A Glimpse Into the Latest Mosaic Art Pattern Trends of 2019

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Interior design has trends, just like the clothes you wear. Unlike fashion, which rolls out new looks every season, home design and mosaic art trends, operate on a slower calendar. It’s for the best – even the most enthusiastic design buff would have difficulty keeping up with that pace – can you imagine swapping out your furniture every season?

However, it’s fun to look ahead and check in with some of the industry think tanks on what’s on the horizon in interior design and architecture. We’re always watching for the direction the home trends are headed so that we can offer the perfect mosaic art and mosaic patterns to our customers. For 2019 and 2020, we’ve assembled the Top 10 trends.

Biophilia – The Look of Natural Features in Mosaic Art Trends

Biophilia, as defined by industry forecasters, refers to “The human’s intrinsic need for interaction with nature and other forms of life.” More simply put, it means that we crave natural textures and sensations in our living environments. This is a major direction in architecture and home spaces. Let’s examine how it plays out in mosaic designs.

The appeal of the textures and shapes of nature is ingrained in us, says the research. The patterns that occur in the natural world, such as swirls of wood grain or the way leaves are arranged are bound to be soothing.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater home exemplifies this concept on a large architectural scale. Each element is placed in a way that mirrors the surrounding rocks, trees, and flowing stream.

Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater home

Image from Wikipedia

You don’t have to be a fan of this type of construction to use the concepts in your own home. The patterns can be adapted to any type of use, in kitchens, bathrooms, or any room. Mosaic wall art is perfectly suited for these designs, as its textures are part of the look.

1: Botanical Elements

Bringing plants inside is a key element in the biophilia design movement. In a room that doesn’t have enough sunlight for an actual green wall of growing plants, a detailed leaf pattern fills the space with lush foliage and a three-dimensional quality that can’t be achieved with just wallpaper.

Botanical Elements

Image from Cole & Son

In addition, this design, rendered in glass mosaic wall art, has just enough glow and sparkle to capture even softer light. The individual tiles have a sense of movement and life.

2: The Look of Natural Stone

The patterns of smooth stone, pulled from the earth, gently shaped, and used in a way that respects its natural texture, is a soothing staple in organic interior design looks. We’ve been walking on cobblestones for centuries, and the feel of this type of surface under bare feet or beneath fingertips is pleasing to everyone.

For example, this Australian home has leaned into the natural stone look in a big way. Not only does it use the existing structure of the seaside bluff it’s built into, but it also uses stone overlays on interior accent walls and more rock in the adjacent solarium.

Natural stone interior design

Image from Habitus

Over on this side of the globe, the use of traditional pool tile has been exchanged for natural. It all blends easily into the surrounding grounds, creating a calm retreat from city life. The designer used a sinuous swathe of golden travertine plain sheets mosaic tiles to echo the architecture of the home.

Natural pool tiling

Image from The Spruce

In short, there are so many ways that this texture and mosaic pattern can be used in your interior and exterior decor. Pebble-patterned mosaic tile is a gorgeous neutral on all types of surfaces, from counter-tops to walls. An outdoor pool space with the same look as the above is yours for the asking if you use sheets of mosaic tiles in the same hues.

3. Nature’s Perfect Patterns

The way natural formations express a sort of symmetry is part of this design school. The human eye is drawn towards these patterns – think of the Golden Ratio of a Nautilus seashell or the way that the arrangement of flower petals falls into a balanced array. Nature’s way of falling into a pleasing and sequenced effect is another component of this interior design trend. It’s even referred to as “Nature’s Key to Perfect Design!”

Nature's perfect pattern designs in Sunflower

Image from DesignMantic

Always chic, the tile patterns following these arrangements are perfect to use in both borders and as central design elements. They can center a room, or add a note of precision to looks that would otherwise feel rather free-formed.

4. Nature’s Repeating Fractals

You’ll see this sequence play out in mosaic designs used in religious Islamic art. The mosaic patterns inspire awe and contemplation. Most importantly, they provoke positive emotions, appealing to the human eye at a very basic level.

Islamic mosaic art in mosque

Image from Pinterest

Mosaic wall art has been working with these patterns for centuries. Certainly, they can add a strong decorative component in any room that needs a way to break up the monotony of blank surfaces. The right patterns move the eye around the room, adding life to counters, backsplashes, and floors.

mosaic pattern in bathroom backsplash

Image from Decor Pad

5. Spiraling Into Serenity

In this serene space, the colors are limited, but it remains interesting, thanks to the floor medallion and wall treatment. The careful placement of the round floor mosaic art into the wood floor is unexpected, but the natural tones all work together beautifully.

