured art form. How will you take part in shaping this development?


Last but not least, according to your nominations, that was the last glimpse of the most popular mosaics exhibited throughout the year! Nevertheless, you can always vote for your favorite mosaicists, and help us feature your favorite emerging yet innovative talents!

Happy with the results? So in this case, at least – your vote really does count!

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