5 Mosaic Art To Spark Your Wanderlust

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor and catch the Trade Winds in your sails.” Mark Twain

Everyone needs an epic escape from the monotony of his everyday life! In my opinion, this fact became a serious misdiagnosis nowadays because for some people travel doesn’t come cheap! It takes a lot of sacrifice on your part, such as heading to the office on Saturdays, and other horrific examples. Nonetheless, the journey is definitely worth it! However one must learn to enjoy the ride of life in the meantime:

Many artworks were designed to inspire your wanderlust and instantly bring the travel bug in you to life! Thus, here I am once again, feeling inspired to embark one more time on a journey of wonders, a journey through mosaic art. This craft, which never fails to inspire us!

mosaic art

These mosaics will allow you to dream of faraway places as illustrated through natural stones quarried from sites around the world. Through these artworks, you can get a chance to enjoy breathtaking sceneries and thriving flora and fauna patterns, before you become finally set free to wander.

mosaic art

Copyrighted Credits: Erin Hanson

Here are 5 amazing mosaic designs to help you get your wanderlust on:

1) New York, New York

Many great cities in the US are notorious for art and design, but New York City is tough to beat.New York is known to be one of the best art cities in the country — it’s the birthplace of that expanding chain called conceptual art! A City, where museum and gallery pricing can vary a lot but for those traveling on a budget, the city has more than a few free options as well.

Leona, the great watercolor artist had New York City on the brain! Her inspiring geographic watercolor paintings remind us of stained glass mosaics., capturing the hustle and bustle of NYC in several geometric water strokes!

Copyrighted Credits: Renee Leone

mosaic art

mosaic art

2) Golden City of a Thousand Spires

Coined “The Golden City of a Thousand Spires” Prague is the one of the most mystic preserved rococo destination in Europe, with cobblestone streets winding through traces of the city’s Soviet History. Snuggled in a bend of the Vltava River, the majority of your sightseeing will be situated on the east side of the river, but the Prague Castle sits on the west bank. Czechs are known for their quirky personalities.

Inspired by the City’s experiences of winding through this Old Town and tasting its blend of past and present, the mosaicist wasn’t evidently afraid to venture a bit off the beaten path. He illustrated with divergent smalti ( glass tiles) an influence of the City’s mysterious blend, coalescing the great antiquity with a splash of modernity.

Copyrighted Credits: Art Monument

mosaic art

3) Vienna, City of Dreams

One of my favorite parts of this culturally rich city is the art scene. For hundreds of years, some of the finest and brightest artists have been drawn to the city and as result, the City of dreams became one of the best places in the world to spot and experience art.

The artist of both mosaics was inspired by the city’s roots stretching out through early Celtic and Roman settlements, embracing a Medieval and Rococo epoch arriving into the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire! He mystically pointed up the city’s miscellaneous routes with two great mosaic pieces, uniting a medieval within a baroque flair in sway!

Copyrighted Credits: Mozaico

mosaic art

mosaic art

4) Cassis, Burning sunset

If you’re planning on travelling to the South of France this summer, you should definitely visit Casis, one of the most magnificent highlights of the South of France. Cassis is not just a gateway for Les Calanques, it’s also a haven for artists, hikers, rock climbers, scuba divers and boating enthusiasts. Witnessing incredible series of coastal creeks where white limestone plunges into the turquoise water, the seascape became a spring of appeal to artists from all over the globe, and appeared in several artworks.

Straight out of a fairy tale,this mosaic art was a study of compiling a seascape artwork within a stagger of the moment. The artist has perfectly emphasized the perspective, depth, and the visualization of the coast.

Copyrighted Credits: Mozaico

mosaic art

5) Town of Arles, France

Town of Arles became illustrious for inspiring the paintings of Van Gogh, which influenced the contemporary art movement displayed at the Foundation Vincent Van Gogh. In February 1888, Vincent van Gogh left the cold, gray winter of Paris and moved to the town of Arles, in southern France. The colors and light of the south had then an inspirational effect, and Van Gogh created more than two hundred paintings in fifteen months, including The Old Mill.

By wrapping different colored strips of newspaper, magazines, and tissue paper around small pieces of wood, Korean artist Lee Kyu-Hak has found the perfect way to reproduce some of the greatest artists of all time.Each colorful tile for his mosaics is placed meticulously to re-create the brushstrokes in famous paintings such as The Old Mill mosaic art below.

Copyrighted Credits: Kyu Hak Lee’s

mosaic art

Creating mixed media mosaics of the most famous paintings by Van Gogh, the artist recreates the so-called technique of mixed media, which combines, mosaic art, installation and applications. Her technique requires more mediums than the usual mosaic art or painting. In order, to mimic the brush strokes of these famous paintings, Kyu-Hak Lee uses thin and long wooden and winding pegs, as well as colorful pages from newspapers and magazines.

mosaic art

Tavel in itself is one of the best ways to bring out the adventurist in you, but there’s nothing that gets the creative juices flowing quite like experiencing a new city or country through art!

Which city would you love to dig into and explore?

Did you discover a new city that you previously did not know about? Point out your thoughts in the comment box below!

Got inspired by reading this article?

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