Furthermore, the spiral layout is another component of these natural patterns in home interior design trends. It’s both pleasing to behold, and also rather compelling. Think of all the Instagram shots you’ve seen that feature spirals in architecture.

This villa entry hall uses the elegant shape of the staircase to accentuate the placement of the mosaic artwork on the floor. Look carefully, and you’ll see that even the curved top of the front door works with the curving sequence.

6. Seashells and Symmetry

You can add the magical Golden Ratio to any room, with the right mosaic tile artwork for floors. It’s a sophisticated way to enhance your surroundings. This marble Nautilus medallion is perfect for outdoor use, where it can enhance the curves of a swimming pool. It’s particularly stunning on a large scale, used as a stand-alone piece of art.

Nautilus Medallion Mosaic Marble Image from Mozaico

Look for this type of pattern when you’re searching for your next mosaic wall art accent. Echoing nature’s patterns can also be achieved with the perfect rays of a Moroccan-inspired design. Highlighting a stove kitchen backsplash or used on the floor, it’s just right for any interior environment that needs neutral colors that will highlight gleaming wood floors or natural stone.

Strong Colors and Contrasts in Mosaic Art Trends

All the reports from interior design hotspots are that bold colors are coming back, and contrast is the way to get on the trend. We’re always watching the research and industry predictions to provide just the right mosaic designs.

1. Balancing Hot and Cool

Pantone color Palette

Image from Pantone

Coral theme interior design

Image from Italian Bark

The 2019 Color of the Year was Pantone Living Coral, and it’s not going anywhere! To be prepared, get ready for the new ways that this spicy shade will be deployed in interior design in 2020 and further. If you find all this warm color is not your personal preference, you’ll love the way it’s being combined with other colors on the cooler end of the spectrum.

Image from Italian Bark

Greens and blues are particularly on-trend for contrasting with coral colors. Minty green is predicted to be very popular for use in all kinds of design projects. You might see it referred to as “Neo Mint” or “Neo Green”. No matter what the name is, it’s a cool pastel green that looks smashing with your other coral-hued decor.

Capture the beauty of this warm-cool contrast by adding in this type of green to your next home interior project.

This glass mosaic design can be used in any room, even outdoors.

2. Black and White, Redux

Black and white interior design

Image from Pinterest

Black and white have remained a constant staple of interior design, but it’s poised to return with some sharp new interpretations. Crisp, clean in appearance, and suitable anywhere, it’s best used with well-defined patterns in 2019 and onward.

As shown here, the use of a strong mosaic tile pattern in the stripes mosaic adds a touch of movement to this contemporary space. Breaking away from the traditional tropical hues that are used in many outdoor spaces and pool houses, black and white look amazing. The patterns and contrast are both very modern, with a strong nod towards vintage textiles and primitive art.

Black and white floor Mosaic tile pattern

Image from Mozaico

Image from Pinterest

3. Traditional Geometric Patterns are Everywhere

Along with high contrast and black and white, the use of geometric patterns is coming back in a big way. With a trend towards smaller spaces, the right sort of tile design can make a petite room pop, accent backsplashes, and counters in otherwise rather plain white rooms, and add just the right sort of retro-esque embellishment.

Look how great the mosaic tile pattern for kitchens looks behind the open shelving and over the stove-top in this modern kitchen.

Kitchen Mosaic tile pattern

Image from Realtor.com

It’s fun to go a bit loud if you’ve been working with the grey and muted tones that have been popular in the last decade. Mix them up in the same general colors, and it’s completely new and at the cutting edge of where the design trends are heading.

Image from Pinterest

We say – go for it! Just think of all the fun you’ll have pulling your new look together in a room. It’s a breath of fresh air, after all the softness of previous looks in home design.

4. Animal Prints

They’re big on the fashion runways, and they’re poised to roar into the room in the world of interior design, too. Animal prints like our Abstract Mosaic Art Zebra Pattern in all of their spotted and striped glory are getting ready to join your favorite leopard print skirt as a beloved design staple.

Done in a modern way, these prints don’t require actual hides or taxidermy. They’re a delightful accent. Just a touch, here and there, blended with unexpected colors.

Wouldn’t it be a marvelously chic idea to use zebra pattern in a bathroom? Picture this as a backsplash or a tile inset in a shower.

Moreover, the nice thing about animal prints is that they can be used strictly with one pattern, or can be mixed in with others for a glorious luxe effect. You might already have the start of a zesty blend of spots and swirls in your own home.

Image from Tatty Lace

So, what’s your favorite of the new trends? Have you already been thinking about some of these ideas, or are you freshly inspired for a change in your own home? Let us know in the comments!

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